Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tea Garden

It was those days when I dun feel like taking dinner. So I went over to the Tea Garden to have tea instead for a light meal.
This place has been around for a few months now, and it was usually crowded. But i was early that day and i managed to get a seat.
the interior (tiles and wooden walls) brings back the 60's kopitiam ambience.
this place offers some light tea-time delights as well as the usual 'kopitiam' fares, very much like Old Town kinda stuffs but there is also 'tong sui' and some kuihs in the menu too.
It was a hot day, so I ordered cincau soya to cool down.
and Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake)
yea, it might look strange to order such food in a kopitiam-style place....but there is nothing light that i could have other than the kuihs...which i can get 'em anywhere.
The service is OK when there isn't crowd, but when it is full-house, u can expect terribly long waits and the staff will treat u as if u r invisible.

Friday, September 25, 2015


It was one of those days when I overspent and has limited budget for dinner...I wanted to hav my meal at MidValley before heading home but fastfood and food court stuffs were out of my option. Hence I chanced upon this place and decided to give it a try.
It offers a variety of Korean dishes in set meal or ala-carte, but 'no pork' as it is halal. Since I m on a limited budget, I dun hav mch choice but to order chicken Sundubu Jjigae, as it looks nice from the display picture.
well, it did came out as per the illustrated picture but I was abit disappointed with the banchan. Well, I m OK with only 3 banchans but being served cucumber, kimchi and eggplant seems a lil' too bland...I mean, yea, so 'vegetarian'!
Don't they have better banchan??? (beans, Korean pancake, fishcake, spiced tofu, seaweed kinda stuffs...) Anyhow, since this is a franchise outlet and the chef are mainly local M'sians or maybe immigrants, you dun feel like eating an authentic Korean meal as everything here seems to have been localized to suite our local tastebud.
This was probably the worst Korean meal that I've ever taken...perhaps not worth the price that you paid for...

Monday, September 21, 2015

Thai Dinner @ Food Junction & Late Nite Shopping

Decided to do a late shopping after work on one fine Friday...but by the time I left the office, it was almost 8pm. Went to Food Junction to have a quick meal before proceed to do my shopping...
This was the set meal that I had,
(Clockwise from top): Tom yum soup, omelette over white rice, kangkung belacan (chili paste water convolvulus) and green curry chicken.
Satisfying meal for somewhere around RM12, nothing much to shout about but it's filling for my hungry stomach. The Tom Yum soup was too spicy and I only manage to take a sip.
After then, proceed to 'hunt' for a pair of walking sandals. Something which I can settle comfortably on sandy beach...
it was nice shopping at late nite coz there is no crowd and I got to try on my selections for as much as I like.
see? the aisle was so empty and the goods were arranged 'so neatly'.
I managed to get my pair of sandal in jst 15 minutes of shopping.
After that, i m done with it and proceed with grocery shopping....
left the mall at 10pm....
2 hours of dinner plus shopping is enuff before my wallet gets emptied.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chicken Chop @ Old Town Whitecoffee

This was one of those days that I've run out of places to dine and it was late at nite...I mean past the dinner hours...
Most shops are closing around 10pm, but for this franchise, it is at midnite...
I dun hav much options, either Papparich, Old Town or to have instant noodle at home...
I have been to Papparich for numerous times & instant noodle is my last choice, so here I went to settle my dinner - at Old Town.
This time I opted for something different, not the usual nasi lemak or curry noodles, but instead the chicken chop.
The portion is OK but I wish them to be more generous with the veggies...as u can see from this picture, the fries and the veggies ratio seems unbalanced.
Nevertheless it still satisfy my cravings for chicken chop and fills up my hungry tummy.
Perhaps next time I shall stick back to their signature items.
BoN AppeTit!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ink Squid Rice @ Franco

Passed by Franco a few times and most of the time it was crowded during lunch & dinner...
it was one of those days that I decided to have my late dinner after work, and since it is no longer the peak dinner hour, the patron were lesser and I got a chance to get myself a corner seat.
Ordered an ink squid rice (as I heard that it is worth trying...)
It came out like this when served on my table.
flip over the side of the omu egg and beneath is the black rice...so dark like charcoal!
the shrimps and squid were indeed fresh, but the black rice taste bland and abit on the oily side. 
this is the view from my seated place, part of the section has already closed (almost closing time!)
Will I come again?
 Yea, perhaps to try out their desserts...

Monday, September 7, 2015

Outdated Post on Raya Open House @ UPM MTDC

It's Monday again and I'm havin' Monday Blues as usual...no mood to work although I have plenty of stuff pending...something is real wrong with me...Could be the decreasing RM value these days? or I no longer find any pleasure in doin the job that I'm doing? I lose focus easily and seems to be surfing net but not doin anything (am a terrible employee, ain't I?) Anyhow, to kill my 'boredom' lemme post some foodie pictures on what I took during the last Raya.
It was an Open House aka 'Rumah Terbuka' for the recent Raya festival and we got invited by UPM to feast in their MTDC hall.
Clockwise from Top: Roasted Lamb with mashed potato and coleslaw, satays (beef and chicken), biryani rice with acar. The cup on the right is 'air bandung' (some sort of syrup drink)
that was my first round of food...u might think that I m stuffing myself silly!
but anyhow, i didn't really finished the food clean, what I did was merely tasted a bit of here and there, then leaving a huge part untouched (nope, I dun always do that!)
The food was really hmmm.....awful. Well, when the food are prepared in a mass, especially in such event where it was either done very early in the morning (or the day before), all u can taste is some hard and cold meat and not so well cooked rice. Tastewise OK, but texture was so not up to par.
Luckily they have plenty of booths offering a variety of local fares, so I waste no time and proceed to get a plate of fruit rojak, top up with some sengkuang, kangkung and tofu (to balance out the flavorful rojak sauce).
the rojak was superb coz the ingredients were prepared fresh. Next to this rojak stall, I saw another tempting food, mihun/mee rebus and soto...I placed an order for mihun rebus with added peanuts...
it was a hot day then and I get myself a bowl of ABC, but it melted quite fast.
by the time i finished this bowl, it was already 2pm. So, we quickly get back into our car and head back to office.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rice Dumpling & Roasted Duck

Despite being sold everywhere,  I seldom hav rice dumpling and roasted duck...Both of these are not my favourite but I have been eating since kid. The older generations considered these as 'luxurious' food in the past coz they only get to have this during festive days or special occasion (such as family gatherings).
Anyhow, rice dumpling are sold in the morning market daily (and even roadside) so they aren't as luxurious anymore. I even had one in the office when the HR manager bought some for us during the recent Duanwu Festival.
yea, that was my first time having rice dumpling bought by the company
*which explained why I snapped this pic, for remembrance!
I can't remember when was the last time I tasted roasted duck until I see a new truck by the roadside, nearby my house. I guess it has been years and since we were craving for it, we bought half duck for dinner...*that was 2 months ago...I think I will have it again, if the truck is still there.

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...