Thursday, November 26, 2015

Nasi Kerabu

This blue-looking rice isn't tainted with some coloring, but instead it is my fav 'Nasi Kerabu'...
I took this for lunch yesterday as my colleague 'ta-pau' from the UPM campus canteen. I requested to add a side dish - fried calamari rings! And it became 'Nasi Kerabu Sotong Goreng'! The usual 'Nasi Kerabu' comes with salted egg, but is missing from my packet of rice...despite that it was still delicious.
this huge packet of nasi kerabu costs only RM5!
and the plain version (without any side dish) is only RM3. Such a great deal!
I should buy from this stall often....

Monday, November 23, 2015

Goku Raku Ramen @ Paradigm Mall

Some time ago, I passed by Paradigm Mall to my office in Kelana Jaya daily. Despite working nearby Paradigm mall, I hardly drop by for a stroll or shopping. By the time I finished work, the mall has already closed for business and I could only see the glimmering lights from the small bulbs hung at the mall's entrance, and I thought 'I must visit there one day'...Well, months passed and soon I no longer work there...
Not that I never been to this mall, but being so near, I thought I should have drop by at least once while working there. Now that i no longer being that 'near' i made a trip there after awhile. Spent a few hours shopping and had my fav ramen at Goku Raku ramen.
it was still early for dinner, hence the place is kinda quiet
as usual, i ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen.
The noodles were springy, the broth was flavorful and the pork 'charshiu' were tender, soft and juicy. Just the perfect bowl of ramen that i wanted to have.
to digest off the meal, took a short stroll to enjoy the lights...Not sure about u, but these tiny light bulbs reminds me of Christmas!
Bon Appetit!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yoshinoya @ Mid Valley

It has been awhile since Yoshinoya withdrawn from Malaysian market, and now they are back!
 Ever since they are back, i have yet to drop by its outlet in Mid Valley until recently.
...i'm not goin to do so before it is gone another time!
This time i ordered the Yakiniku beef bowl coz all the while i hav been having the original.
Tender, juicy and well marinated beef, perfectly suits my palate. If you prefer a more flavorful rice bowl, this would be the perfect choice :-)
Bon Appetit!

Friday, November 13, 2015

LRT Extension @ Puchong

During the Deepavali day, i took the opportunity to try out the new AMY train cum joy ride across the new stations (dun ask me what AMY acronym stands for! I m clueless...). It is a free one-month ride at these four newly operated stations until end of Nov - Awan Besar, Muhibbah, Alam Sutera and Kinrara BK5.
I embarked at Awan Besar station. It was spacious and clean. I hope that the authorities (as well as the public) could maintain the facilities for years, rather than having 'first class infrastructure but third class mentality' so that our money will be well spent in improving on other areas than wasted in repairing things.
This ride at Awan Besar LRT station reminds me of the nostalgic trial LRT & KLIA Express rides that i took back in the late 90's...yea, it was then a 'hoo-ha' as the first electric rail in Malaysia.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Eating 25 Big Macs in One Sitting - Not me!

Not in the mood for work...Blame it on the post-Deepavali syndrome...When i dun feel like working, I thought of.....F.O.O.D. Am thinking of big mac...Not really a fan of big mac, but with the wide publicity of 'MegaMac' these days, I tink I gonna have a big mac soon. But before that, let me feast ur eye with this Big Mac video...

I kinda salute this guy for beating the world record, with his Asian size, he managed to gulp down 25 big macs at one go!

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