Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Grilled Chicken Steak at NY Steak Shack

Celebrated a colleague's birthday at NY Steak Shack. As we only have one hour limit for our lunch, we did not order 'lavishly'.
I had their grilled chicken breast steak with 2 side dishes - coleslaw and fries.
The chicken breast was well marinated and tender...
 On another occasion, I was craving for youtiao (Chinese cruller) and decided to get it from the morning market. This stick costs RM1.20 nowadays
It is best eaten with soy milk....super yum!!!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Mee Hailam

It was my first time trying mee hailam...This was from a stall located nearby my office. The price is very reasonable at RM5 with generous ingredients - kailan, carrots, chicken chunks.
for noodles option, they have kuey teow and meehoon too, besides the default yellow noodles.
Mee Hailam basically taste like Cantonese style noodles ('kuey teow kungfu'), but the gravy is in dark colour.
Hopefully they still serve it with generous 'greens' in my next visit!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Paparich Curry Noodle

It has been a year plus since I last had Paparich curry noodles...I remembered it as very creamy with thick 'santan' taste….Something that can filled up my hungry stomach on a late nite dinner.
So i decided to drop by one day and get my curry noodle fix....I would usually request to omit the cockles.
This bowl costs around RM14 to 15, but I was satiated coz it was full of ingredients - fishcake, crispy fried beancurd skin, chicken, taupok, long beans...

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Mazi Pan Mee

This outlet in Sri Petaling has been around for almost a year, but I only get to try it recently.
Located same row as the Baskin Robbins, this place is popular among the office workers nearby.
It was crowded when I dropped by during the noon.
Ordered the dried version of pan mee and add-on with a bowl of meat dumpling soup.
The noodles texture was just so-so compared to the established Jojo or Super Kitchen....The minced pork doesn't taste as good as Jojo.
I did not finish the noodles, mayb it was just not my type of pan mee.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bankara Ramen

First time trying Bankara. So far, Bankara has only two outlets. I went to the one in Mid Valley, which is located at 3rd floor, nearby the cinema.
Ordered a tonkotsu ramen, which is served in milky pork bone broth.
Add-on with a soft boiled egg, with nice gooey yolk....
The ramen was huge with lotsa noodles but only a thin slice of charsiu….so miserable!
The broth was way too creamy, but lacking pork bone taste.
Overall, it was just so-so, and for the price of RM27.50, I could get a better ramen elsewhere.
The green tea is refillable, but I guess it is sort of overprice at RM4.
This meal costs RM36.55 inclusive of service charge and 6% service tax.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sweeping all the junks during the long weekend

 It was Malaysia day on 16th Sept, and to commemorate tis day, I had McD softserve ice cream in red cone. It was just coloring, the cone was tasteless as usual.
 As weekend is meant to be indulged in junks, I had another round of soft serve ice cream at Family Mart...the price now is slightly cheaper than RM2.90
 also, this Original Go Bowl at KFC....this is my kinda junk with fries + 'popcorn-sized' chicken + signature gravy @ RM3.70
I'm not sure why they put the chili flakes, but it goes well without it.
I also got my noodle fix at the chili pan mee shop, but instead of ordering their signature chili pan mee I had the porkchop version....
This picture was taken before I add in the chili...loads of it!
Bon Appetit!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Weekend Escape

Was out of the country during the long weekend last week...
to the beautiful island of Bali
 Nice sandy beaches, but the weather was hot,  how I wish it rain at least for one day....but nope, it doesn't rain at all throughout my stay...
As it was super hot during the day, I only got to the beach by the evening to watch the sunset...
These pictures were taken at Nusa Dua, just a few steps away from the room that I stayed.
 can't resist the sea water, hence I dipped my feet and feel the 'sensation'.
The water was cooler by evening and it was very soothing to walk on the sandy beach bare feet.
 perfect skies
 there is no fencing that separates the beaches...I walk along the beaches from one hotel to another...
 This was taken from Sofitel hotel
alrite, enuff of the beaches....here's the view from above, the Kintamani volcano is seen from afar

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Breakfast @ Crockfords, Genting Highlands

Each patron is entitled to order one main course from the menu...
Here's what we had:
Truffle Oil and Scrambled Eggs on Brioche (bacon included)
 Omelette (bacon included on the side)
The main course itself wasn't enuff for me (and I believe most people too), hence there is a buffet corner for patrons to 'top up'
The below was taken from the buffet corner...
croissant, choc chip cup cake, mini scone, custard pao, sausages, hams, French toast
there is a selection of fruit juices and I choose watermelon juice.
Fruits & salads available from the fridge. I took a small jar of salads for more greens...

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Meals in the Genting SkyCasino again...

Sometime ago, I had a voucher that entitled me for RM50 meal in selected restaurants inside SkyCasino.
The validity was until end of August, hence we made a trip up there to claim my 'food'.
A big plate of Char Kuey Teow @ RM19
 Glad that it does not have cockles, I prefer mine without it.
It was a huge plate with plenty of lap-cheong (Chinese waxed sausage), fishcakes, and prawns...The only thing lacking is lard...which I dun see any...
 We also ordered a plate of chicken chop @ RM19 and a bowl of cream mushroom soup @ RM11
 the chicken chop piece was huge too, but it was not tender, just so so only...
On another meal, I shared this set meal with my dad (this was from his free voucher)
 We had pork rendang,
the rendang was on the sweet side.....not to my liking
 and for dessert, i had durian ice cream which was bought with GP points.
This cost RM7 (or 7GPs)
The durian stall (which sells the ice cream) is tucked in the center among of the hotel buildings.
You will get to enjoy a panorama view of the tall & gigantic hotel buildings surrounding this tiny stall.
It was a nice cool weather with drizzling rain, just perfect for an ice-cream 'adventure'!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Rice Set

In the same outlet as the noodles place, they do serve rice as well.
When i'm bored with noodles, I would go for the rice set at RM6.50
The typical one (and also the safest choice) is sweet & sour chicken rice...It would usually served with green leafy veggies
 Another safest choice is the kung pao chicken rice...
On certain days I would request for egg topping @ RM1.2
nothing to shout about,
just some decent meal if I opt to eat out besides IOI City mall.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Same Bowl of Noodles

I would usually have clear soup noodles for my lunch once a week.
Apart from the usual ingredients, I would add on veggies (with 50cent extra charge). The usual ingredients consist of green amaranth, fish ball, pork ball, a few slices of chicken chunks and fuchuk (fried beancurd skin).
For noodles type, it is either the pan mee
 or the yee mee noodles
although there are a few more noodles options such as yellow noodle, meehoon, kuey teow...
That's my decent soup noodle at RM6.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Lei Cha @ Zuo Yi Zuo KTV

My colleagues have been mentioning about having lei cha rice at this 'hidden' outlet...
The place is a KTV, but not so much of the established ones as this is more like a place for the older folks to hang out.
 The lei cha stall is only renting an area inside the KTV.
The stall is operating during noon meanwhile the KTV will only start during late evening. So, it is like fully utilising the space for food business during the daytime although the lei cha stall might look out-of-place in this entertainment outlet.
The menu is not extensive with only 5-6 food items (including the lei cha). Note that price increase? This is how they update the menu...
Alrite, now back to the food...I'm fine with raw veggie taste hence I have no problem with it. I finished the entire bowl of the greenish soup, but most of my colleague didn't....Some don't even touch that soup.
Now I realise that lei cha is an acquired taste dish...
 well, that's about it.
Since I m featuring some 'greenish' food....I might as well feature some of the organic veggies that we have in our garden.
The tapioca leaves
 Ceylon spinach
 and....this one not so much of edible (unless u r too hungry!)

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...