Monday, July 15, 2024

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

Curiosity brought me to this bar...
Sometime last year, I saw a promotional menu placed on the table at the walkway outside this bar. It has daily special that starts from 3pm onwards. I did not go in coz I already had my meal earlier. Few weeks later, while I was 'hunting' for new foodie adventure, i remembered this place and decided to drop by.
It was quiet during the day. This sort of place only gets busy by night.
[Below] Some indoor games inside the bar....
there is also a small stage for gig/performance (see background of the below pic)
I ordered a daily special - It came with an iced lemon tea...
and the main is chicken bolognaise spaghetti....
It was just so-so....I can cook better than this using Prego sauce😂
Anyway, it was sufficient to fill up my hungry stomach.
The bill came to RM12.65 nett after service charge and tax.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Ren Ren Kuey Teow Kia @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant has closed down since months ago. It specializes in braised chicken/pork/innards and kuey teow. 
Sometime last year, I managed to try a few items in the menu...
During my first visit, I ordered a braised chicken drumstick.
The chicken was juicy and flavorful with gravy. I can detect five-spice-powder in the gravy.
Decided to go with yam rice...
There are a few chunks of yam in there...Quite nice!
Greedy me wanted to try out the braised tofu and beancurd sheets too, coz the price was reasonable😀
My kinda happy meal...extravagant with lotsa dishes!
All these for just RM26.10 nett...
I wonder why this place was so empty most of the time...The restaurant is strategically located at the corner lot next to the neighborhood busiest junction facing the row of banks...I guess their revenue unable to sustain the high rental cost, thus the business closed down in less than a year.
On my second visit, i toned-down my order...
I only ordered 3 items...
The braised beancurd sheets is a must!
Tried to be slightly adventurous - I had pig's ear
It was served in a thicker dark sauce...similar to those charsiew sauce.
This time, instead of yam rice, i had their signature kuey teow....
It was served in dark soup...the taste is quite similar to kuey chap.
Nevertheless it was a filling meal despite only 3 items.
The bill came to RM15.45 nett.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

McD Spicy Tomato Chicken Wrap

New seasonal item in McD - it's a wrap!
Priced at RM8.95 nett ala carte
Tastes OK, it has chicken patty (similar to the McChicken patty), a hashbrown, some lettuces & pickles wrapped in a thin burrito wrap, with spicy tomato sauce. It isn't spicy, the spiciness level is like pepper sprinkled on top of tomato sauce😆
Nasi Kandar Haji Ali
Nasi Kandar from the newly opened neighborhood nasi kandar shop. Unlike any other established nasi kandar shops which have free wifi and a large screen displaying football matches, this is just a humble and basic eatery selling dishes like mutton curry, chicken curry, fish curry, roti canai, murtabak etc....Definitely not the comfy place for you to hang out and 'have teh tarik & roti canai over some long conversation' kinda place.
Anyway, I was here to fill my hungry stomach, coz usually such place offers generous portion for an affordable price.
The below curry rice with a piece of fried chicken, omelette and 2 okras cost me only RM10.50 nett. So contented with this meal😀
On another day, I had curry rice, a piece of masala chicken thigh and some cabbages at RM8.50 nett.
The cheapest meal i had here was just RM5 which consists of curry rice + a packet of papadam crackers + half salted egg + cabbages. Portion is enough to fill up my hungry stomach😀
Their price range: RM8.50 for 1 chicken dish + 1 veg + rice, if add-on 1 veg/non-meat dish would be additional RM2.
Roti canai kosong at RM1.50 per piece.
Murtabak around RM6-8 depending on the meat filling.
This shop is open daily from 7am till 11pm (7-11😀)

Saturday, July 6, 2024

MEMD @ Sri Petaling

Passing by this eatery and saw a signboard of set lunch at RM15 nett. Looks quite value-for-money, so I went in impromptu-ly.
I ordered a nasi lemak with pork cutlet and paid at the counter.
When the staff asked where I'd be seated, I just glanced around and saw that it has indoor and outdoor seatings. It was a hot day, so definitely indoor!
Look at lighting effect on the mesmerizing...
They only have blackcurrant drink, so instead of getting an iced peach tea, i got a blackcurrant drink😐
not my type of drink....
Anyway, here's the is indeed RM15 nett, without any additional charges like service charges or tax.
After waited for about 5-10 minutes my food came...
The pork cutlet looks huge, but it was thin and mostly flour coating. It tastes OK though.
The sambal wasn't spicy. Quite basic nasi lemak with all the condiments except peanuts😐
Nice try but not impressive. Most of the items in the menu are western or fusion food, still not quite sure what's their specialty, but nasi lemak is definitely not one of them.

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Foloso 'Lui Cha' and Pakkopi Kaw Kaw 'Nasi Lemak'

Tried the thunder tea rice in Foloso vegetarian restaurant. It was served on a tray with fancy bowls and saucers.
Instead of peanuts, they provided cashew nuts. Other ingredients are tempeh, diced fried tofu, beans, chai poh and mustard greens. The soup (lui cha) was served piping hot, thick and strong of basil taste which I like👍
The interior of the restaurant. It is located nearby the entrance of the Pinnacle mall.
A good meal if you want to detox with some greens.
Total price for this is RM19.90
Pakkopi Kaw Kaw
My last time having a meal at Pakkopi Kaw Kaw was last year...I usually ordered their curry mee which has charsiew pork and thick curry. I remembered the price during then was slightly below RM13 after service charges and tax.
Recently I went there again and noticed that their menu has changed with drastic increase in price. A bowl of (small) curry mee costs RM15.50 now...and that is yet to include the service charges and tax.
Other items in the menu also have the prices revised. Inflation hit hard!
This is my order. Instead of having curry mee, i had nasi lemak with fried chicken leg. There is a piece of curry potato given with the curry gravy. Tastes so-so, nothing to shout about. 
The bill came to around RM19+ after tax/service charges.

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Chicken Rice Stall in Good Morning Cafe

There is a makeshift structure built at the open space carpark in the neighborhood commercial area, right next to the Telekom building and opposite Pinnacle mall. It was either last year or the year before and it is now operated by Good Morning Cafe.
A chicken rice stall was opened late last year, rented a small space in this structure. It sells chicken drumstick rice for only RM7, which is a good price.
I ordered a plate to try and add-on with blanched beansprout for RM2.
The juicy and boneless chicken drumstick. The bone is removed by default without being request. Easy to eat.
The chicken rice stall is operated separately from Good Morning Cafe, hence ordering and payment are made separately.
I also ordered a bowl of wanton soup from Good Morning Cafe via their online ordering system. There are 5 pieces of wantons for RM6.
My extravagant meal which costs RM7+2+6 = RM15 nett in total.
The chicken rice was OK, so i decided to tapao again a few weeks later.
Here's the tapao version.
Quite generous portion.
Few months later, I tried the Char Kuey Teow from Good Morning Cafe.
Opted for yellow noodles mixed with kuey teow. This CKT doesn't have siham (cockles), which is good coz i dun eat siham
Tastewise OK, it has slight wok-hei. 
Any CKT that is consumed hot (and fresh from the wok) would taste good anyway😋

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Grantley Adams International Airport, Barbados

This airport does not have a proper entrance. The check-in counters and the visitors waiting area are located outdoor with just a roof above it. I wonder how chaotic it would be when it rains (or hurricane).
The foyer....quite warm when the weather is hot.
Luckily the weather was nice on my departure day.
There are a few shops selling souvenirs and their famous rums & rum cakes. The shops are located nearby the departure hall which is indoor and fully air-conditioned, thus it is much cooler.
Rums....plenty of rums...
Nope, i did not buy, too heavy to carry and not fond of alcoholic drinks.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Ding Xiang Sang Nyuk Noodles & Thai Siam, Sri Petaling

First time trying Ding Xiang Sang Nyuk noodles. It has lunch promo around RM12.90 ++ (if i remembered correctly) for a set of noodles and pork broth with porkballs & pork slices.
It came out like this....
When served, the staff asked if i want some pork lard, then he brought a small bowl and scooped some crispy pork lard onto the noodles. The noodles were too dark (overdo with dark soy sauce), and it was slightly sweet (they put sugar into it?). 
Pork broth was OK. They have broth with innards but i don't eat innards so i opted for pork slices and porkballs. Soup is refillable, but i prefer not to drink too much coz i detected MSG in it. I felt thirsty after that.
Meanwhile, continuing my adventure to try out all the F&B outlets in Pinnacle SP mall, this would be the last few that I'm gonna try - Thai Siam restaurant.
Don't know what's their specialty, so I decided to go for a safe option - tomyum fried rice!
Slightly spicy, the fried rice has some prawns and squid, but other than that it was just ordinary, nothing to shout about.
the bill came to RM17.40 after service charges.

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Half Island Barbados Tour

Barbados is a Commonwealth country with predominantly English speaking population consists of black, multi racial mix, white and Indian. Despite located in the Caribbean, it's not difficult to blend into their culture. They gained independent from the British around the time as our country too (late 1950s-60s). It is now a Republic country, and still adapting many practices as an ex-Brit colonial, such as driving direction, schooling system, judiciary etc.
Due to its multiracial influences, their cuisine is a mix blend of African, Indian, Irish, Creole and British influences. 
It's not difficult to find spicy food here....the Barbadian hot chili sauce and Indian curry can be easily found.
Here's my typical workday lunch from the one-and-only cafe situated next to the office - The Coffee Bean.
I usually have wraps for lunch. I have tried all sorts of wraps - smoked salmon, jerk chicken...
but this time I tried crab salad wrap.
It came with mango chutney which tastes like jam, but i prefer to just eat the wrap without chutney.
Opening the wrap just to let u see what's inside😉
Me & colleague were seated in a room with sharing table facing the window. We can see the weather outside very well.
It rains almost daily, several times per day...The below picture was taken on my way back to the apartment. It is one of their local house with parking lot. Yea, some of their houses don't have fence. I noticed their car plate number looks very much like ours...but nope, that car is not from!
During one of the weekend, a kind senior colleague (a local Barbadian) offered to give us a tour on the island.
Barbados is just a small island country smaller than the size of SG and population of less than 300k people. This island can be easily toured by car in just one day, depending on the weather. If it doesn't rain too heavy and the road doesn't flood, then this is possible to achieve.
Anyway, on the day of our outing, it was cloudy with occasional drizzle. We started off from Christchurch area up towards north, passing by Saint Michael, Saint James, Saint Peter and towards the tip of the island north - Saint Lucy. It was just a half island tour covering the west part of the island.
[Below] Garrison Savannah which is a horse racing track.
Next to it - a few old cannons.
Rubis petrol station. A France-based company.
Carlisle Bay, a popular hangout beach spot.
[Below] Can't remember what building this is, but it is a ministry office.
[Below] Chamberlain Bridge in Bridgetown, their capital city.
Some 'pledge' written on the independent arch
The clock tower at the background is where the National Heroes Square located.
[Below] Rihanna Drive
The famous singer's childhood home is located along this drive.
quite a humble home...
but nowadays she lives in a huge mansion😀
to be continued....

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

Curiosity brought me to this bar... Sometime last year, I saw a promotional menu placed on the table at the walkway outside this bar. It has...