Monday, September 15, 2014

Hangzhou, Day 3 - Part 3 (Lei Feng Pagoda & West Lake)

After all the porky & meaty dish, it's time to burn the calories...Yes, we were brought to climb the stairs...
up to the top of the Pagoda!
we are kinda lazy bum...but reluctantly we got our ass out from the comfortable bus and started to climb the stairs...Luckily halfway thru there is an escalator (if u look carefully into the picture u'll see the escalator is tucked in the centre, between the stairs).
The bright flower greeted us at the Pagoda entrance. I climbed up the stairs and soon after reached to the top floor. It was windy. People were up there to enjoy the breeze and the view.
here's one lake view from atop pagoda.
the middle floors of the pagoda are some exhibition halls that display the famous legend of the white snake & some artefacts.
After lingering at the pagoda for some time, we went down and headed for a boat ride across the West Lake. Nope, we are not boarding our boat from this dock. There is another dock situated some few miles from here...and worse thing, we gotta walk towards there to get to our boat.
Our walking journey took more than half an hour. Along the way, I captured some nice sceneries.
The above & below pics are a few nice view of the lakeside.
more blossoming flowers along the way while walking to our boat.
another serene awesome!
finally we were on the boat that sails across this famous Hangzhou West Lake.
a single boat can accommodate around 20 person.
if u like nature, u will get to enjoy the view much, otherwise it is pretty boring.
around the lake u'll get to see the pagoda, some Chinese structures, greeneries and all that...
nothing much to describe here, just sit back and enjoy the peaceful lake view ;-)
upon alighting from the boat, we still have another walking journey back to our tour bus. This trip involves alot of walking!
Pleasant view throughout the journey but was tired of walking (coz long time no exercise!). Luckily we have 2 hours of rest in the bus while on our way back to Shanghai ;-)


RealGunners said...

That boat looks awesome! And I love all the scenery and flowery pics. What I don't love is the escalator. Alamak, the pagoda is built on the hill with lots of stairs so that the visitors can go through an "ordeal" to get to the top, some sort of a spiritual path to enlightment. Tourism spoilt that experience it seems :(

mun said...

Nice scenery! Do you enjoy nature? The boat that can accommodate 20 persons look so pretty. Last time I took a small sampan (5 persons) with no life jacket and I can't even swim. Luckily no accident.

Princess Ribbon said...

Those beautiful and colorful flowers attracted me the most, like postcard pictures, haha..

Nux V said...

RealGunners: haha...there is also elevator in the pagoda itself! the entire pagoda has been rebuilt and therefore the interiors are modern.

Mun: wah no life jacket...sweat!

Princess Ribbon: yea, I like the colourful flowers and took plenty pictures of them.

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