Sunday, April 24, 2011

Breakfast @ Jaffers Cafe – Part 2

Continuing from my previous post, here’s someting that spice up my life...
This time i managed to get myself a perfect viewing spot, well, i mean a cosy corner with soft cushion chair.
Coleslaw, mashed  potato, mini sausages, carrot omelette
Pastries and chocolate muffin
Miso soup and fruit punch
 While seated at my cosy place, i was eyeing on the other spot, thinking to have the outdoor seat the next day
 True enuff, I coincidently got that seat the following day, not on purpose but all the indoor dining table has been taken up, hence leaving no choice but to dine outdoor.
So, there it goes, my lovely morning being spent @ the terrace garden, with my hearty breakfast...
 Chicken ham, scrambled egg, nuggets, crabmeat salad, sautéed mushroom
Pastries again...
 And macaroni soup with guava juice
 Coupled with melodious rhyme of the nearby fountain & birds chirpin’
I’m a simple person.
I dun demand much in live
Simple things such as a nice breakfast & good surrounding can easily pleased me.

Adam Lambert - Fever

Still luv him til the MAX !!!
Adam, u rock!

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