Monday, January 17, 2022

Festive Meals?

This was a Grab delivery arranged by the church for all members who joined their online Christmas Day celebration.
Before the Zoom session ended, each recipient received their lunchbox via Grab.
The orders were placed a few days earlier by submitting via online form.
Ordered a chicken set meal and a fish set meal for us.
The food were prepared by Gluttony (Taman Desa).
The fish set meal consists of a deep fried fillet (not sure what type of fish but definitely not dory fish), bolognaise spaghetti, sauteed mushroom sprinkled with cheese powder and salads.
The chicken set meal has similar side dishes but with a grilled chicken chop as the main.
Tastewise just so-so, chicken chop is tough and fish fillet is dry. As these foods were prepared early in the morning, they were no longer warm when arrived. We did not reheat the food, so we had them in room temperature.
I also ordered a roasted pork + barbequed pork rice from Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice shop (from OUG) which is delivered via Foodpanda. This is not from church, but instead a 'top up' as there were 3 of us eating and 2 lunch boxes above is definitely not enough. 
I prefer this rice than the western lunch meal.
it has sour pickled on the side and even delivered with soup...well, the usual soup that u get in Chinese chicken rice shop.
And that was my simple Christmas turkey, no roast lamb....
Anyway, 2 days later, i ordered my fav A&W fried chicken to make up for the not-so-impressive-Christmas-lunch.
now, this is my festive meal😆
spicy fried chickens, mashed potato in minced beef gravy, and a mozza burger, all full of calories and high cholesterol.
heck first, guilt later!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Grandmama's @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Those who went to Pavilion Bukit Jalil on last month might be disappointed with the lack of eateries option. Besides a miserable food court, some bakeries and a Secret Recipe restaurant, the only proper dine in place would be Grandmama's.
The restaurant has other outlets in Pavilion KL, KLIA 1 and Genting SkyAvenue.
This newly opened one is their 4th outlet (i think)
Their menu is similar to Papparich, offering local dishes/rice/noodles, such as nasi lemak, curry noodles, asam laksa, char kuey teow, fried beef kuey teow, chicken rice etc...
After waited/queued for about 15 minutes outside the restaurant, i got an 'alfresco' table facing the corridor, which is still an indoor (inside the mall). Not far from my seat is the Secret Recipe and the food court located at opposite lots.
I ordered a bowl of curry noodles at RM16++...well, even the price is similar to Papparich!
Tastewise...ok la.... can't expect much from a franchise shop.
The meehoon is overcooked and kinda soggy but it was served hot. Too hot till burn the lips...even after 'blowing' it to cool down.
The ingredients are pretty u can see from below😀
There are around 3 pieces of prawns in it, fresh and bouncy ones!
Their sambal is superb with 'shrimpy' taste....i finished all the sambal.
for dessert....i had cendol (RM10.50++)
It was served in a average size but deep bowl. The portion is huge and can be shared by at least 2-3 persons.
The cendol came while i was eating my noodles half-way through....
noodles was still can have some cendol to cool down first.
Overall, it was a good & filling meal except that the meehoon was overcooked. Other than that, the taste all hit the right level. The total damage for this meal inclusive of service charge and service tax is RM30.75.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Food Merchant @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Had a short stroll at the Food Merchant after dinner. As it was nearing closing time, not many shoppers, so decided to check out the place.
Back then the Xmas decorations were still 'hanging around'...
The Vineyard section with all sorts of alcoholic drinks just a few steps away from the entrance. Well, it looks nice and festive to see these wines/champagne 'greeting' the shoppers at the entrance though i foresee some 'authority' might get them to move these to a more hidden area in the future. 
yea, quite a huge section of it
nice, right?
not far....there is a Japanese section with assorted sushi on sale...up to 30% discount coz it is nearing the closing time.
the promotion applies to onigiri too
basically the Food Merchant sells all sorts of food products imported from various countries. The place has various sections catered to different countries and this includes the Middle East.
You can find assorted Turkish delight and baklava too!
plenty of them
I'm kinda missing the Turkish delights...i remembered that it tastes super sweet. Bought a box many years ago which took me months to finish!
Unfortunately I have no idea if i had any baklava memory of Turkey is fading...LOL!
i will try these someday....just to revive abit of those memories😂

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Super Ramen @ Sri Petaling

Decided to try out this ramen shop in the neighborhood as it has been around for quite some time.
Refillable pork lard, chili oil and chili powder on each table. Yes, crunchy pork lard!
I ordered a tonkotsu ramen...It was served in thick broth with the usual stuffs like charsiu, soft boiled egg, black fungus, spring onions and seaweed.
Tastewise might not be up with those established ramen shop such as Bankara or Ippudo, somehow lacking 'umami-ness'. The charsiu can be more tender and the egg is overdone. Just something not done right here and there😒
For the price of RM30++ i would prefer eating conventional ramen at the more established ramen shops...coz this place serves mostly fusion/westernized ramen. Their popular item is 'King of Pork Chop Ramen' which comes with a tomahawk, which i yet to try.
On another day, i bought a polo bun from TK Bakery jst for sake of curiosity. Taste bland although the crust is similar to pineapple tart with a mix of bun texture.
Not the usual polo bun that is served in HK char chaan teng. Not goin to buy anymore.
Meanwhile on one of my working days in the office, i tapao nasi minyak with fried chicken from the nearby Malay stall.
Nasi minyak is usually served in Malay 'kenduri' and is cooked with spices. The rice has some raisins in it too.
After a long lockdown, i definitely miss 'kenduri' alot, especially the food!
This pack of rice costs RM5.50. Hopefully the stall will continue to sell it so that i can enjoy it on every week!😀

Monday, January 3, 2022

Christmas @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Pavilion Bukit Jalil was opened on 3rd Dec 2021, but i only went there 3 days after Christmas, to avoid the Christmas shoppers crowd.
It was a weekday Tuesday around 9-10pm, hence the place was quite empty. Good to snap pictures everywhere without being obstructed😀
there u go....
the dangling ornaments hung from the rooftop/ceiling
Here's the main entrance as viewed from the outside. 
 Just right in front of the entrance, there is a golden cock on a stash of golden coins surrounded by water fountain. Well, i believe this is for fengshui purpose.
Not far from the entrance, there's a gazebo-like structure known as 'The Park'....which could be an open area for events/mini concerts in the future.
now, let's get back to the main entrance...
it has huge red 'ribbon' and some decorative bulbs hanging from top...hence creating a glittering effect.
and here is the view facing out...there's a few blocks of shops/office blocks and apartments in this mixed development Bukit Jalil city.
Back to the entrance, there's a lane for going in/out with body temperature/My Sejahtera scanning
The decorations at the main concourse area is similar to KL Pavilion.
the staircase is decorated with Santa, snowman and lotsa mock presents
the view from the bottom
there is a mini carousel nearby the stage
this definitely lifts up the mood for Christmas...despite most of the shops were not opened yet.
There will be more shops and eateries opening on this year...Hopefully i can see a 'livelier' business in this mall in the upcoming months.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Christmas 2021

This year Christmas is much better & merrier than last year...
In the office, it started with gifts from some colleagues as far as from Isle of Man.
Received a very 'snowy' Christmas card from them....
I also received candies, chocolates and a puzzle (wrapped in red gift paper)
meanwhile I took a day leave on the eve to visit the malls.
As usual, my tradition would be to The Gardens & Mid Valley malls.
This year seems to be an 'animal theme' for The Gardens.
meanwhile in Mid Valley mall....plenty of Christmas trees, cottage houses and snowman.
As expected, there were lots of people thronged the Centre Court (ground floor) for wefie/selfie/photo.
I only took pic from the first floor to avoid the crowd down there.
in the 'less crowded' South Court....snowman and cottage house were seen too...
Went to AEON and found this special edition sushi set, priced at RM22.90.
Nope i did not buy.
Instead i bought this
and egg tarts (RM3 for 2 pieces prepacked in a box)
and pandan layer cake (for RM5.47 each box)
No log cake,  no long as got pandan layer cake i'm happy😀😄
both the egg tarts and pandan layer cake taste good, I will be buying them again next time.
HO HO HO!!!! 
*jingling bells

Festive Meals?

This was a Grab delivery arranged by the church for all members who joined their online Christmas Day celebration. Before the Zoom session e...