Saturday, July 26, 2008

Installing Network Card

I had a hard time installing this damn thing in…It was supposed to be easy, so I thought of DIY…
Tried with the first PCI slot…device undetected..
Second PCI slot…still undetected..
Third slot…then power ON and OFF…still the same…
Tried slotting in the network card a few times more into any available PCI slots, but getting the same result…finally, gave up!
End up getting that shop assistant to do it…
I am a total HARDWARE dummie! Somehow, the interior of the CPU is darn artistic, it inspire me to snap a few more pics :-) i'm a total hopeless person...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eating Obsession

I was so obsessed with eating lately, that I went for another 'makan outing' not long after i came back from the makan trip at Malacca. Went around the shopping malls hunting for junks/snacks which i 'longing-to-eat-but-got-no-chance'...Now, i can eat 'sepuas-puasnya'. Darn good appetite these days!

My favorite Pretzel
Sour Cream&Onion flavor...yummylicious!
Tried out Wendy's baked potato. Had it before, but a different flavor, this time i hav cheese and chilli!
A closer shot! Abit dissappointed coz the taste was almost the same as the previous one despite another flavor...Nothing special.
total damage: $9.50

oh btw, the photos from the malacca makan-trip have been uploaded (thank God i din throw up, but end up going to toilet 4 times the following day!). Thanks Canny for inviting. Great to know you and your wonderful bunch of makan-gang!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Interior of a Korean Restaurant

Where: Che-go Korean Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid
I had a Korean meal for lunch today. Instead of being fascinated with their Kimchi, I m more interested with its interior. It is so oriental with dim yellow lights and eastern decor...
Romantic ambience
Stainless steel spoon and chopstick...I dunno how to hold a metal chopstick!
Another shot of the interior from a different angle

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Out of my Mind

I have a very strange feeling of being attracted to this particular person. It’s strange coz that person is a female! Something really wrong here, it goes to the extent of me googling her name (coz I was too desperately wanting to know more about her?) is it just mere infatuation?
Or some hormone changes? Perhaps, she does have that kind of charisma which attracts people.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I bet u dunno what the heck is tis stick by jst looking from the picture itself.

Firstly, I thought it was candle, another glimpse looks like sausage...
But i was wrong...

This is something very new ;-)
Boss came back frm a business trip in Japan and bought this snack for us.

Yes, it is a S.N.A.C.K

After some references from the net, we found out that this stick is known as 'kamaboko'

I dun dare to taste it after reading the reviews about this weird snack.
coz it shows...


and with all the negative feedbacks i got frm my colleagues, guess i need some time to prepare my tongue with its strange 'fishy and cheesy' taste!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We Need a Re-branding!

Petrol prices increase...
Electricity tariff increase...
Foods and goods prices increase...
but my salary never increase!

These are the lines i heard from a radio commercial...with some lines added by me ;-)
True eh?
Hard reality - inflation is inevitable

And that was worsen by the soaring oil prices...
Reading from 'Malaysian Reserve' (local biz paper), inflation is not only affecting our country but also in US and globally...sad case!

Picking a few lines from a famous blogger:
"what really strike Malaysians these days is the failure to improve our earning-capability since the 1997 economic crisis. With exceptions of a few professions, the salary and income levels of most jobs are not on par with inflation rate for the past decade… some sectors are actually falling behind the pre-1997 era"

Again, very true! But what can we do? The blogger also pin-point us to 're-brand' ourself rather than being labelled as cheap and resourceful place for foreign investor. Well, I guess I m one of the cheap skilled worker in a foreign company. I'm giving a deep tot over the word 're-branding'...What can v do to achieve this?
Before the economic turmoil, petrol was at $1.10/litre, chicken rice at $2.50, my fav large size big mac set at $5.80, ice-cream sundae at $0.50, cinema costs lesser than $6.00 etc etc. Sending kids abroad for studies is very norm. Even having a live-in foreign maid is common during those days. ---> these are the things i could observed as a naive student back then!

Nowadays as compared to a decade ago: Petrol increases to over 100%, properties - more than 150%....foods, rice/flour/sugar and goods - about 30% ++.....and sad to say, the income rate for a fresh grad (or any other skilled worker) is still the same.
Anyway, i m grateful that our situation is still under control, unlike Zimbabwe, whereby their inflation rate has skyrocketed to over 100,000,000% (can't remember how many zero's)...But their currency has no longer carry any value...
Before our country turn into such fate, I guess we seriously needs to re-brand...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dinner Treat - Part II

We used to frequent eateries that are located in the nearby neighbourhood, or those in the commercial area. We dun even realize there is one located nearby our house. It is 'so near' that we dun notice of its existence...And this time v decided to try out the dishes in this secluded seafood chinese restaurant, for the very first time!
Located next to a golf course, the ambience is superb, and the air is fresher (as compared to the stuffy eatery places we've been) with a cordial and quick service.
Food is moderate...but overall is okay.
A few pics...
Claypot tofu with generous servings of seafood
Belacan kangkung, yummylicious! but oily...
Sweet & Sour fish slices Marmite Chicken with sesame
a closer shot...
Guess how much is this meal?

not bad hor???

ok, enuff of publicity...i dun have to publicize all their dishes as they have their own website ;-)


Yesterday I was browsing my old collection of food photos, and I stumbled upon Aoyama sushi…colorful and yummy ones…It made me drooling, and it was past midnite.
*I wonder why I got the habit of browsin' food photos during midnite!
To my surprise, tis morning sis bought home a set of Jusco sushi! Yay!
Despite being a rather ‘cheaper’ version of aoyama sushi, my cravings were satisfied!
Unagi, my fav!
and thick Salmon! yummie...
Crabstick and egg slice sushi...not so much of my fav...
Ok, i had enuff of sushi, I am now craving for tempura's...

And I did it again ;-)

I got a 'name-less' certificate, a pen as souvenir, and some goodies (such as packet drink, bun and biscuits)!
It made me felt like I m exchanging my blood for food!
The treat for tis time is much more ‘luxurious’ compared to my previous visit ;-)
Not much people went as it was less publicize, even the poster pasted at the entrance were torn down after a heavy downpour the day before.
Nevertheless, I look forward on the next donation drive…perhaps another 3 months later?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Gossips do make the world go round!

I dun believe that the world revolves around me, and it will never be. As i was trying hard to keep a low profile, especially on my resignation...some people out there are like broadcasting this news to the whole world. Yes, is WHOLE WORLD!
The news travel some 10,000 km and reached a few colleagues in Zurich.
Well, not a surprise in this IT-age world. But with such news? that's only a gossip, nothing important. Why wanna make it big?
And i almost got choke on a duku when someone (whom i hardly know) asking "i heard that you are leaving soon, rite?" while i was having my fruits at pantry.
Even the receptionist, accountants, and some stranger from the other team/companies has know abt this. Some people even trying to investigate on my new company...Well, i did not tell anyone about it, and now there are speculating like crazy. Darn!
Gossips do make the world go round!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wind of Change

I can be mean...
I can be cruel...
I can be sneaky...
I can be 'all-in-one' devil...very very evil...
driven by the deep hatred, anger & jealousy which is taking control all over me these days

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Time to get you HUNGRY again!

Sis bought some egg tarts and pork buns on her way home...
the pork bun is so-so...meanwhile the egg tart....
haven't try yet!

but the packaging looks fine...Nowadays, packaging does matter ;-)

Apart from old chang kee currypuffs, I'd crave for egg tarts (or portuguese egg tarts) for breakfast...

Sometimes i prefer nasi lemak...

Sometimes roti canai with thick curry gravy...

Wantan mee, soya bean, tau-foo-fa (beancurd pudding)....

Hungry now?

Shop till i drop!

It's S.A.L.E again!
Recently i have been spending alot on shoppings. It is either i dun spend a single cent at all or i spent my entire wallet with only 1 cent or 10 cents left. I m more of the latter these days despite the higher inflation. I guess there is some weird mindset which gets me to think tht if i dun buy now, the prices will keep goin up in the next few months...and end up i won't be able to get the similar thing at the current price.

So, i ended up buying this 'not-so-colourful clown dress'. I like the comfortable satin fabric, it made me feel like i m wearing a pyjamas
high heels...i still think that the heels are abit too high for me! ~regrets~
closer shot
and i got myself a flat one too...
complete with a handbag, as to match my clown dress
Laptop backpack. I dun buy this one. It's courtesy from the next team...Their vendor are just so G.E.N.E.R.O.U.S !
See, i m advertising on their behalf!
what are you waiting for? it's sale now...
go head to the nearest shopping mall!

am too full to S.L.E.E.P

The title says it all. It's now 2.30am and i m still wide awake.
those snacks i took jst now are starting to make my stomach bloat...
i had kinder bueno and some chips @ midnite!
ok...nothing much really...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Buffalo Steakhouse

Went to have our much much much delayed Father's Day dinner on last Sunday. This time, sis turn to treat us...And she brought us to Buffalo Steakhouse restaurant. It was quite crowded when we arrived. Most of the patrons are families...Perhaps a good place for family dinner?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Neighbour's Courtyard

Snap this picture when they were not around. I like this kinda ambience (with dim lights), it looks a lil' mysterious, peaceful and perhaps, romantic?

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...