Thursday, April 30, 2020

TK Bakery

Went for my 2nd outing on Day40 of MCO.
As usual I did some grocery shopping and bought more cakes and bread...LOLX!
It was a weekend hence there's a queue outside the shop.
 There are several pre-requisites before entering the shop (as shown in the 'announcement' below). Among them are:
 allows only 3 customers at one time.
customer is required to put on a face mask.
each person is allowed for a max 15 minutes inside the premise.
 the revised business hour is also written at the entrance
from 8am till 6pm daily
so many notices pasted at the entrance door...The hand sanitizer is also placed there.
A staff is stationed at the entrance to 'jaga pintu'. She only allows customer to get in after someone came out. The 'penjaga pintu' will also check our temperature and spray the hand sanitizer before we enter the shop. 
 Here's what I bought:
Walnut chocolate chip cake @ RM14.80
Egg tarts @ RM2.20 each
Pandan kaya cake @ RM11.80
 This cake is stored in the fridge and is best eaten cold. The green pandan layer at the top can easily melt, hence it is protected by a piece of thin plastic sheet (to prevent it from sticking onto the box lid).
I like both the walnut choco chip and pandan kaya cakes.
The walnut cake is as good as the one in Lavender, which is sold at RM19.90, with bigger size (roundish shape but with lesser walnuts).
I will definitely buy walnut cake again, either from TK or Lavender...
Now that we can travel beyond 10km, i m looking forward to get the cake from Lavender😀

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Fried Yee Mee

This plate of yee mee (egg noodles) was prepared with whatever ingredients left in the fridge.
 This was our lunch on a weekday...The ingredients are cabbage, pork slices, fishcakes and eggs.
No prawns or squid coz we did not manage to get those from the market.
 Meanwhile annoying sis is running out of ingredients too...She cooked her specialty with whatever left in her fridge - broccoli, carrots, potatoes and chicken leg...The Hero supermarket near her place has run out of veggie/meat supplies due to the shutdown of Selayang wholesale market.
The shutdown of the wholesale market has caused supply shortage to the mini/supermarts around Klang Valley.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Braised Pork with Mui Choy

We had braised pork with mui choy dish on one evening...It is one of my fav home-cooked dish.
The other 2 dishes here are ju hu char (without the cuttlefish, and with thickly-cut sengkuang) and fried kembong fish.
 The other day, our neighbour gave us this...
 no, not a pile of shit...
it is a cake!
the birthday boy was a four year old kid...
just some usual cream cake but i dun eat icing cream, so i scrapped off the cream topping.
 We had our weekly re-stock of bread and cakes....and some other groceries
As usual, my curry puffs from AEON Big...I had them for lunch on last Friday.
We also harvested a small pineapple from the garden...
This thing is still sitting in the kitchen...dunno if it is sweet or sour...

Monday, April 27, 2020

Annoying Sis Cooks Paprika Chicken Chop

Annoying sis cooked this during the weekend and sent to us for 'viewing' only....😭😭😭
Mashed potato, pasta and grilled chicken chop in paprika sauce are my fav...
How to 'Bon Appetit' la like that....she eats, while i could only 'dream on' and watch afar...
Our home 'lousy oven' has been kaputt for many years and is beyond repair, hence we couldn't bake or grill meat like she did...

Friday, April 24, 2020

Bitter Gourd Chicken

Due to the hot weather, we would usually eat cooling foods, such as pear, watermelon, citrus fruits etc...
We managed to get a bitter gourd...hence decided to cook it with chicken, my fav dish!
Here was our dinner on Tuesday....
On the left is onion omelette with shredded carrots.
As of today, most of us have been working-from-home for more than a the time the MCO over i might have forgotten how to go to the office will feel awkward goin back to the office or working in an open environment (coz too used in the comfort of an enclosed room).
Even these days when i drove my car out for 'warm up' it feels 'different' like i have not been driving for ages.
Another thing that needs readjustment is to be 'decently' presentable before stepping out of the house...My current sluggish look (uncombed hair with crumpled clothes and sometimes did not even brush my teeth) can be a disastrous shock to some, lolx! such a total contrast when meeting clients onsite. Back in those days, not only i have to be decently presentable, but also have to be in pristine health coz falling sick in an abroad country is terrible/unpleasant.
TGIF bonus picture: looking 'decently' presentable back in year 2012.
MCO extended again till 12 May....dunno to be sad or happy....
Till then
Enjoy ur weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

One tomyum meehoon...please!

The other day i sibuk-sibuk 'annoyed' my annoying sis by asking on what she cooked for dinner...
It has been a few days since i last received her foodie pics
So the next day she sent me this:
A plate of tomyum fried meehoon (rice vermicelli).
Done with garnishing like those served in restaurant!
Thumbs up for decoration effort.
Tastewise: unable to give score, though the meehoon looks abit dry 😆
wuahahah....i m so mean!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Annoying Sis Ordered Down-To-Bones Without Inviting Me....

Annoying sis ordered DTB during the weekend....
It was a combo meal with pork ribs, pasta, mashed potato and coleslaw - a very hearty meal indeed!
The price is around RM60 in total, so roughly about RM30 per pax (which is more expensive than my KFC 'RM28.90' combo)...
But this is incomparable, different type of food~~~
The DTB restaurant is located in OUG, but i have never been there despite staying nearby, passed by a few times where each time seeing crowds in the shop.
Their 'babi pai guat' (pork rib) must be good!
This place even has a catchy tagline 'Sek Pai Guat, Hari Hari Kuat'
(loose translation: eat pork rib gets you strong everyday)

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

KFC Promotion with Free Delivery

After craving so long for fried chicken, i finally ordered the KFC combo with free delivery via Foodpanda.
It consists of 6 pieces chicken, 1 large mashed potato and 2 cans of pepsi, all for RM28.90 inclusive of delivery.
It came on-the-dot as per scheduled.
I bought the original flavor as my parents don't eat spicy. We even prepared our own coleslaw.
We got the carrot ready/standby to make coleslaw as seen in the below picture...
This was on Sunday.
 Meanwhile, on Saturday, my mum cooked sweet & sour black pomfret and a vegetarian 'loh hon zai' dish.
 The dish was too much for us, so we kept some of the 'loh hon zai' in the fridge for the next day.
The sweet & sour fish was huge too, but we managed to finish it coz it was fresh and yummeh....long time she didn't cook this....

Monday, April 20, 2020

Annoying Sis Can Cook - Part 5

Let me annoy you with more of my 'annoying sis' dishes...
This round are mostly Chinese dishes
She prepared 'baked' soy sauce chicken using my mum's recipe. The chicken is baked using her ol' trusted oven.
Served with blanched bok choy and white tofu with fried shallots and soy sauce.  
 On another day, she prepared:
Deep fried jenahak (snapper fish) in curry powder, simple stir fried 'yau mak' (romaine lettuce) and 'lap cheong' omelette.
I'm not a fan of lap cheong, so i don't drool over this...
 A few days ago she cooked:
Stir fried long beans with chicken chunks and
Stir fried napa cabbage with carrots and fishcakes
These 2 are very typical mum's dishes, bland and!

Friday, April 17, 2020


Following the uncertainties of COVID-19 pandemic, the office CEO foresee that we will be WFH often on every now and then, even after the MCO.
Hence we will be given a broadband plan with the phone (some cheapo machine) which i think would be redundant with my current personal phone (and data plan). But anyhow, that's for work purpose so shouldn't mix with a personal one. We will be using Maxis Business Postpaid 128, which i m not too sure of its coverage at my area, hopefully it is good!
My soon-to-be-work-phone is an Oppo brand, which i have never try before.
It would be my fourth smart phone, though I'm sceptical about its performance compared to my current Samsung S...
TGIF bonus pic: Here's me with my very first smart phone, taken many years ago.
That's how I took the foodie pics for blog/Instagram! manyak serious leh…
Enjoy ur weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

My Typical Dinner - Part 2

Below are dinner taken on different days:
Stir fried celeries with carrot and chicken chunks, 
Baked bean in egg gravy and 
Deep fried fish tail
 Stir fried glass noodles with shredded carrots, winter melon, black fungus, 
Deep fried homemade chicken nuggets and potato wedges,
Fried egg and
Red beetroot soup

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Soy Sauce Chicken & ABC Soup

We had soy sauce chicken during last Sunday dinner. I kept an extra drumstick for lunch the following day.
 There goes my Monday lunch with ABC soup, soy sauce drumstick and a fish ball.
We usually add some chopped garlic into the soy sauce chicken to enhance the flavor apart from the usual soy sauce, dark soy sauce and honey.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Annoying Sis Can Cook - Part 4

Continuing from the previous 'Annoying sis can cook' series....
Here's another one with homemade pork burger patties...Supposedly as a burger but they make do with Gardenia loaf bread and have them as sandwiches.
Annoying sis & BIL enjoyed their meal with red wine again...syioknyer!
on another day, she 'baked' chicken thigh with assorted veggies (carrots, potatoes, broccoli, corns).
Not sure what herbs she used...gonna check with her when i remember!
 served with mushroom soup & garlic bread

Monday, April 13, 2020

Kitchen 'Off Day'

 During kitchen off-day, we bought dishes from the economy stall for our lunch/dinner.
Here was our Saturday lunch - all 'dabao' (takeway) from the neighbourhood shop since we could no longer 'venture out' more than 10km radius from our place.
Clockwise from top left - stir fried french bean, 4 pieces of yong tau foo and 2 pieces of fried tofu with minced pork.
We bought only 3 dishes and cooked our own rice. Nowadays the veggie dishes are weighted for charging, hence we try not to scoop too much gravy as it contributes to the weight (and gotta charged more).
Luckily the yong tau foo is still charged per piece (RM1.50 each)
Can you guess how much in total for all the dishes below?
 During dinner we had some leftover tuna (canned food), 'sawi bunga' soup and the 'dabao' roasted pork and bbq pork (char siew).
 almost all are lean meat coz my mum prefers that...
This plate costs RM17 and is more than enough for 3 persons.
This morning i had swiss roll bought from the morning market, it is a combo pack of pandan + chocolate + vanilla flavour @RM8.
Tastewise so-so only, nothing to shout about, just enough to fill the stomach.
15 days to go (hopefully!)....

Friday, April 10, 2020

So, MCO got extended till 28 April....

As everyone is anticipated for today's announcement, I hav mixed feeling on the extended MCO...
Happy - of the wise decision made to further prevent COVID-19 from spreading
Sad - coz unable to go back office/out dining/cut hair (my hair is so untrimmed now)
While i have adapted to the WFH routine, the 'freedom' of goin out is still missing.
In such recession, my company CEO has decided to contribute RM1000 to each staff for us to do charity. I mean the money goes to the charity on behalf of our name, and we are free to choose which option to donate them:
Option 1: Donate or contribute to a tax-deductible organization. The list is available in LHDN (Inland Revenue Board) website. We can also donate to the Ministry of Health or hospitals.
Option 2: Use the budget to organise our own contribution to communities in need. This would require the staff to locate the community that they would like to provide assistance to, then purchase necessities according to their needs and show proof for reimbursement later.
I think there is a third option some would like to donate to the zoo...
Which do you prefer?

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Annoying Sis Can Cook - Part 3

Annoying sis annoyed us with more pictures of her cooking on last week. Here's what she cooked:
'Claypot' chicken rice cooked with rice cooker.
The ingredients are mushroom, lap cheong and chicken
On another day, she boiled herbal chicken soup
 Top: Some stir-fry cauliflower, broccoli and carrots with sliced fish cake
Bottom: Steamed minced pork

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

My Typical Dinner

My dinner is usually with simple dishes and rice...
My parents are the conventional type, they MUST HAVE RICE as staple food, otherwise it is not considered as a meal, especially for dinner...
*Noodle is not considered as a staple for them
The dishes that we have must be bland, not spicy, no seafood (coz the-head-of-the-family is allergic to seafood except for certain types of fish), no-other-type-of-cuisine-except-Chinese.
Hence, it's rare for us to have bread, ham, bacon or oatmeal as a staple meal. Even eating KFC or roasted chicken must comes with rice for dad.
Anyway, here's our dinner on last Saturday - green amaranth soup with 2 dishes.
 The laksa utara (given by our neighbour) was shared among 3 of us. 
Steamed fish tail
 Steamed minced pork

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Air Dried Noodles, Laksa Utara & Currypuff

Here's another picture of my typical weekday lunch...
Air dried noodles in light soy sauce, oyster sauce and minimal dark soy sauce served with blanched choy sum and reheated frozen siu mai.
 On last Saturday, our Malay neighbour gave us a bowl of their homemade Laksa Utara. The family is from the northern states (Kedah, Penang) hence they are good in cooking northern specialties!
 We shared this during dinner, coz we still have our rice and dishes...
It has been ages since i last had Laksa Utara!
 For supper, i had AEON currypuff @RM1.50 each...
So yummy, and taste like IKEA currypuffs.

Monday, April 6, 2020

I finally went out on Day-19

 I finally went out for some grocery shopping on Day-19 MCO. That is because i need to 'warm up' my car. Running the engines itself does not help much in the long run so have to drive out. I drove to the nearby supermarket and park right in front of the building. At the entrance of the supermarket, there is a manned counter with a staff applying sanitizer to our hands and another checking our temperature with a contactless thermometer.
Everyone who went out these days wore mask, at least that's what i seen on the street and at shops. Although it is not a regulation, some shops forbid people from entering their premise without a face mask on. So, to be safe, just put on a face mask.
 my mom's wish list - get a lobak (white raddish)....So i head to the vegetables section to look for it. Glad to see that all the veggies are now wrapped up nicely in plastic wrapper, even the leafy greens are not left out. Good to prevent the virus from sticking on the fresh produces surface and easier to clean when brought back home. I quickly grab my items and left the place 20 minutes later.
There wasn't much shoppers on a Sunday evening, roughly 10 or less while i was there. First time to see no queue at all when paying at the counter. The entire shopping experience was a breeze, no long queue while getting in, no congested shopping area and no need to queue at the paying counter...phew~~relief!
I limit myself to a 30 minute outing, since i still have around 10 minutes left, i went across the street to get some kaya & cakes from a bakery shop.
Got back home on time. Not much cars on the street, and mostly were Grabfood and Foodpanda riders. The once busy area of the neighbourhood now seems deserted like a ghost town.
Back home - these colourful mess greeted me at the garden!
 hot and sunny weather but it turns cloudy in less than an hour. With sun and rains, the flowers and plants grew quite fast. I went to wash up my feet and arms before getting into the house. Wiped/cleaned all the items that i brought and bought and changed my clothes immediately after getting in. It's kinda tedious cleaning job after a short outing, but necessary as a prevention.
Meanwhile, these are the few items from the shopping haul by the 'head of family'. It was a few days ago. Yea, we practice 'bulk buying' so that we can minimise the number of outings to the shops/supermarkets.
The Mexican coffee bun (RM1.50) and the currypuffs (RM1.50 each) are mine ;-)

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

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