Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shanghai, Day 4 - Part 1 (Tianzifang)

Day 4 was meant to be a leisure day, meaning, rather than travelling out of the city, we spent most time around Shanghai for shopping and....body massage.
Morning was spent at this maze-looking place called Tianzifang. 
why is it called 'maze'? just look at the below map...even by looking at it I will still got lost in between the small alleys and dead end blocks. Anyhow, I just "go with the flow" and let myself lost in the maze while doing my souvenirs shopping.
eventually there is a simpler version, but when u r being thrown into the 'maze field' with distraction (I mean attractive goods to-look-at), u will end up not bothering looking into it anymore.
along some corners there are alfresco-like dining place...this place must be very happening durin' the evening (at least I thought so!)
it was morning then, thus most of the restaurant or even shops yet to open...
Tianzifang is an arts and crafts enclave that has developed from a renovated residential area in the French Concession area of Shanghai...u will be surrounded by "Shikumens" (Shanghainese old houses)...some are still occupied, but many has transformed into shops and restaurants.
i managed to get my souvenirs shopping done...and with ample time left, i ventured into the morning market located nearby.
Saw plenty of foods being sold for breakfast, such as sausage buns, spring rolls, fresh Pao's.
all looking very nice and delicious.
prices were reasonable too...
the morning market has all sorts of veggies, melons, beans etc in giant size (or slightly bigger size than ours).
the pricelist board hung at one corner, in case u r curious of the price.
it is an indoor market...it has shops selling various dried items, spices and herbs too.
tucked in one corner...where u'l find all sorts of ingredients for cooking.
being a lil' adventurous i ventured further from the area and went into some shoplots, as there was still much time before the group assemble at waiting point.
went up to a clothes boutique shop and browsed around...
still got time...i went across the street...
and observed people's daily life...haha...am being "kepochi" now.
yea, i enjoyed people-watching....
then some familiar aromas came from this shop...reminds me of some dim sum stalls
ahh....i like the hot and warm buns aroma.
Assorted Pao's available here...but i didn't buy (coz knowing lunch later will be another sumptuous meal)...
sniffing it is as satisfying enuff ;-)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Don't know what to do with these World Cup chickie?!

these are what we collected during the last World cup (months ago) - yeapzz...it's softtoys!!!
There are about 10 softtoys sitting at home (slightly or more, lost count) collected during the World Cup craze.
While we have gave out a few, we retain the Champion - Germany!
and the 2nd runner up (aka the "winner" of the Final's loser match - is tis the correct word???) - the Netherlands
there were a few remaining, having no idea on how to 'utilize' them, we put them for a group shot.
here's the sexy butts!
head-to-head photo shot 
perhaps 'hand-in-hand'?
 or 'back-to-back'
ok...enuff of my nonsense posts...
till then Adieu!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shanghai, Day 3 - Part 4 (Dinner & Xintiandi)

Dinner was at a restaurant specializes in Szechuan cuisine. The place is "interiorly decorated" with anything red & oriental as if in CNY.
there's a conventional soy bean grinder at the entrance....but unfortunately this place dun serve any soy bean milk or taufufa (beancurd pudding).
the place is almost fully built in wood, even the staircase!
wooden pillars with red curtains...
we went up the stairs to the first floor where the dining hall is located.
we were there right on time before the show starts...guess what show is it??
I was seated at front (first row) hence got a good view of the performers...
the foods were served simultaneously throughout the show.
The first dish was glutinous rice with crispy roasted duck skin. It was filling and the skin was indeed crispy...though I prefer to have some duck meat as well ;-)
Dish 2: Buns with spicy minced meat...The minced meat cooked with a handful of cili padi!
Warning: Need some careful filtering before consumption.
Dish 3: can't remember...I think it is pork slices with some garnishing
Dish 4: Tomato soup.
Dish 5: Steamed fish in soy sauce.
Dish 6: Stir fried veggie.
Dish 7: Stone-grilled prawns.
a closer view...u can see that they served the stones on the tray as well...
Dish 8: This is not supposed to be a dish but more of a dessert...this is sort of sticky glutinous flour coated in grinded peanut powder..Yea, it was sweet like "tong yuen". I don't get it why they served sweet stuffs in the middle of the meal!
Dish 9: Fried glass noodles...it was good...the glass noodles absorbed the shrimp paste flavour...and tasted like dry "mee udang"...The crab shell is for decorative purpose though...there wasn't a single slice of crab meat found!
Dish 10: Steamed egg (flooded in soy sauce)...the steamed egg itself is waterish...and when I poured in the soy sauce, it looks like as though the bowl is flooded with soy sauce but it was actually the steamed water mixed with soy sauce.
dinner was so-so...not impressive but enuff to fill our stomach after a long walk.
We left the place at 7pm and have another 2.5-hour bus ride back to Shanghai...
Reached the city at almost 10, and we were brought to this popular clubbing spot....situated in between the malls.
yea, it is Xintiandi
used to be old Shikumen (Shanghainese townhouse/terrace house of 20th century), this place has been re-developed into an entertainment hub, with bistro and pubs along the pathways.
there's nothing much to see as the malls are closed by 10...hence we lingered awhile on the cold streets around Xintiandi before deciding on whether to go clubbing or back to the hotel...
I went into the alleys and back to the main street....nothing much to see....coz people were merely here for a drink, this place is sort of Changkat Bukit Bintang, Clarke Quay or Lan Kwai Fong...perhaps a toned down one.
lol, but I was expecting some wild shows....hmmm...like pole dancing (as in Patpong, Bangkok)...or strip dance...hahaha!
so, I decided to go back to hotel and have my own sweet time of pampering myself...*while my roomie is out clubbing, I owned the room to myself!
yea, and did my own strip dance in the bathtub...with open window blinds...no one is looking anyway!
alrite..just kidding...I dun do strip dance...
and with some time left, I went to "kacau" the cute girls bunnies and chicks!
yea, I mean the real bunnies (rabbit) and chicks...
These cute animals were at the hotel lobby for display as it was nearing Easter day soon. And lucky them...they got to feast on cucumbers, carrots, leafy greens the entire day! Hope that they dun over-eat!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Quiet Friday Evening @ Kenny Rogers

Quiet Friday evening at Kenny Rogers outlet....
(*this was 2 weeks back)
seems like this whole place belongs to me coz most tables were unoccupied...
so peaceful and relaxing after a hectic working day. Liked the ambience and the solitariness.
had a quarter roaster meal, and then discovered that their selection of sweet indulgence is really tempting...but I was full then...so perhaps next time ;-)
with a few more restaurant & cafes such as Subway, Secret Recipe, Papparich, Starbucks etc, I guess this place would be my target dining spot for the time being...
in case you are wondering where this place is...
well, this is Wisma Scope International, next to the KL-Seremban highway.
Have a Nice Weekend ;-)
Here's this week "Friday entertainment", dedicated to u all!

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