Thursday, November 28, 2019

Butter Milk Chicken

Had this in the 'Food Junction' foodcourt @ IOI City Mall.
I ordered the Butter Milk Chicken set @RM12.30 from one of the stalls there. This stall offers other Thai dishes such as green curry chicken, tomyum fried rice etc...both ala carte and in set.
The set meal comes with the main dish (butter milk chicken), kangkong belacan, omelette, rice (hidden beneath the omelette) and a bowl of tomyum soup.
This chicken dish is slightly sweet for my tastebud, as I felt like eating cookie rather than chicken. I think I would just stick back to having green curry chicken or some savoury dishes next time.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Pongteh Chicken & Roti Canai

Went out for lunch with colleagues at the Peranakan Place @ IOI City Mall. We had a visitor from Geneva and thought it would be nice to introduce him to some local food. Well, this might not be an ideal place for a 'local' food but that's the nearest we could bring him within our one hour lunch.
I had chicken pongteh set which comes with drinks (either rose syrup, jasmine tea or cincau) at RM18.45 nett
 the set consists of a side dish (juhuchar), a half-portion of hard boiled egg, peanuts, anchorvies and sambal. Tastewise average only.
On the following day, I was 'broke', hence I only had a cheapo RM2 roti canai lunch with dhall curry.
It was good, and can fill up my hungry tummy until dinner.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Childhood stuffs...

I'm fond of Mamee snacks and used to 'secretly' buy it from the junkfood peddler outside the school. Back then it was only 20 to 30 cents and my fav is always the original flavor. Recently Mamee introduced a limited edition which is the super spicy 'eat at your own risk' version. The packet itself looks 'frightening' as if the snack is poisonous.
The noodle is in black with chili powder sprinkled all over it
It wasn't spicy when i first started it, but as i munched on, it got stronger that got me into tears...Such a torturous snack! Anyway, I did not buy this, it was given by a colleague who is so fanatic on this limited edition - she bought 3 bags (with 6 packets in each bag)!!
On another note, there is some sort of Family Day planned for us, but it got 'cancelled', hence all the soft toys bought for this event has now abandoned in the office leisure area. Well, these are cuddly soft toys, so whenever we are stressed (with work) just go there to cuddle any of them (unfortunately we can't remove the plastic wrapper)~~
So, which is ur fav?

Monday, November 25, 2019


When everyone went online shopping during the 11.11 sale (on 11 November), I was enjoyin' my KFC set meal at RM11. After all, when else could u get such a cheap KFC deal?
I told my family members on this and ended up all of us had this set meal for dinner, eating the same thing but at different KFC outlets (in PJ, Sunway and Sri Petaling). Whereas I got mine in Serdang Besraya Highway...
I got myself fried chicken thigh of both original and spicy flavor.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Night Photography

Went for a jalan-jalan after meals and 'captured' whatever that is interesting.
The below was taken at 'Ming Ren' restaurant...nice porcelain display with all sorts of shapes...I wish I could have such collection at home...*dream on
Another 'collection' I wish to have is...ahemmmm…..
nice eh?
*slap myself for daydreaming here
 Anyway, it was already night time when I took those let me just dream on....
It was cooling to walk around Genting at night...I took a picture of Maxims (since I was staying here) for remembrance....lolx
 The lift lobby.....
it looks like YG Entertainment dance studio from this angle...
in case u r wondering how that 'dance studio' looks's a preview of it:

ok, back to the Maxims hotel....let me showcase u this ultra modern corridor that have never fail to capture my attention!
nice kan???
and well....back to the room to continue with my dreamzzz…..

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Train to Busan Horror House

Got myself a combo ticket which includes a 'boarding pass' to the horror house...
The Express Pass consists of  a ticket for Single Admission + Free digital picture + 360 VR Game + 'Train to Busan' movie at Bona Cinema Genting 
 The horror house was, well, I mean there were lotsa zombies trying to 'surprise' u, but that's all....
Anyway, no camera nor 'weapon'/'mask'/'costume' is allowed when entering the house, so just drop off ur ideas of wanting to revenge these zombies.
As for the 360 VR Game, it was thrilling coz i get to 'experience' killing zombies in a virtual environment. I 'died' quite fast.
After all, this was my first time with VR game.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Late Night Entertainment

After the Richie Jen's concert, I went for my 'second round' at Genting Club...
The night was still young, so why not?
 ogling at some ladies with scantily clad clothes performing some erotic dance moves
 look at me sexy babe!
I wish to have ur sexy body~~~lolx! 
 the dance was just a brief 10-15 minutes, and after then it continues with some band belting out Chinese and English songs
kinda happening on a Friday night!

Friday, November 15, 2019

I don't fork out a single cent for these noodles....

It was a cashless transaction, as I paid using GP (Genting Points). I had this curry noodles in 'Hou Mei' restaurant which is located inside the Sky Casino, so basically u must be eligible to enter the casino in order to dine here, lolx!
 This used to be a full giant bowl which can feed 2-3 small eaters, but now it has shrunk to half giant bowl which I can chow down in no sap sui la! (easy peasy!)
 the ingredients are still the same...with lotsa taupok, prawns, chicken chunks, some long beans, fishcake but no cockles...which is okay...coz I dislike cockles ;-)
It was delicious with bouncy wanton noodles soaked in thick curry gravy....yumzzzz….
On another note, there was a 'campaign' goin on where if the member earns 5GP, they would be entitled a free meal (at selected restaurants).
Hence I had this wanton noodles at 'Good Friends Express' the following day...lolx
 It was so convenient coz this place is just situated within the same building of the hotel that i'm staying...
there goes my lazy brunch....

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Richie Jen Live @ Arena of Stars

Part of the reason I went uphill is to attend this concert. The ticket is slightly cheaper on Friday (compared to the Saturday show).
This Taiwanese singer has been active in the entertainment industry for quite some time since my schooling days. He's still very popular in Malaysia especially after filming the movie 'Summer Holiday' in Redang island way back in the year 2000...
The concert started at 8:30pm sharp. I reached at 8:15pm and it was almost full-house then.
Halfway thru...
He belted out some popular songs such as 春天花會開 (Flowers bloom in spring), 心太軟 (Too softhearted) and duet with Ah Niu on 對面的女孩看過來 (Look over here, girl)
The show ended after 2 hours, yes, sharp on the dot!
 Anyway, here's a song dedicated to you. Hope u enjoy it!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Meals @ Genting Club

The club cafeteria offers a menu with 4 choices of set meal that changes every 3 days. The set meal comes with a choice of western or eastern style soup.
I tried both the broccoli soup and the ABC soup on the first day.
Broccoli soup
ABC soup
As for the main course, we had:
Grilled pork belly and bacon rice
 Salted egg yolk chicken chop rice
  Seafood fried rice
 The menu changed on my second day visit, hence I got the chance to tried on other items
I had chickpea soup
 and black pepper chicken chop rice

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Christmas Decoration @ SkyAvenue, Genting

Took a day 'off' on last Friday to....ahemmm….clear my mind after some hectic weeks.
Where to?
my usual hangout place that is not far from KL...
Was delighted to see that the Christmas decorations have been set up on the centre stage.
 woo-hooo…...i'm in a joyous mood! (*year end syndrome kickin' in)
it sure looks so festive up there
despite the decorative not fully 'up' yet.... Some were still in progress...
Meanwhile, weather was gloomy but cooling, and visibility was clear as I can see KLCC from there.
I can't stop enjoying the 'clouds'
 as well as lazying on the comfy bed....ZzZZzzz
it has been some time since I last stayed in Maxims
 the room is facing the colourful First World Hotel....ok la, not bad for a view!

Monday, November 11, 2019

My Weekday Lunch/Dinner

The below are my weekday lunch/dinner which I had on different days...usually my meal doesn't exceed RM10 unless for some 'special occasion'.
Nasi kandar at Maulana (RM 9.50) which consists of chicken korma, deep fried bittergourd, omelette and lotsa curry gravy to soak the rice ;-)
 Minced pork porridge (RM4) with braised peanuts (RM2) from Yee Kee Porridge shop.
 My usual late dinner at KFC. I had this 'super jimat' set for RM9.50 which consists of fried chicken, cheese wedges, fries and Pepsi.
 and last but not least, my comfort food of sweet and sour chicken rice (RM6.50) at a café nearby the office.
 u can't go wrong with this dish!

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...