Monday, December 30, 2019

Christmas Lunch @ Morganfield's

Earlier this month, Morganfield's were having promotion for lunch with set meal starting from as low as RM14.95.
The Extra Value Set Lunch comes with soup or salad, and unlimited soft drink.
A few of my colleague were eager to try, hence we had a 'Christmas Lunch' on one fine Tuesday...
Surprisingly it was all quiet in Morganfield's IOI City....
 seems like we were the only table occupied...There were 9 of us, hence we were entitled for 'Buy 6 Free 1 meal'.
Soup of the day - some kind of Minestrone soup
It was so-so and slightly spicy, which could be due to peppers.
As for the drinks, I had iced lemon tea which is refillable...
Their cups are cute coz they hav eyes!
 I ordered pork schnitzel, coz I wanted to eat pork soooo badly try out the pork in Morganfield's. Overall it taste good and filing!
After deducting the cost for the free meal, I only need to pay RM19.26 nett for this meal.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

My Christmas Eve Lunch...

Was working on the eve, hence no Christmas eve party...
It was just some sort of working lunch on a normal weekday.
I had stewed pork & egg with some Chinese cabbage.
only RM6.50 for this meal!
 The place is not some fancy restaurant, but they put up effort in decorating the place, as such...
Back in the office, i dun usually 'decorate' my work desk even during the festive season…
The only 'decorations' I hav are snacks from various secret Santa
Thanks to all the secret Santa out there for these wonderful gifts!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Bangkok Thailand, Day 1

Before our flight, we had Burger King lunch in the airport. It has been some time since my last Burger King....their fries and Whopper were still as good!
 Flight at 1:30pm. It was a nice afternoon with clear blue skies!
nice weather all the way from KL to BKK...
I always enjoyed the view of the green paddy field from above, moment before landing 
 From the Don Muang airport, we took the public shuttle to the nearest BTS station, and from that station to Ratchathewi BTS station. Our hotel is situated right next to the Ratchathewi BTS station (which is one stop from Siam station) with connecting bridge to the hotel lobby. It is so convenient as walking to the hotel lobby took only 1 minute from the BTS station.
It was already 5pm when we checked-in the hotel. We stayed at Asia Hotel in Phayathai Road for 3 nights. The hotel seems retro but is equipped with all the basic necessities.
Clean yet spacious room, and most of all, no noise from the road traffic.
 Toilet is even hav a bathtub!
I prefer showering in a bathtub as it is more spacious than a shower room.
 The room view from another angle...Despite a retro hotel with old design, the room is equipped with a touchscreen that controls all the switches and aircond temperature, not bad for a 3-star hotel!
The hotel lobby, which reminds me of our KL Shangri-la in the 90s
 Typical hotel lobby layout with lotsa clocks and chandeliers lamps
Surprisingly, despite a limited space in the city centre, the hotel has 2 swimming pools....
One at the sixth floor (somewhere there)
 and another at the rooftop, which offers a city view
The nightlights from the nearby commercial/shopping district. Siam Paragon is visible from here (but too bright to be seen in this picture!)
It was a pleasant 3 nights stay...

Monday, December 23, 2019

Sate Kajang Haji Rono

Many years ago, I used to go to the Medan Sate in Kajang town whenever my relatives from SG came back for a short trip. The family gathering would usually be at one of my aunt's house which was just nearby. Back then, Medan Sate was at its glorious days, it was super crowded and expected for long wait especially on a weekend evening.
Ventilation was bad and it was hot & stuffy dining there. I dislike that place so much coz my body would be full of smoky odor after dining there. I have totally forgot that place until recently my colleague brought me and the Swiss guy visitor to try out the satay.
It was a nostalgic visit, though that place no longer a popular choice compared to the good ol' days. It is nearly deserted with only 2 stalls left.
My colleague recommended the 'Haji Rono' stall which provides individual servings. I ordered 10 sticks of chicken satay + 1 beef + 1 lamb. The satays were all tender and juicy, much nicer than the famous Haji Samuri.
On another day, I had my 'prelude Thai lunch' at IOI City food court...coz I was craving for some green curry although I would be goin to BKK the day after. Anyway, our green curry is way different and incomparable to the real Thai no comment about this one. Well, u can't expect much from a food court meal that costs only RM12!

Monday, December 16, 2019


December is the birthday month of yours truly...
birthday is not complete without a cake...
this round I dun have to buy myself a birthday cake, coz my annoying sister bought she's more excited to play with candles than me.
Anyway, i'm not too fond of cake, but i'm happier when receiving shopping voucher!
 yea, the annual shopping voucher that i received from the company HR as birthday gift. Just hoping they can increase the amount next year...hehehe...
Meanwhile, Dec is also the month with lotsa sales/promotion, especially when it is Christmas/year-end/and-soon-CNY around the corner.
I'm a regular supporter of KFC, what more when there's a 12.12 promo!
 got myself a snack plate for dinner
it was a late dinner, but the KFC was still crowded even after i finished my meal!
if 11.11 the price of a snack plate was RM11
and 12.12 it was RM12...
i wonder if there is a 1.1 promo?
i m waiting for that day...LOL!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Bangkok Thailand, Day 3 - Food Log

This time, I will separate my posts into 'food log' and 'places that I've visited'.
I haven't finish transferring the pictures, hence I would post randomly on any day...depending on the pictures that I have transferred to the PC.
I'm starting off my 'food log' for Day 3 of my BKK trip.
We went to the morning market in Ratchathewi to find a hidden gem....the braised pork leg rice (kao ka moo)!
The stall is located along a narrow back-alley, like some sort of our Pudu 'wai sek kai' (Pudu food alley)
the braised pork leg rice is priced at THB60 per plate, which comes with some leafy greens and a braised hard-boiled egg. Quite filing for a breakfast!
 There are fish sauce, cili padi, garlic and pickled chilies (in the small jar) provided. I tried with fish sauce and pickled chili which goes well with the pork leg dish.
 Since we already had rice for breakfast, we opted for noodles as lunch. It is a roadside stall in a small town nearby the Maeklong railway market (about 81km away from our breakfast spot).
That stall only have a 2-3 tables set up at a corner and each table is equipped with fish sauce, chili flakes, pickled chilies and sugar. I have no idea what's that sugar for!
Anyway, we ordered the pork ball noodles (THB 40)
 and fish ball mixed with char siu (bbq pork) noodles (THB40)
  the bowl is big but the ingredients only filled up to half of the bowl. Nevertheless it was good and taste like our local Chinese fishball/pork ball noodles.
By evening, we headed back to the city centre and had our dinner in Victory Mall McD.
Ordered a Samurai pork burger set and an ala carte of double angus burger...
 my hearty double angus was as big as a 'Burger King whopper burger' !

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Hot & Sunny Days in BKK

It was a hot and sunny day during my 4 days stay in BKK. The weather forecast shown 'cloudy' but it doesn't seem like it coz it was sunny, and only rained a lil' during my third day there...
We 'hunt' for ice-cream and smoothies to cool down!
I was eyeing on these ice-cream cake in Dairy Queen (DQ) as they look colorful and 'inviting'....yummmzzz!
but we settled for this mocha almond fudge in cup...quite nice and taste similar like 'Nestle Le Cremeria' ice-cream
 On another day we had soft-serve in cone with chocolate coating, bought from another DQ outlet. We were hooked on DQ ice-cream!
It was so sunny even during the day we left...look at the clear blue skies (with no clouds) picture was taken from the airport
abit of cloud but not enuff to shield us from the scorching hot sun
clear runway on a clear blue skies ;-)
on cloud 9 when seeing more clouds after the flight took off
can't get enuff of such shots~~~

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Laman Grill Steak & Bar-B-Que

Had our team dinner on last Friday after work. The team has voted to dine in Laman Grill @ Kajang.
We arrived before 7pm when the skies were still bright
 Thirst quencher - Iced Tea with Lycee (RM9.50)….
sweet yet soothingly good!
 my main course - Premium tenderloin steak with Idaho mashed potato and salad (RM76.90)
I chose mushroom sauce which paired well with the mashed potato and steak.
 I always preferred my steak to be done 'medium' with pink centre….ah so tender & juicy with blood oozing out on each bite!
 My colleague ordered this - pasta with cod fish and mussels...
 For dessert I had Warm Lava Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice-cream topping (RM15.90).
Not bad, I wish the portion is bigger to satisfy my cravings for lava chocolate!
 we left slightly after 9 (almost two-hours dining!)…
there goes our team fund...
we are done with our makan-makan for this year!

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...