Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Would you buy?

There seems to be a lot of convenient stores mushrooming around the neighbourhood these days...First it was Shin Sun Mi Korean Market, then came another one (forgot the name) which sells imported snacks from Taiwan/Thailand/China/Korea/Japan....
Here's what they sell:
Asian flavored is a giant pack and costs almost RM50 per pack!
 some premium instant noodles from various countries...
my eyeball almost pop out looking at the price!
yea, that is the price for ONE packet (not a bundle of 4 or 5)
 more snacks - candies, chocolates, assorted chips of various flavors u could imagine from Taiwan/China....
the price is steep too.
 Perhaps those who are curious would buy a pack to try...But I wouldn''s just artificial flavoring that differs these from ours.
Instead of looking at all these crappy snacks...I might as well just enjoy the sights of these gold fishes welcoming customers at the entrance....

Friday, November 16, 2018

Zest @ Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

This is also another old post, back in Dec 2016.
 We had our year-end team dinner in one of the restaurant that serves buffet.
It was a Friday and their theme for that day is 'Seafood'
there were a variety of seafood and fish dishes served
 scallops and lobster!
 they have long tables to cater for group dining
  dinner starts at 6pm....we were there these cakes and pastries were still untouched!
 look at the colorful tray of cakes, puddings & pastries
 here's the cold cut section
 not sure what are these...forgot already
 various types of deep fried fish
 and also a huge one cooked in sweet and sour sauce
 our table for the evening!
 these raw ones are for display only...well, u can have it if u dare!
  Here's what I had in my plate:
Cold cuts, fresh salmons
the savoury dishes
 indian food - biryani rice, curry dhal, ocra, some chips and boneless fish
 egg pudding, cakes, fruits
 ice kacang
 the below is for display only...they are real fruits!
 nice colorful vases...
 after the sumptuous dinner, was too full, so went around to snap pictures...
including this table settings....I kinda like the zesty orange and mustard colour combination…creating a vibrant atmosphere...
 this place has a huge dining space which also includes some quiet/personal corners....
 The buffet dinner was RM110++ back then. It was worth it considering the variety of seafood that it offered. We spent nearly 3 hours plus in there....eating, chatting and continue with sampling their huge selection of desserts. It was a quiet Friday evening as the hotel is secluded and far from the city.
Meanwhile outside the restaurant (still in the hotel building), there seems to be an event planned for the weekend as the banquet tables have been arranged on standby.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Tuscany @ Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

This is a pending post....after 2 years delay!
back in Dec 2016, we had our company dinner in this Italian-American grilled restaurant at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel
We booked almost the entire place to cater for this event. The place wasn't big, but sufficient enuff to fit all of us.
Here's the menu for the evening:
there goes the food:
Stuffed Chicken Roulade
 Cream of Wild Mushroom soup
 Raspberry Sorbet
 some red wine....
 and here are the mains (can u guess which one I took):
Roasted Atlantic Cod
Stuffed Beef Mignon
Herb Crusted Lamb Rack
 and finally the dessert - Black & White Iced Parfait
 The below shows the original seating in the restaurant..
They have rearranged the tables and seating to accommodate us for the event, how thoughtful!
Great service, superb food, and the manager was quite friendly and tried his best to cater to our request.
*thumbs up!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Villa Ju Bakery

This is a Korean-style cafĂ© cum bakery which occupies a corner shoplot in the neighbourhood. It looks fancy from the outside but upon googling, there seems to be a lot of negative reviews.
 I did not purchase anything from this bakery...but I went in during Christmas to sample free bread/pastries...well, that was 2 years ago when it was newly opened.
 The business is still surviving, but the other day when I drop-by to look-see on what they hav in store, there wasn't much variety in their bread/cakes/pastries anymore....however there were still people dining in (for coffee or bingsu I guess!)
 meanwhile....I m looking forward to Christmas...coz it is then when most bakeries flaunt their creativity in fancy decorations involving gingerbread, yule log and various cookies!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Bento Formosa (Part 2)

On another visit to the same outlet, I tried out another rice set.
 This time I had braised pork belly.
It was good except that there's too much fatty layers….*it reminds me of the 'Tong Po' pork I had in Hangzhou some time ago...
 the side dishes were almost the same as my previous visit, which consists of 2 pickled veggies, a few slices of cucumber, a slice of Taiwanese sausage, hard-boiled egg, stir-fried cauliflower with carrots and stir-fried tomatoes with eggs.
It was also served with a bowl of lotus root soup.
Overall not bad for a meal below RM20.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Bento Formosa

Was craving for some Taiwanese minced pork rice, so instead of flying there, it would be more economical to just pop up at this outlet which is just within a few km radius from home...
as usual, this was my b'fast + lunch + dinner all in one meal.
the minced pork rice was flavorful, full of porky-goodness...
although slightly fatty/oily
 the side dishes wasn't bad too...2 of these are pickled veggies...which is nice to go with plain rice
 I also ordered an ala-carte of tempura fishcake (written as tempura fish the menu), but it wasn't tempura at all.
The texture and taste almost like our fish 'lekor', it's chewable, not too hard not too soft...
taste-wise ok...
This place also serves various Taiwanese dessert and milk, perhaps would give it a try some time later.

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