Wednesday, March 31, 2021

McD Spicy Beef Burger

Back to the fast food 'drive-thru takeaway' on my usual workday dinner.
Since i conveniently passed by McD on my way back, i decided to try out the Spicy Beef Burger.
Ordered an ala carte Spicy Beef Burger + 'mix & match set'.
The ala carte burger costs around RM10...kinda pricey but just for the sake of trying out of curiosity.
Meanwhile my choice for  'mix & match set' is usually Cheeseburger with fries...for RM6 nett only.
The sauces in the Spicy Beef Burger...looks like mayo with curry powder to me...
But are these spicy tomato sauce?
As described in McD website:
"Meet the hotter, spicier versions of your favourite McDonald’s beef burgers. Perfectly juicy beef patties complemented by a spicy tomato sauce."
the burger size is equivalent to Quarter Pounder size
I had this for dinner and kept the cheeseburger for another day.
The burger is not overly spicy, just a mild one...but i think an ordinary chili sauce would do just fine.
I prefer the normal beef burger and adjust the spiciness with chili sauce.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Hwa Tai Luxury Biscuit - Cereal with Chia Seed

Tried this biscuit for the first time.
The front/back view - The chia seeds are visible on the surface.
Side view - Thin slice
Tastewise - like plain crackers, with slight cereal taste. 
Overall OK, acceptable taste.
On some other day, my tapao food during WFH is nonetheless my fav chicken/porky rice....
Here's a trio combo consists of chicken breast, char siu (BBQ pork) and siu yuk (roasted pork). 
Originally this is just a chicken rice pack.
The porks are 'contributed' from other packs which my parent had.
I would usually have 2 packs of chili dip for extra umphhh! 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Family Dinner Dine Out during CMCO

Now that there is no longer headcount restriction per table, we can finally have family dine-out dinner.
Back to our regular 'makan' place - Tasty Wok restaurant
We ordered:
Soupy Lala
Kung Pao Chicken
Assam Steamed Fish
This wasn't our order - Salted Fish Kangkong (we returned it to the kitchen untouched)
Claypot Tofu
Stir-fried Green Amaranth
Decent dishes with mild flavoring, nothing to shout about....enuff to fill our hungry stomach and 'satisfy' our 'dine out craving'.
Here's the receipt. Reasonable price and prompt service.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Random Updates

Been back to the office on alternate days. Things picking up with lotsa project underway...The team is hiring another 2 resources, hopefully they can last long this time😉's what i would normally have on a weekday WFH lunch.
Simple instant noodles with leftover spam, siu mai, veggie, beancurd sheet...
The smaller bowl is mine (Maggi tom yam) whereas the bigger bowl is clear soup with 'Urai' brand egg noodles. The clear soup one is definitely not mine coz i prefer flavoured soup.
my el-cheapo lunch at home
the plain looking noodles 
meanwhile at office, i would usually tapao from the nearby Malay stall.
I took blue rice (from Nasi Kerabu) but omit the Nasi Kerabu ingredients. I had dishes instead.
The dishes below are rendang chicken drumstick, omelette and peanuts...RM6 for this pack of rice. Another el-cheapo lunch!
Someone brought 'keropok' to the office....YAY! got treat!
i miss this so so so much!
It reminds me of the prawn crackers i had during CNY....I unashamedly opened a bottle of Coke from the office pantry to enjoy with this crackers....*feels like CNY!
huge piece of keropok (my hand as size comparison)
Do u like keropok?

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

House Viewing

Went for a house viewing to 'kepoh'...
Someone just got the keys to the new apartment and i was tagging along to 'look see look see'.
Rainy days when we went there.
Impressive interior in the building. The lift lobby looks like some sort of hotel lift lobby!
very artistic ceiling lightings....and new furnitures/sofas at the lounge...
Though i foresee these will spoil after a while.
while these are still new & glorious looking, just took a picture for 'remembrance'
The pool at recreational area. It is still closed due to CMCO
Ping pong room
BBQ area with table and chairs
the BBQ pit is next to the sink. Quite convenient!
Giant chess board
Infinity pool with bridge
Hanging swing..
The white sphere is so out of place and i have no idea what's that for.
There are also indoor gym, children's playground, sauna and karaoke room (did not manage to snap picture)...Very much like hotel's amenities, so convenient as one could simply enjoy/leisure within the building without having to drive out.
But all these amenities don't come cheap. The monthly maintenance fee costs a bomb!
Would you prefer an apartment with lotsa leisure amenities or just simple/practical ones which is much cheaper?

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

First Dine-Out during CMCO

Currently finishing the last can of CNY kuih kapit....crunch crunch~~~
During some conversation with colleagues, we found that some people address this with different names....and upon googling, the origin of this kuih kapit is explained.
I always thought that kuih kapit is originated from China since it is a CNY snack...but is from Indonesia with Dutch influence.
Went to claim a free BR ice-cream at the neighbourhood outlet. The ice-cream is complimentary when i installed their app.
Also had my first dine-out (during CMCO) at 126 mixed rice shop. It has been more than a year since i last dined at this shop. There are TV screens attached at the dining area wall. The TV repeatedly run the program that features the food preparation quality assurance and all other outlets that are located around KL, PJ, Ipoh, Kampar, and other parts of Malaysia. So, confirmed that this 126 is related to 134 mixed rice in Taman Megah.
The greedy me took 3 non-meat dishes & 1 chicken dish.
The dishes are: Stewed cloud ear fungus (which is from the Hakka stewed namyue pork dish, without taking the pork), sauteed long beans, beancurd sheet with goji berries and 2 pieces of marmite chicken.
the plate of rice comes with free-flow of soup and Chinese tea (at self-service counter)
my hearty meal that costs only RM7.20
Was full to the brim after finishing the rice...I didn't even manage to finish the tea.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Back to the office...

On CNY chor-14, we had a farewell for a teammate who is leaving on Feb month-end. Our team leader took this opportunity to also had a lousang together since it was still CNY.
We ordered Domino's pizza, brought yee sang, cheesecake and agar-agar....jst a simple celebration for 7 pax.
Domino's pizza - 2 large size @ RM55.90 nett
Pandan Gula Melaka Burnt Cheesecake from Runners Cafe, Bukit Jalil
(not sure of the actual price since i wasn't the one paying...but they have promotional price for cheesecakes starting from RM55 onwards)
smoked salmon 'yee sang' from Village Grocer - it comes with a wedge of pomelo packed separately.
The ingredients are fresh and crunchy!
our feasting table....
didn't expect to have a chance to lousang this year due to the MCO...nevertheless it was a last-minute plan...
and my one and only lousang of the year...
let's toss the yeesang...
may all be blessed with health, wealth and happiness!
My HOD and manager paid for this lunch...we enjoyed the free lunch😀
It's good to be back in the office after 2 months plus....
the office is still quite empty as many still WFH...
meanwhile I will be back to the office occasionally only when required...

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