Friday, December 7, 2018

Summer Palace @ Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

This is the fourth time we dined in Marriott, Putrajaya.
Me & teammates have been to Zest, Tuscany, Midori and now the latest addition to our list: Summer Palace!
It is a classy Chinese restaurant that serves Cantonese style cuisines & dim sum.
 Yes, it was on company (team lunch) budget!
 we had our lunch on a quiet Tuesday noon....hence the restaurant was so empty
there were 13 of us and we booked the private room which fits us nicely and comfortably
the menu 
 this is supposed to be our 'sau gong jau', hence we had 'lou sang'
 it seems like too early for tossing yee sang, nevertheless we enjoyed it so much....
we had salmon and crispy fish skin yee sang....and finished the whole plate clean!
here's the crab meat soup
 roasted chicken with sauce
 steamed fish in soy sauce
 braised shitake mushroom, broccoli and fish maw
overview of the colourful dishes
 and for desserts - we had chilled lemon, longan and sea coconut sweet soup
 and osmanthus jelly with red bean pancake
This lunch is around RM139 per pax inclusive of services charges and tax.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Genting Members' Night

Over the years, I occasionally got 'invited' from Genting to join their members' night.
It is some sort of Chinese banquet meal with performances for 68GP (somewhere there, can't remember!)
It was a Mid-Autumn Festival then, so I thought of taking leave to feast at hilltop :-)
there goes our food
Starter - just like any Chinese banquet dinner, mostly are fried finger foods such as prawn fritter,  assorted fish/seafood ball/meatball....and some cold jelly fish salad,
with some auspicious name given to this dish
this is NOT shark-fin soup
roasted chicken with prawn crackers
thai style steamed fish
and the star of the day - abalone!
glutinous rice wrapped in leaves
just so-so only!
and desserts - mooncakes for Mid-Autumn festival!
ermmm….can't remember what is this, something with melon (aih, my memory failed!)
on my plate: abalone, the tiny weeny size....served with mushrooms, bok choy, beancurd skin
the 'leng luis' (pretties) dancing on the stage
 The event ended at 9:30pm+
After then, went to casino to gamble look at people gamble
and then back to room zZZZzzz.
Nope, not Maxims, Genting Grand nor Crockfords, just the usual Resort Hotel (3-star)
 but the view is incredible
the hills are 'alive'
the next day, had this curry noodles in the foodcourt
and roasted pork rice also from the foodcourt…
sharing the meal with my mum
and well, took the cable car down the hill...
this is the older cable no longer in operation.
(*ah.....forgot to tell u that these are old photo back in 2016!)
I kinda miss the old cable car
the route taken to mid-hill is longer but u get to enjoy the greeneries
and the colorful gondolas roof!
this was my final 'old' cable car ride before it ceased operation the following year.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Birthday Cake for Dec 'Babies'

2/3 of my team have birthday in Dec, hence we celebrated it 'one shot' with a cake...
This chocolate cake was a treat from my team leader. I only had a small piece of it after cutting the cake and distributing them to all team members, nevertheless I enjoyed it very much, coz seldom I get to blow off candles with my colleagues.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Nando's @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Again, back in the year end of 2016, we had series of makan-makan to finish off our budget allocation.
 And we went to Nando's
they have dining tables of various sizes and shapes - oval, round, square, suit the group/individual dinings
And at one pillar, the Peri-peri sauces all arranged neatly for customers to add-on to their meal, ranging from herbs to extremely hot....
our drinks....
Designer drinks....Citrus Iced Tea, Tropical Fruitea, Sparkling Apple (can't remember which is which!)
and here is my order - Espetada (tender marinated chicken thighs and fresh peppers, served on a skewer)
Taste good, I had the mild flavor but add-on with some Peri-peri sauces from the bottles.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bon-Ga Korean BBQ

This was what I had on 2016 X'mas eve....@ the neighborhood Bon-Ga restaurant
This outlet has closed and been replaced with 'Midam Korean Restaurant'. *I have yet to try Midam.
The pork belly was just so-so, kinda dry and hard...there were 9 banchans, mostly leafy greens & kimchis.
The barbequeing was all done in the kitchen, hence I dun get the smoky odour after meal.
Although the outlet is gone, the one in Solaris is still around. 
Maybe I should try out Midam one day.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

'Office' Dinner

Some time ago, we had trainings that spanned until 8pm. The HR was so kind enough to buy us dinner for the 2 consecutive evenings.
All we need to do was to place our orders the day before.
I had Teriyaki Chicken rice for Day 1
and for Day 2, i had 'Spring Blossom Braised Chicken Mushroom Sea Cucumber' rice. 
it has springy gelatinous sea cucumber which pairs well with fish maw, braised chicken and Shitake mushroom.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Songkran Festival - Thai Food Feast

This was back in April (more than half year ago!) & sis registered for the Thai food feast in conjuction with the Songkran festival at Genting...
Despite being to Genting numerous times, i wasn't aware of this durian stall until my sis brought me here...
not for the Musang King
but instead for the durian ice-cream!
*we wanna save our stomach for the feast later on
yea, the menu board shows RM7 for this ice cream but i bought using, there goes my 7GPs
When evening falls, we joined the buffet dinner at the showroom nearby the old casino...
There were plentiful of Thai food such as Thai fishcake, fried tofu
fried 'dunno what' wrapped in pandan leaves
papaya salad
all sorts of condiments to go with pad thai and thai fried rice
Thai green curry chicken
and this one tastes like rendang chicken, but it is called Thai curry
There were also entertainment on the stage with Thai singers rendering melodious English and Thai songs.
and some models parading the stage
Well, that was our Thai feast with abundance food and entertainment. Stayed overnight at Genting Grand and took the 'not-so-new-anymore' cable car ride downhill the following day.

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