Monday, December 24, 2012

Company Annual Dinner @ Hilton KL

The much awaited event of the year has been held at Hilton Grand Ballroom occupying some 700 staffs from the was indeed a happening event...
Though i did not get "drawn" for the lucky prize but i enjoyed and happy seeing one of my colleague getting second top draw
Here are some pics:
The hall with flashing spotlights

The menu of the day
Table deco
Table settings was a combination of chinese and western cutlery
Chinese tea
and lastly the reception table, after the event was over...overlooking the bustling city traffic outside the glass panel
we all had a great blast!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Verandah @ Cyberview Lodge Resort

Remember that i posted something regarding the Leadership Training some time ago?
During our 3-day training, we were fed with plenty of food, ranging from Italian cuisine to Chinese Dim Sum...
and the last but not least...
The fusion food was the best as we could taste the best of all sorts - asian, japanese, chinese...whatever u named it....
 our lunch was held at Verandah restaurant in this nice resort place
 it has huge ample space for dining, and a separate area for food counters
 i can't get enuff of ice-cream...yam & vanilla flavor are my fav!
 there are aplenty of "malay kuihs" (delicacy) served at the dessert area, but too bad i was too full for any of these!
 egg custard, mini cakes, tarts and pastry around
 they even hav cookies in the jar
 donuts and a variety of buns...looks appetizing
 satays!!! both beef & chicken satay were served...with the peanut gravy and the usual condiments (cucumber, nasi impit, onions)
 here's the Japanese area...where a variety of sushi, udon & tempuras were served
 the fruits counter
 apples...not poisonous, no worry ;-)
the cold dessert section serves ais kacang with various condiments to mix along!
I'm spoilt for choice...

The time of the year for Wedding Invitation again...

"You are cordially invited to my wedding on:
16 Dec 2012"
No, dun congratulate me...
it's not my wedding
it's my ex-colleague's and i m so pleased to be invited on her special occassion
yes, it is an Indian wedding...
and nice to see the card that is so "bling-bling shiny" in gold coating
 anyhow, congrats to my dear fren there....
Have a blissful marriage!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's 9:06pm and i m HUNGRIE

What would i do when i'm hungry?
but there is no food around
instead of searching thru the fridge
i search thru my local hard disk
and browse some of the food pictures that i took...
hoping it could cure my hunger...
 the above is the instant noodle that i took last Sunday noon...a fusion of western and eastern brunch
and the below was my dinner on the same day.
looking @ the pictures...
makes me drool !!!!!

Leadership Training

Two weeks back i spent half of my week attending this leadership workshop organized by the company.
It was indeed a privilege to attend such training as it is meant for managers and team leader with subordinates.
It just happened that someone in the department was on leave, hence i was being assigned as her replacement...
Well, is not that everytime i got such luck!
Not that i could learn some 'leadership skills' there, but the opportunity of sneaking out of the office and escapin' from my job for awhile... me IRRESPONSIBLE...LALALA....
so, what's with the balloon in the seminar room??
It was part of our group activities in trying to bring some 'cheerfulness' into the workshop.
It makes the place looks like a kid's party room
nothing really serious in this room despite all who attends here are of managerial ranking...
i was having some fun and great time bonding with these group of management people,
turns out they are just like any other human...well i mean, of course job is job, but sometimes, we need to enjoy ourselves
ok fine, anyhow, that's not the whole point...
i did actually learned some traits and behavioural styles which could help me to identify and adapt to my 'subordinates' well...errmm...i mean my teammates...
after some time in the seminar room...we got to enjoy some nice sight seeing around this beautiful place...
tis is the was superb...
but too bad, it was lacking some Christmas decor...
i m hoping to see a more Christmassy decoration...

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Before i start with my writin', let me share a video that i used to enjoy during my college time, when Spiderman 2 was a hit back then

ain't u feel happy listening to this song?
that's oni happen when u let go of some burden/worriness...
no, i haven't let go of my burden, but i had overcome my own fear, which could be a plus point and get me go far...
guess what?
i dun feel stage fright anymore!
*ermm...i mean under certain condition, well i guess i work well with impromptu talk
at least i dare to try, and volunteer myself to present some ideas on behalf of the group, standing in front of the room, speaking and presenting my ideas without "long gap of silence"...
and somehow, they might be some "nervous feeling" at first, but hey, i manage to overcome it and get my ideas flowing.
Well, glad with my achievement, not that i could get this chance all the time, to stand in front of a big group, sounding like a speaker, socialite, leader...kinda thing.
No more stereotyping me as the "demure, shy-looking, introvert" person. Gonna get rid of this image very soon.
And A-H-A! It's finally December! my favorable month...coz it is year end when all the parties come.
I hope i could get enuff party this year, before 2012 ends!

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