Friday, October 27, 2023

Yi Pin Ramen @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Went to try out Yi Pin ramen, which was opened some few months ago.
The menu has Chinese/Taiwanese style ramen as well as Japanese style ramen.
I ordered a smoked duck ramen (RM24.90+)
It has a slice of kamaboko, a few pieces of smoked duck, seaweed and a soft boiled egg. The soft boiled egg was overcooked, hence the egg yolk is not gooey anymore.
The smoked duck is flavorful like Taiwanese sausage, nice to eat with ramen. The thick broth is as good as any Japanese ramen broth.
Tastewise not bad, all good except that the egg is overcooked. Total bill came to RM27.40 after 10% service charge.
After eaten so much food lately, gotta do some outdoor exercise to shed some weight😂

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

XLL Malahotpot @ Pinnacle Sri Petaling

Continuing my food adventures in Pinnacle. This time i decided to try out the malahotpot.
This shop seems to be all over Klang Valley, from Cheras to Puchong to Kuchai Lama, PJ and Shah Alam.
So, since it is growing, the food must be good, right?
These type of malahotpot restaurants are mushrooming these days, must be due to Chinese mukbang show featuring people eating huge portion of super spicy food...crazy trend!
Anyway, I just walked in and ordered the set meal which is available from 11am to 5pm.
Usually, the customer to pick their own ingredients, weigh them and charged accordingly. But for set meal, the ingredients & portion are fixed.
So, as a first timer, i decided to go for a safer choice, let them fix the ingredients.
I had set meal A which is the vegetarian option. The ingredients are: brocolli, potato, lotus root, beancurd sheet, okra, enoki, beansheet, big soybean sprouts, mix veggie, and mu er.
You can choose to go with rice or noodles. I had it with noodles.
Next is to choose the spiciness level - I chose little spicy.
The set meal came with drink and refillable soup. I had buckwheat tea.
Price is RM22.90nett, which seems like a deal, and if you are a resident at Pinnacle condo, another 5% off total bill. I was shocked to see the huge portion of fried noodles served. I didn't expect that coz the menu there stated for 1 pax.
It has lotsa ingredients like a huge salad bowl. Instead of salad dressing and served cold, this was a total contrast with mala spicy sauce and served piping hot, fresh from the wok.
I was unprepared with the huge portion and did not manage to finish the food...This portion could easily feed 3 moderate eaters. I did not intend to tapao either coz i found it too oily and if kept in the container, the noodles will soak up all the oil...kinda jelak to eat. In fact, while eating i have to wash away the mala spice and oil by rinsing it with the free flow soup😂
[Below] Inside the restaurant. The soup & sauces counter in front of my table.
Personally, I don't think it is worth it despite the huge portion. There is some other restaurants out there that offers similar item with cheaper price and 'appropriate' portion😂

Monday, October 23, 2023

Foloso @ Pinnacle Sri Petaling - Cendol

On another day, I tried the cendol from Foloso restaurant. Foloso is a vegetarian restaurant but they also serve ice dessert. A bowl of large cendol (for sharing) costs RM8.90++ (with 10% service charge). Discount 10% if you are a resident, meaning offset the service charge.
Nice and refreshing shaved ice with gula melaka, santan, cendol and red beans. Not overly sweet.
I will come back again for this, most likely will order the smaller one (which is RM6.90++) if dining solo.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Foloso Vegetarian Restaurant @ Pinnacle Sri Petaling

I saw this set meal menu displayed at the entrance of the restaurant and decided to give it a try. This is available in conjunction with the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, hence i believe it is until 23 Oct only.
I was curious on how a vegetarian fish head noodle would taste like.....
Ordered that with a calamansi drink.
The noodle has 3 pieces of vegetarian fish, tofu, carrots, tomatoes and yau mak (romaine lettuce). The noodle is mi xian (rice noodle), so it is smooth and slippery yet chewy (qq texture). The milky soup tastes like mild 'cream of mushroom' soup, definitely not fishy at all. Overall, OK lah, coz i don't put high expectation on it due to it being vegetarian. It totally does not taste like fish head noodle, perhaps some sort of assorted-veg-noodle.
Price is RM20.70 nett after service charges.
[Below] My purchase from Berry's Cake House.
My fav is always the coffee bun, egg tart and savoury cheese-sausage-kinda-bun. RM6.80 for 3 items.
On another day, I decided to try other type of buns...I had curry chicken danish, mushroom sausage, spicy chicken and butter custard buns...Unfortunately, all doesn't taste good...jst so-so only. I guess i will just stick back to my usual items above.
My McD supper (late dinner). It has been some time since i last had a late dinner. I thought of goin to Bai Wei, which supposedly open for 24 hours, but the outlet in Sri Petaling already closed when i reached there at 11. Well, I guess it is costly to operate a restaurant for 24 hours which could not be covered by the profit margin.

This is a mix-and-match set. I had nasi lemak + fries (RM7) and fried chicken + fries (RM7). So, in total RM14.

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Authentic Bakery @ Pinnacle Sri Petaling

Some happenings around the neighborhood tallest building cum mall...
Authentic Bakery is having some promo on moist chocolate cake loaf at RM9 per loaf.
I bought one to try. Tastes similar as chocolate walnut loaf (which is sold at RM14.90) but without the walnuts.
I finished the entire loaf in 2 days.
Another item which is on sale is this chunky peanut butter at RM3 per small tub. As I like peanut butter, I bought one too, but yet to try. Expires by end of next month, but i can finish this within a week.
Had my fav curry noodles again in Zok Noodle House.
The ingredients in the noodle are: 2 prawn filled wantons, 4 fuchuk, 5 taupok, long bean, charsiew, and clam (siham). I choose to omit siham as there is an option for this in the ordering app.
As usual, a big bowl which is enuff to feed 2 small eaters. Empty bowl is available upon request.
This is my OMAD for the day.
RM20.30nett for this. 5% discount for residence staying in Pinnacle condo.
A new restaurant opened this week at Pinnacle.
It is the famous Cheras Flat Fish Head Noodles!
The place was packed during the dinner peak hour 7pm+
Nevertheless i went in to 'kepoh'....just to look see at their menu and 'mark' it for my next visit.

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Don Dwae Ji Sam Gyeob Sal @ Sri Petaling

Just trying this Korean BBQ place out of curiosity.
Looks affordable for RM32.90+
The banchans are refillable. My fav is the sausage and caramelised peanuts.
Ramyeon is also unlimited. It was served sizzling hot in a pot like this, so customer don't have to cook the noodles, but rather focus on grilling the meats.
[Below] Grilling in progress....
We had both the marinated & non-marinated pork belly and chicken....The pork belly are quite fatty.
Food is OK, it is worth for those who can eat alot of meat, especially the marinated ones coz those are the tasty ones. Non-marinated meat usually tastes bland unless dip in salt or gochujang.
This place doesn't have smoke extractor, hence ventilation is bad and be prepared to smell like grilled meat. It is usually full-house on weekend and staffs would be too busy to attend to your request (for any banchan refill, getting extra cutleries/bowls...etc), so better to go on weekdays.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Nanyang Kopitiam @ Aked Esplanade Bukit Jalil

This kopitiam opens till late nite and my perfect choice for late dinner when all other restaurants have closed.
Despite been around for quite some time, this was my first time trying Nanyang Kopitiam.
I ordered a nasi lemak with their specialty chicken, and it came out like this...
Am not sure how they made the rice purple, but nevertheless the coloring doesn't have any flavor to it, the purple rice still tastes the same as normal rice.
Presentation-wise this plate of nasi lemak seems colorful and attractive😂
The chicken tastes like in between masak merah mix rendang, but it is not spicy.
[Below] Bak kut teh at Sunny Food Republic, Sri Petaling.
Also my first time eating at this foodcourt😂
RM18 for the single pax BKT with pork belly, pork rib, pig stomach, intestine, taupok, enoki mushrooms and lettuce. RM2 for a bowl of rice. So, in total RM20.
I gave the pig stomach and intestine to my parents who happily accept them. Usually I don't order with internal organs when eating alone.
[Below] Pavilion Bukit Jalil on last month. The decorations were for Mid-Autumn Festival.
Colorful lanterns and 2 giant rabbits on stage.
Nope, i did not buy any mooncake this year, just had some FOC ones from Genting.
Well, let's see if they would recycle these decorative for next year...

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Crockfords Hotel Lounge/Bar (aka FUHU Pop-up Dining)

[Below] Chilled out at the Crockfords hotel lounge/bar, enjoying the performance by a pretty singer😂
I enjoyed looking at lenglui more than lengchai....coz there is so much more to look at....her hairstyle, make-up, dress style, sexy leg, curvy bodyshape and boobs....
ok, let's get serious...makan first....i mean food, not her.
I had seafood cooked in salted egg gravy. It has lotsa beauties in this dish - the succulent and fresh prawns, mussels and yummz....
From high-end hotel restaurant, i then got degraded to a food court meal😂
Had this chicken chop at the Skycasino food court using my earned points. So, this meal is literally FOC. The piece of chicken chop has shrunk over the years, but well, can't complaint much when the food is FOC.
Unrelated to the above...the Suki-ya Eat-All-U-Can looks quite value-for-money. Hmmmnn....perhaps i should go try it one day when i have a big appetite.
Heineken bar at Food Merchant @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil...
This corner looks cozy with a wall mounted TV airing football/sports channel. I wonder if muslim can sit there and enjoy watching the TV or just to chill-out?
Heineken seems to be 'marketing' heavily by renting and decorating this corner. I have seen similar Heineken bar at Schiphol airport recently and I thought that is only common in Netherlands (where Heineken beer is originated), and didn't expect that we have such in KL too.

Friday, October 6, 2023

Ichiren No Tamashi @ Alison Kopitiam, Sri Petaling

Another foodie bucket list checked!
Since last year, I have been hearing alot about this neighbourhood curry omurice.
As it is not easy to get a parking there, i decided to KIV. The waiting time is quite long too, so would have to go during the non-peak hour, preferably on a weekday. It is a roadside stall situated in front of Alison kopitiam, with outdoor seatings. The stall opens from 3:30pm till 10pm, operated by a family of 3. The father does the frying, the mother is the cashier and delivers food to the table, and the son prepares/cooks the egg.
[Below] The cross section of the rice, hidden beneath the omu egg. The egg has slight milky/margarine taste which is similar to custard egg. The curry has cubes of carrots and potatoes, just like any ordinary Japanese curry. The chicken katsu cutlet is slightly bigger than my palm, nicely coated and deep fried well. For RM12, this is an affordable Japanese curry omurice, although nothing to shout about.
I went there before 6pm and waited for a good 20 minutes.
My first time trying Family Mart oden, despite always go there for the sofuto and buns.
I had a crab fishcake (RM2), stuffed scallop roll (can't remember the exact name, RM0.90) and a daikon (RM2.50) in tom yum soup (RM2).
In total RM7.40 nett for this oden bowl.
taste OK, but i prefer to DIY next time. After all, when it is home cooked, can dump in anything I like.
After the spicy bowl of tom yum oden, I went to CU mart for the vanilla softserve.
RM3nett. Taste OK-la, passable.
Chili pan mee, my once-in-a-year fix...but this year, I already had twice!
It costs RM12.50nett at Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee restaurant.
many years ago (when it was first introduced to the market), it was just RM7!
'Just Fruits' shop selling cut fruits with RM10 for 4 packs.
There are various types of fruits to choose from, even rambutans!
This is good for lazy people like me who is too lazy to cut fruits/peel skins.
Would you buy?

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Nam Heong @ Pinnacle Sri Petaling

Many years ago, Nam Heong was famous for its chicken rice, but these days it has been selling other items until the 'identity' is forgotten.
I would thought that it is just another kopitiam....
Saw the below menu at the shop entrance and marked it as one of my foodie bucket list😂
Coincidently they are having the egg tarts promotion with RM1.85 per tart/per customer for dine-in only.
I would have thought that Nam Heong is now an egg tart/pastries shop with this counter and oven at the entrance. The 'previous Nam Heong' would display the whole chicken instead.
The promo item....only one miserable egg tart per customer😭
Anyway, my main purpose is to try out their nasi lemak pork curry from the Menu Rahmah.
[Below] Removing the fried egg, to reveal the underneath gems.
The nasi lemak has peanuts, anchovies, sambal, pork curry, cucumber and 3 pieces of lap cheong. The portion of rice is similar to RM2 roadside nasi lemak portion. The rice has slight santan taste/aroma.
Overall, not bad. I would still choose this over the other 2 options coz i like their pork curry. I wish to order 2 bowls of nasi lemak instead but it only limits 1 bowl per customer.
The egg tart just ok, taste somewhat like Tong Kee version.
side view...
This meal costs RM7.55 nett (after the service charge). Pinnacle resident/staff would enjoy 5% discount.

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...