Thursday, February 27, 2020

Yoshinoya & Chatto again...

After my recent curry udon in Yoshinoya, I was craving for their fish katsu curry rice again...So I had this on Tuesday after work in the outlet at IOI City Mall. This ala-carte item costs RM18.80. They no longer have the set menu with miso soup and refillable green tea which was RM20.80~~(can't remember, but it's somewhere that price)
 February salary was out on Monday, and my generous colleague treat me 'Chatto' again...
This time I 'toned down' my adventure and decided to go for something safe - Oolong Bubble Milk Tea.
This is a more acceptable drink compared to the Cheese Rice Tea that I had on last week...
This drink costs RM8.90...ok la, I managed to finish it without wasting a sip!

Go Street Noodles & Yong Tau Foo

Had this mee suah with bursting pork ball in superior soup @RM13.25 nett. It was OK. The bursting pork balls were flavorful and the beancurd skin was crispy as always.
 On the following day, I had Yong Tau Foo in Seri Kembangan as my colleague passed by that place to collect a parcel.
The current price of YTF is RM1.70 per piece.
My usual pick would be stuffed bitter gourd, white tofu, and some meat ball etc..
I did not take okra after the 'okra overloaded incident'
 some deep fried crispy beancurd skin and wantons
 here's our lunch for 2 person....
Total damage: RM24.30 with drinks and rice.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Contango @ Majestic Hotel, KL

We had our team dinner on last Friday at Majestic Hotel...It is an ol' charm hotel where the guards donned in colonial-style guard's uniform back in the early 20th century.
We made an early booking for 13 pax.
I carpooled with my teammates and we arrived early, right before the sunset.
This was my second time dining in Contango, the first was back in year 2017....
The interior was still the same, though some slight changes in the food selection.
As usual, i went to look-see around while waiting for my other teammates to arrive.
Here are some pics:
Cold cuts ham
 Pizza....but it's vegetarian!
 Roast Beef with potatoes
 You can choose to have it with Rosemary or Black Pepper sauce
 Juices and cut fruits
 At the dessert section - they have waffles and pancakes, the green ones are pandan flavours
 variety of cakes....
 more and more cakes, which I did not try...*was too full
 here's what I usually target...
In the Chinese food section - I tried the roast duck
 Indian food section - some papadam and pakhora
 Seafood section - fresh prawns!
 Japanese food section - sushi....very fresh!
 and sashimis….these are my favs
 salmons too
 I had prawn tempuras and cold soba noodles which are quite delicious....*sorry no pics...was busy eating
We stuffed ourselves full and maximise our dining time until 10pm...
After this, no more hotel buffet until....the next team dinner...*hopefully!

Monday, February 24, 2020

Monday Blues Entertainment - 'Solo' by Jennie Kim

 While the world is plague with COVID-19, our country has added another issue to worry about...In case u haven't been following the local M'sian news, a change of Government is expected soon (and stock market & RM falls due to political crisis)...such terrible starts for the week.
Anyhow, here's something to cheer up the Monday blues...
Feast ur eyes with this sophisticated K-Pop dance and stage graphics

May the force be with us...

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Chong Siew Lam Restaurant @ Serdang Lama

One of the intern is leaving after serving a few months here. Our team leader suggested to have a 'farewell lunch' before her last day with the company. We booked a table for 8 at a popular 'dai pai dong' restaurant in Serdang Lama. It is situated next to a Chinese school at a kampung area, hence the roads are narrow and parking is limited. Nevertheless this place is still a favorable dining option for lunch if wanted a good and cheap 'dai chow'...
We ordered:
Beancurd roll filled with fish paste, century eggs and salted eggs
 Deep fried tofu
 Pork trotters in vinegar stew
 Steamed tilapia fish in taucu sauce
There were 2 more dishes that we had but not in the picture - Stir-fried cabbage with crunchy fried dried shrimps and Omelette
Total price for 8 pax with rice and a pot of refillable Chinese tea is RM146.
Pricewise reasonable and food are OK.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Someone belanja....

Someone in the team was being so nice and generous to 'belanja' us with these snacks....
*the pear and apple are from the office pantry, so the fruits are not counted, it is just for display/decorations only...
Anyway, I was so delighted and finished them (the unhealthy snacks) all in one-go.
 On another day, the team leader 'belanja' us 'hoi gong cha' (direct translated as 'start work drinks')….
I ordered some very weird drinks from Chatto - rice tea with cheese toppings @RM9.90...
I tend to be 'adventurous' to try out new drinks when someone is belanja-ing 
Here's how it looks like from the top...
If u like cream cheese then this drink is for u...
but unfortunately this is not really my cup of was just too 'weird' for my tastebud…
 last but not least....this is the meal that I belanja myself....lolx!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Bangkok Thailand, Day 3 - Amphawa Floating Market

After visiting Maeklong railway market, we went to a floating market which is around the vicinity.
It was a Sunday noon, but the floating market was kinda quiet...
 Most of the 'floating stalls' sell food/local delicacies, and nothing more
 basically the entire floating market is just a water village with some souvenirs shop, snack shops and
There was an art gallery in one of the lots...
It is not guarded...and these paintings are not for sale
these were just for display only...
 Here's the quieter side of the floating market...The local villagers are still residing there but most of them shut the windows and doors tight.
 Meanwhile at the busier part of the floating market....
 there were tourists around but mostly were there just to look-see, not much on shopping
 As the weather was hot, we took shelter at one of the cafes and ordered an iced Thai milk tea
 leisurely enjoying the drink at this quaint village

Monday, February 17, 2020

Bangkok Thailand, Day 3 - Maeklong Railway Market

Continuation of my long overdue BKK trip post...
We took a van from BKK to Maeklong which is about 2 hours away from the city.
This place is famous among tourists as the only railway market that is still operating in the country.
 We were there to 'catch' the 11am train. The train schedule is displayed on board at the station counter
 While waiting for the train to arrive, we walked along the railway track to look see around the market
Nothing fancy. It is just some common market that sells veggies & groceries, like our morning market
 Then we quickly find a good spot to 'catch' the 'slowest moving train' in action
 there were already lotsa 'tourist like us' standing aside to get the best view of the train approaching the market. A few tourism officers were on standby to guard and ensure that people avoid standing or walking on the railway track. Well, 'mishap' do happen in crowded place, and we don't want to see any bloody scene...
 Train approaching, suddenly everyone was busy taking pictures/video with whatever camera and phone cam they have on if they have never seen a train before~~~
 the train docked at the station...and will depart again half an hour later.
here's one photo for remembrance...*the fella below is not me
Such a creative mural. Nowadays seems like many places have wall art to attract tourists!

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...