Friday, October 31, 2008

Fear and Anger

I was awaken by some neighbour screaming ‘robbery’ at 6 something tis morning. The robbery happened just 2 doors away at dawn. With the recession and all those negative news coming along, I’ve been living in fear and uncertainty. Fear of rising crimes, fear of a bleak future, fear of those consequences that may arise due to the current economic turmoil. I’m even fear of keeping my savings in the bank coz it may somewhat, if worse comes worst, goes bankcrupt. I think this world is such a mess, with so much risk around us.
I already have enuff of paying bills, loan, taxes, and other daily necessities, and now somewhat, some people will try to reap some fortune off you anytime unexpected. The world is getting complicated. Technology is meant to ease our life, but it turned out to create more chaos. What the fark with those people bombing atm machines, and those online scams and banking spoof sites?!! And whatda hell with the petrol price only to be lowered on tomoro? My car is now running short of fuel, jst waiting for the price rate to reduce before I pump in some. Hopefully I can have enuff fuel to go back later.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Diwali

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It's Sunday noon, almost being suffocated by the hot weather. Lazy & hot Sunday. Kinda relief over certain 'things' but at the same time, hoping and praying hard that certain 'things' to change...syiok sendiri with tis emo line!

Well, the Jln Alor battle has almost reach a decision...And I'm glad tht the name remains (90% certain, though it has yet to confirm). People voice does outdo city hall actions! Another good news is tht the petrol price rate to be revised on 29th/30th, m hoping it to be back to $1.92...wuakaka...

Gonna start my second job soon...yes, im officially a tutor again, after years of absence frm this industry...But, lazy me has yet to prepare the teaching material...Am still in jovial happy mood coz i m back reading skool books again! Presentation has over, m glad as a colleague commented that it was good and the message was clear. But anyhow, there is still much space for improvement. At the meantime, i felt my name has sort of being immortalised in my previous company, as there is still some seniors 'screaming' for my aid despite being out of their biz months ago. Mixed feelings here, i m willing to let go but they r sort of pulling me back. Another mix feeling, or rather a dillema, which is currently hitting me like a tornado, not gonna mention it here (haha...emo-ing again!) but i m really praying hard for miracle to happen...just like how it 'has happened', almost there but not too close enuff. Well, these days i've received many shocking news, some good and some are rather distracting...but whatever it may happen, i hope it is for the better.

Deepavali will be on tomoro, i m here to wish all the Hindus a
but...i m looking forward for the coming halloween...

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fuss over Jln Alor Name Change

I’ve been following closely on the protest of traders, tourists, and many locals on the recent name change of a famous street in KL. Being a hawker food haven in KL, this place has been carving its name not only among locals but also internationally. Imagine 900,000 hits when being googled. A sudden change by City Hall proves that these authority are just no brainer but money sucking people who only knows how to extort $$ frm traders and create more problems for them. Well, I ain’t one of the traders there but I could feel the pinch of their silly act. Changing a name just for the sake of bringing in more ‘stars’ names into that area! Craps! Have they ever considered how much confusion they would create and business loss that the tenants will have to endure? Any changes to a business-loaded spot as such should be kept minimal in order to avoid revenue loss, unless the change is for the better – which in this case I dun see any, but only worse effect.
Not to mention on how much effort that have been thrown in over the decades to make that street popular among tourist? Changing the name overnight is rather ridiculous without judging carefully on how much the cons might overweigh the pros. Com’on DBKL, put on your thinking cap and stop acting alone without discussing!


I have been lamenting on how unfair the world is, just because of certain no-brainers who are unable to see the ‘big-picture’ before implementing certain thing. These no-brainer are mostly management or some-idiots-who-think-they-are-powerful, but end up doing things in a haste, without thinking much (and with influence of certain people). To all the potential stupid ‘bosses’ out there, please think of scalability, performance, bottleneck, losses (revenue, people’s trust), hardship…and all sorts of negative impact it would create before taking a move. Well, certainly many of us have gone thru this. I do have my bitter share of how unfairness/mistreat, and if I hav to list down all of those, it could have been compiled into a textbook. Unfortunately, my scar is too deep from the previous ‘damage’ that it takes some time to heal.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Public Speaking

It has been a year since I last do a public speaking in front of a huge group. The previous time was a training conducted by me with another colleague. Been known as someone with less word, and being a quiet person in nature, I hardly speak in reality. I would find it difficult to approach people and do an ‘ice break’ even with one or two of them. The reason are obvious.
I m afraid of:
- people who might judge me by how I convey my message.
- people who laugh at my minor mistakes in speech.
- people who teased whenever I missed my point.
- my words being used as laughing stock.
- people stares, as if they are trying to find my odds.

The fear are still with me despite been trying hard to cope with it. Years ago, I managed to overcome it after doing continuous presentation for weeks (till I get used with the crowds). But after some time being ‘off stage’, it sort of coming back again.
Next week, I will be presenting again in front of some 20+ people which have much more experience on my talk topic.
Nervous? Yes.
Excited? Very.
I need to get back on track again.

Wish me luck!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blended Traditional Chinese and Modern Houses

These houses are designed with Chinese architecture. The exterior is much resembling the ancient houses. Definately an innovative idea as all these while modern houses adapted western design. Well, i guess these houses aren't cheap though...
Enjoy the pics!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Plain Blunder

I was so immersed on my work on yesterday till I forgot where I parked my car and tot it was stolen. Initially, I went to the same spot where I parked my car for the past 2 days only to realize that my car was in a different location after a short panic! Was it a sign of getting old or just plain blunder?
To avoid being confused again, i decided to remain in the same location. Just as tis morning when I got down from the car, I spotted a 50cent coin…m happy coz there is actually money falling frm the sky (ok lar, from someone’s pocket!) although the value is small…But how come I din notice it yesterday?
I wonder how I could spend tht extra 50 cent? Back then when I was in primary school, I could get a small plate of mee goreng, but nowadays this value can only spent for a currypuff…summore not those ol’ chang kee ones.
2-month plus into the new job and environment, life is getting better. Good in a way tht people here are treated with much respect and have deep sense of responsibilities and professionalism at work. Most importantly I m getting my life back, yeaha!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Spoke

I manage to search my very first blog @ The Spoke, which was created before i discovered Blogger. Back in year 2006, I experimented with The Spoke before finally decided to host 'Someting is Happenin' (my previous blog) at Blogger. This blog sparks back alot of nostalgic memories, with numerous trials and errors before i embarked on blogging journey.
The layout is dull and most probably customization is very restricted and I'm glad that i have moved to blogger. The rest is history.
On the other hand, I hav finally received 50+1 Malaysia booklet! woo-hoo!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ministers & Cabinet's Raya Open House

Venue: Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur
When: 12:30pm - 4:30pm

Went to the gah-var-man's open house on yesterday (1st day of Raya). Being a lil' anti-govt these days, i proudly admit that I went there purposely for food, and not to support them.
I have been absent frm such occasion for merely 2 years, coz back then i was working on both Raya days. I decided to make a comeback this year as to feel the 'merriment' and to savour local delicacies, especially my favorite lemang and rendang.
Despite having those local media exaggerating on how well preparation has been done, I still feel not much different compared to the other years. Well, the figures are shown in local papers. Here are the statistics:

50,000 kgs of food stuffs
14 main dishes
24 local kuihs
750 staffs
150 security personel
45 chefs
5 halls
200,000 expected turnout visitors
10,000 visitors at any particular time
After having some fried noodles, fried meehoon, and 2 pieces of chicken, i felt full and can't digest any further. Thus, i 'illegally' take away aka 'ta pau' those additional food and sneaked out without anyone's notice...
I brought home these...
Currypuff, from gah-var-ment, not ol' Chang Kee
Spring roll, 'crispy outside, succulent inside'
Can anyone tell me what is this called? Nice flower pattern and crispy.
Ok, that's all of food pictures. I'm still very much in raya mood and i guess many of us do...
till then,
Selamat Hari Raya!

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...