Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Christmas Decoration @ SkyAvenue, Genting

Took a day 'off' on last Friday to....ahemmm….clear my mind after some hectic weeks.
Where to?
my usual hangout place that is not far from KL...
Was delighted to see that the Christmas decorations have been set up on the centre stage.
 woo-hooo…...i'm in a joyous mood! (*year end syndrome kickin' in)
it sure looks so festive up there
despite the decorative not fully 'up' yet.... Some were still in progress...
Meanwhile, weather was gloomy but cooling, and visibility was clear as I can see KLCC from there.
I can't stop enjoying the 'clouds'
 as well as lazying on the comfy bed....ZzZZzzz
it has been some time since I last stayed in Maxims
 the room is facing the colourful First World Hotel....ok la, not bad for a view!

Monday, November 11, 2019

My Weekday Lunch/Dinner

The below are my weekday lunch/dinner which I had on different days...usually my meal doesn't exceed RM10 unless for some 'special occasion'.
Nasi kandar at Maulana (RM 9.50) which consists of chicken korma, deep fried bittergourd, omelette and lotsa curry gravy to soak the rice ;-)
 Minced pork porridge (RM4) with braised peanuts (RM2) from Yee Kee Porridge shop.
 My usual late dinner at KFC. I had this 'super jimat' set for RM9.50 which consists of fried chicken, cheese wedges, fries and Pepsi.
 and last but not least, my comfort food of sweet and sour chicken rice (RM6.50) at a cafĂ© nearby the office.
 u can't go wrong with this dish!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

More Free Meals

This was one of the free meal from another team 'get-together dinner' which was spent using their team fund...They ordered excessively despite only around 20 person in the team. I believe it could be due to the minimum order rule (of xx pax), otherwise the caterer would not want to 'do the business'.
Plenty of leftovers, which can feed the entire company, but most people have left by then, hence only a handful joined their team dinner.
 I scooped up the dishes into a plate to eat at my desk and then came back for another round of mushroom soup....Yea, I purposely hunt for a nice bowl in the pantry to fill the soup!
 It was a huge pot and I wonder what happened to it since it wasn't laku!
 The following week was the event week and the office admin bought us some nasi lemak for breakfast knowing that most of us would be busy preparing for the event.
 it was some basic nasi lemak with sambal, egg, peanuts and anchovies..nothing much to shout about except that it is sufficient to keep my stomach filled!
 There was also a popcorn machine set up in the office pantry, but we need to DIY by following the instructions.
 if u got the ingredients & method right, u will be able to yield some delicious popcorn, otherwise u'll end up eating tasteless ones or uncooked kernels ;-P

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Free Meals & Bowling Game

As in my previous post, I mentioned that there was some event goin on in the office with lotsa visitors (business partners) from different continents came over....Anyway, that's not the main point....coz my excitement doesn't spark by them, but instead of the free food that is served to them....
Alrite….why do I bother so much on the free food when it wasn't for me (nor the staffs)?
Well, I was hoping that the office admin over-ordered so that I could 'savour' some of the leftovers...
yea, my wish came true when the staffs got 'invited' to join them for lunch~~
I had KFC fried chicken, Subway sandwich
 and satays...yes, Haji Samuri Kajang satays!
 I felt so 'contented' joining them for lunch although 99% I was just focusing on my food! LOL! I m so thick-skinned!
 heck cares what's the topic on the table...I just wanna EAT!
 The following day, we had 'get-together bowling session' with these visitors too...
All the staffs went to Berjaya Times Square to join them for a bowling game, despite not skilled in it!
 it is a huge bowling arena with 48 lanes!
 yours truly just simply throw the ball into the longkang (drain)....heck cares coz I just want it to finish fast!
After then, we adjourned to Havana Bar for dinner!
 Not so sure what is good there but the place was crowded on a Thursday evening...
There is a popcorn machine at one corner...seems like so out-of-place!
 we had buffet of  'western food' which taste so-so only, but can't expect much since this isn't their core.
There goes my free lunch, free dinner and a free bowling game!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Saya 'dahmakan'

My first try on 'dahmakan' after being 'influenced' by PH and some of my colleagues.
My office was having some event last month and the company 'sponsored' us a delivery meal (max RM20 per person)….
So, I make use of this opportunity to claim my free 'dahmakan' meal!
 I ordered the combo of 'main meal with Krispy Kreme donuts' at RM18
Super fluffy donuts that got me hooked upon first bite!
 As for the main meal, I had salted egg butter chicken rice....taste not bad, I like the aroma from the curry leaves. I could only wish for a bigger portion since it is priced at RM18 (without discount)
 after my first try, I got '25% off ' credited into my account which can be used in the next order...
I used this to try on the 'kam heong' chicken rice the following weekend, and again with Krispy Kreme donuts~~
 This time I paid RM13.50 nett
Overall the food is good, but their delivery service is not punctual...My colleague told me that they are often late, in which I agreed as both my meals arrived late. The weekend delivery delayed from 10am till 12pm! (2 hours delay).
Besides, their 'rider' doesn't seem to have experience in dealing with insufficient small change situation...I have to think of the solution for them just to get back my change! And worst part is they don't support credit card payment?! Well, I'm not sure about the others, but I offered to pay by credit card upon knowing the rider doesn't have enuff cash to change. I guess they need to offer more alternatives in case rider faced such situation 'onsite'.
I don't think I will be ordering dahmakan again after my second encounter of late delivery....They still have lotsa room for improvement!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Deepavali Day Trip to Genting Highlands

It seems like it has become an outing to Genting whenever it hits a long weekend!
It was cloudy but not foggy, visibility was clear and one can enjoy some greeneries from the mountain view.
Lotsa empty seats in the casino food court as not much patrons during the lunch hour...all were busy gambling I guess...lol!
 yea, u can enjoy the quiet time here, but they dun allow u to nap.
 meanwhile in the casino....hustling and bustling at every corner!
 Air quality was not so good in there, thus I went out to enjoy the fresh air~~~
 ahhh….so cooling~~~~
When i finally got my fresh air, went back into the SkyAvenue for ahemmmmm…..
window shopping
 Then linger around the indoor theme park to check out the latest thrill games
This ticket booth caught my attention coz....
 it is so COLOURFUL
 don't u think so?
 the LED screen ceiling which continuously changes its graphic creating a mesmerising ambience too!
Anyway, I didn't stay there for long coz I couldn't stand people screaming (on the top of their lungs) like there is no tomorrow.
Later then, I had my lunch at Genting Club
Menu of the Day - Chicken chop rice, lotus root soup and Chinese tea.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Zouk, Red Tail & Fuhu

I have always wonder where Zouk is located in Genting, until I finally found out it is somewhere underground (lowerground) at SkyAvenue.
 The LG level houses a few more pubs/bars such as Red Tail
 and another latest addition....Fuhu…
 At a glimpse Fuhu doesn't seems like a bar/pub, but more of a traditional Chinese herbs shop
coz it has all these Chinese herbs displayed at the entrance....
then, walking further in...u will pass by a 'secret garden', such a total contrast from the earlier interior
very instagrammable corridor
walk in further and u will be greeted with a sakura tree bar
empty bar as it was still early to get drunk...
 wall painting, back to some Chinese drawings
what's on the menu?
this place specialises in fusion cocktails by blending Chinese herbs with liquor
 and here goes my 'free cocktail' - chrysanthemum with goji berries cocktail
quite refreshing and nice!

Christmas Decoration @ SkyAvenue, Genting

Took a day 'off' on last Friday to....ahemmm….clear my mind after some hectic weeks. Where to? my usual hangout place that is ...