Thursday, June 1, 2023

Tiny Hotel Room

continuation from the previous post...
For the next few days, I was in a 9-6 office job, something which i dreaded last time, but somehow when in a different environment now, i felt so excited to go to the office.
I gotta enjoy my breakfast of imported HK Vitasoy😀when reaching office. It tastes 'not so sweet'...LOL *Unlike our locally made soy milk drink, ours 'not so sweet' still tastes sweet 😂
I also had Milo and Mini Coke Zero Sugar (which is imported from Indonesia). I prefer this portion of Coke as i don't feel bloated after drinking. The usual size is too much for me.
I walked back to the hotel around 6 plus, nice weather and sunset view.
My journey from the office at Robinson77 towards the South Bridge road (nearby Chinatown area) took around 15 minutes.
My hotel room is a tiny room with a single bed in Southbridge Hotel.
I did not book this place. My boss did.
Other than the tiny space, I have no qualm with the room. It is clean and decent room. The toilet is new and well kept, not those shabby ones.
As it is located above a pub/bistro which have a live band till midnite, there would be some noise from downstair (but it is still tolerable)
I told my boss to get a proper hotel room next time😅

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Hustling Bustling in Central Business District, Singapore

[Below] The busy Amoy Street where the office workers go for their lunch at the nearby Amoy food court. This part of Singapore city consists of colonial style old shop lots and modern skyscrapers.
Adapting to the lifestyle of an office worker, blending into the busy crowd on a Monday noon.
After WFH & hybrid for almost 3 years, getting back into a busy city lifestyle is definitely an eye-opener...Thankfully it was only for 3 days, before i m back to my own nest (WFH) again.
I passed-by plenty of skyscrapers on my way to the foodcourt to grab a lunch.
Robinson road & its nearby landmark, it has been quite some time since my last visit😅. Back then, I was still an undergrad catching train (back to KL) from the nearby Tanjong Pagar railway station.
It was stuffy and hot at the food court, so i decided to tapao and had my lunch in the office pantry.
Tapao-ed the fried radish cake (with lighter colour, not the dark one). 
I remembered the darker one tastes slightly sweet.
It costs SGD4 per pack. It used to be SGD2 many years ago. Inflation!
The office in SG is superb, top notch facilities. Even the fridge has a variety of drinks for the staff to enjoy - Ribena, Milo, Vitasoy, Coke (original & zero sugar), 100 Plus, kurma milk, beers (it has Asahi beer!), some bottled herbal drinks, wines...etc
I'm so spoilt for choice...

Monday, May 29, 2023

Uncle Chong Local Delights Bukit Jalil

The last time I went to Uncle Chong was during the lockdown, back in year 2020. There was a short period where we can dine-in with strict restriction (and social distancing). Back then, the shop was located a few doors away from this newly refurbished shop.
This new shop looks bright and clean. Definitely a place for a sit-down yumcha for youngsters and even the elderlies.
I was there (on Wesak public holiday) to try out their promo curry noodles...which is priced at RM5.99 nett.
The curry noodles have cockles by default. If i knew this earlier, i should have put a remark for them to omit the cockles. Other ingredients are chicken thigh, taupok, long bean, brinjal, beansprout and mint leaves. The curry is not spicy at all, but has strong santan taste (which i dislike). Nevertheless i finished everything, leaving only the cockles (and soup of course).
This outlet opens until 5pm. Last order at 4:30pm.
Later in the evening, I ordered something unusual at Starbucks Mid Valley.
Instead of ordering coffee, i had their hot meal...
Utilizing my Starbucks card (worth RM30) before it is forgotten too😀
I had rice with ayam percik and masak lemak gravy.
I also ordered the curry puff ala-carte.
These 2 items cost around RM27++
Both taste good. Cosy ambience in Starbucks too.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Lamei Mala Hotpot @ Pavillion Bukit Jalil

First time trying La Mei hotpot. It has outlets in Sunway Pyramid and Plaza Arkadia, but the nearest to my place is Pavillion BJ.
Went there around 7pm on a Friday, there were still ample seats available.
Me & my colleague ordered these:
Ordered 3 types of soups - the mala tang, beauty soup and pork bone soup. 
I like the taste of the beauty soup the most. 
The pork bone soup tastes peppery, more like msg soup.
Mala tang is definitely a no-no for me.
Food for 2. Yes, we are big eaters.
Not sure about the price, coz not me paying😀
[Below] A treat for myself. Bought a new handbag and a wristlet from Parkson BJ.
It's time to get a new one for both as my existing ones are in bad shape.
Meanwhile did some grocery/food shopping in AEON Mid Valley to utilise my vouchers (which I got on last year). Better use now before forgotten (and voucher expires)
Bought some sushi, and also the following pastries:
German egg tarts (RM8.90)
Currypuffs (RM5)
Mushroom pies (RM6)
Tastewise ordinary and nothing special. I like the German egg tarts the most.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Raya Open House 2023

I was invited by a colleague to visit her house during the Syawal month. The Muslim celebrates the Eid during the entire Syawal, hence she organised an open house on the 29th April, which is a Saturday.
It was a gathering of the ex and current colleagues at her house. Such a merry situation.
Upon arriving, we were greeted with a huge variety of kuih raya, snacks and cookies at the living room. I like the rempeyek the most.
We later adjourned for our lunch at the nearby dining table. She cooked 3 types of food - Laksa Johor, Nasi Tomato and Pulut Kuning. The dishes were ready on the table even before we arrived.
The ayam masak merah to be eaten with nasi tomato.
[Below] Papadam (crackers) and jelatah (cucumber, pineapple salad) for the nasi tomato.
Here is what it looks like after 'assembling' the nasi tomato with the chicken and the 'condiments'.
Next, is the Laksa Johor.
A tray with the ingredients were ready for us to pick. Just pick everything and dump onto the plate.
Here's my plate of Laksa Johor.
It was a great meal, I enjoyed all the foods as she is an excellent cook.
Hopefully I will get invited to her house again on next year😀

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Resort Hotel @ Genting Highlands

A short getaway on last month, to utilise my free room for the month.
This time, I tried another hotel - the Resort Hotel. Since last year, I have stayed in First World hotel, Highlands hotel and Crockfords. So, only left with G.Grand and Resort hotels😀
Some decorative at the lobby....i have no idea what are these!
The room is quite spacious, this is what u'll see from the entrance.
2 single beds. The single bed is large enough to fit in 2 small size person. The room is bright and airy.
Some wall artistic like those paintings in an art gallery.
[Below] The view from another angle.
The shower room in the toilet, spacious too.
The room has all the amenities & toiletries of a typical hotel room, hence I only need to pack my clothes😁
Short stay but an enjoyable one, with comfy bed in a spacious room. Looking forward for another getaway so that i can stay in this hotel again.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

FUHU Pop-Up Dining by Zouk

A new 'atas' eatery has opened. It is located in the Crockford hotel adjoining the SkyAvenue casino. This eatery serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.
The menu is fixed with 3-4 options of items to choose from for every meal.
[Below] The quiet ambience during the late nite supper.
Here are some of the dishes served:
Mutton curry rice with papadam and acar. The mutton wasn't spicy but is flavorful (from spice). Very appetising to eat with rice and the portion is generous too😀
On another day,  I had some sort of braised chicken with sea cucumber.
For supper, they have congee and siu mai, served with puer tea.
The siu mai is drenched in chili oil😋
I made a tour to this 'atas' toilet in Crockfords club. Spacious and shiny.
Unfortunately the toilet bowl is not made of gold😂

Tiny Hotel Room

continuation from the previous post... For the next few days, I was in a 9-6 office job, something which i dreaded last time, but somehow wh...