Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flight Meal


My flight home was scheduled at late noon, having nothing to fill my stomach since morning, i decided to have my lunch in the airport.
All the while, i never have any chance to savour a complete meal in the airport, with mostly snacks.
Hence this time, reluctant or not, i give it a try.
My $7 meal consists of sausages and spaghetti, completes with a fruit punch. The dining ambience was nice, facing the glass panel overlooking the boarding area.

 i luv seeing planes, especially the huge airbus, A380?
unfortunately, i m not taking the airbus, mine was the humbly cheapskate Air Asia
I was flying on corporate account, hence the services was top-class despite being a short flight on budget airplane. I was pleased with their cordial service, being given priority to onboard among the rest. That was one cool thing about having yourself a “hotseat”. And on top of that, i was occupying three seats in the row as my bosses had last minute cancelled their flight. Having the entire row all by myself, woo-hoo!

And my flight came with a meal! I was like....huh??? it was just an hour ride!
Here's my pre-ordered Nasi Lemak...
the admin who booked my ticket knows my tastebud well, huh...


This is another meal i had in the locally owned budget airplane, this time - chicken rice
it tasted bland, maybe because it was without cucumber to munch on,
hence, i still prefer the authentic Nasi Lemak...
wonder what's gonna be served on my next flight?

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