Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year Resolution

Saw this chart displayed in some other blogs and was interested try out. It shows the countries that yours truly have visited (in green). From the chart, most of the countries that I have visited are mostly Asia (East, Southeast & South), although a small fragment in Europe and Africa (too small to notice in this map).
  • I have NOT explore Oceania and America continent.
  • I have NOT explore Central Asia.
  • I hardly visit Europe and Africa.

I should make a new year resolution to explore as much countries out of Asia....instead of going to the same place more than once/twice.
Till then,
Happy New Year 2019!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Thai Aroi BBQ, Puchong Jaya

Another generous colleague treated me for dinner a week after my birthday. Initially we have decided to go to the Japanese BBQ stall but since it was closed on Monday, we headed to Thai BBQ next to that stall.
We ordered a set meal for 2-3 pax which consists of marinated pork, hams (for BBQ), and assorted fishcakes, crabstick, veggies for the steamboats.
There are only 2 types of soup base - Tom Yam or Pork Bone broth.
We chose the latter.
The set meal is priced at RM38.80 (with unlimited refills on veggies and glass noodles), but we add on with enoki mushrooms and squids, and also ordered a bottle of Singha beer...hence the total came up to RM50 ++.
Overall, not bad but kinda heaty to have BBQ over charcoal fire.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Yoshinoya & KFC ('Birthday' Meal)

A 'generous' colleague who sits next to me surprised me with a birthday meal that she 'tapau' from the nearby KFC.
I was stunned when she presented the box to me, coz this is the 'ideal' gift to receive for a birthday!
and she knows me well by choosing a chicken drumstick, fries and cheesy wedges combo box!
Exactly what I would order (for a combo meal).
On another occasion I went to Yoshinoya (IOI City Mall) to try out their Teriyaki chicken rice bowl. Add on with assorted tempuras (not in the set menu, and each piece priced differently, based on what I took). The whole meal costs about RM30 inclusive of service charge and tax.
And last week, while I was in Mid Valley, I visited Yoshinoya again, not for their beef bowl but to get my 'fish katsu curry rice' fix, and add-on with miso soup & green tea.
This meal costs RM20.60, which is more 'worth' than teriyaki meal above as they gave 2 big pieces of fried dory fillet (I think is dory fish), equivalent to the size served in Fish&Co.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas 2018

Christmas started out early on 3rd Dec when I received my first gift from secret Santa and another dealer from Isle of Man.
 The card contains Christmas wishes from staffs in Isle of Man office, how thoughtful!
As for the gift that comes with the green card, I still have no idea on who the secret Santa is!
On-and-off, from then until today (while I m posting this), I still receiving gifts, which are mostly candies and chocolates from various secret Santa (no sender name written in the gifts). I have lost count on the number of these mini goodies packets delivered to my desk and happily feasting on chocolates almost daily! *sugar overloaded
As it is year end, I have to also clear my 'annual leaves' and took time off for some shopping!
Bought a handbag (not below) at discounted price as a gift for myself. It is year end sales and everything seems so 'worth-to-buy' (shopaholic mode ON!).
 Back home, I received this gift from annoying sister. It is my tradition to receive Ruffles (only Sour Cream & Onion flavor) as my X'mas gift.
 Then more shopping in malls around Klang Valley.
Here are some photos taken from The Gardens....
Carriage decorated with red flowers....Unfortunately, it seems like a bush to me.
 I was there on a Saturday evening and managed to catch 'The Nutcracker Suite' performance which combines ballet, story telling and musical (flute) performances.
 it was a 30-minutes show with simple storyline, which caters for the kids.
After then, went on to Mid-Valley mall to look-see look-see for anything I could buy.
 And since I was home-alone this Christmas, I throw on a party by having a roasted 'Percik' chicken (bought from Ayamas shop) and fluffy Japanese cheese cake (from AEON) with a glass of wine Ribena.
I continued with the same food the following day.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Genting Club

Genting Club is an exclusive club for Gold & Platinum members.
It is located right opposite the Olive restaurant which displays a splendid view of wines at their entrance!
nope, I never got into this restaurant before.
Here's the entrance of the club
During weekend, this club has performances which include live band
and disco dances by scantily clad women dancers
They are so pretty and slender. How I wish to have a body like this!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Cyberjaya Paintball

Back in Sept 2017, we had our dealers visiting us. They are mostly from Europe, Caribbean, SG and HK. The company organised an outing for us as some sort of team building activity.
We played paint ball!
No, I wasn't that excited for this game at all after an incident some 13 years ago that got my left arm bruised terribly.
Anyway, this time I took extra precaution by hiding behind the inflated bags 'all-the-time' until the game ended. 
I only suffered from one bullet that hit my thigh, which wasn't a serious one, thankfully! 
After the game, we cleaned ourselves and got back to the office to continue working. Lunch was provided to us since most of us had no time and 'energy' to go out for lunch after this tiring game.
Nasi lemak with chicken catered to our doorstep!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sunway Lagoon

My sis works in one of the Sunway Group companies, hence every year, she got free tickets to Sunway Lagoon for their company Family Day.
Since no one in the family is keen to go, she invited another friend to tag along.
Each person got 3 redeemable coupons and an entry wrist band for Sunway Lagoon both wet and dry park.
First thing upon entering the park, look for the food kiosks to redeem our free meal! This is something that I enjoyed doing since kid coz it seems like a 'treasure' hunt.
then look for the attractions/rides...
it is a full day pass that entitles us to any rides, but unfortunately it was a school holiday and weekend, hence it was long queue everywhere...
the 'waiting time' for flying fox is 90 minutes!
nope, I did not go for this due to rainy weather
and all sort of rides were immediately stopped when it started to rain.
Since nothing much to play, then go eat again....We redeemed ice-cream for desserts!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Beef Steak Ramen & Bak Kut Teh

Decided to drop by IOI Mall Puchong 2 weeks ago for Christmas shopping.
Went there during noon weekday. The renovation has completed but all the escalators were still under repair. I have to use 'staircase' (static escalators) from Ground floor to the 3rd floor while carrying my bags of shopping loots.
The decorations were already up, nothing extravagant, just a lonesome golden reindeer, with some blings blings 
 For lunch, I had beef steak ramen at Sushi Zanmai. This was on the promotional menu at RM17.80. The beef was so hard that it took me some time to chew before swallowing them.
 The ramen came with an onsen egg.
Yes, the egg was awesome!
 I also add on with a 'green' plate of sushi (RM6.80). Hence my meal costs overall RM25.90 with green tea and service charges.
For dinner, i had bak kut teh at GWA (owned by Souper Tang). It is located at first floor, along the alley where all the other eateries (Swensen's, Go Noodles, Siong Tong Gai, Sukiya, Pho Street etc) are located.
It was just so-so, nothin to shout about. This meal costs RM17.85 after service charges and tax.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Korean High School Debate

I enjoyed watching this debate not because the word 'Utopia' is being mentioned, but these Korean kids sound so fluent and confident when presenting their points.
It reminds me of my teenage (high school days) when we have interschool or interclass debates, which yours truly watched with amaze and tried imitating their style of speaking (but never got the chance to be onstage coz there were too many good speakers in school was shy)

my favorite speaker is the last one, at least she dun speak too fast like chasing bullet train....

Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by Hilton, KL

Been here many times, during trainings and also one of the company events.
the Makan Kitchen offers splendid local cuisines 
and classy dining ambience
it has both private corners
and open areas
this picture was taken during early of the year, hence the CNY decorations
And here are the foodies (pictures taken on separate occasions)
steamed bun (bao) and rice dumplings
roasted duck and chicken 'Chinese style'
can't remember what is this, but some sort of fried popiah or pastries (I think!)
assorted local kuihs
puddings, soy bean milk, red bean 'tongsui' and chilled sweet longan 'tongsui'
 this is the Chinese cuisine corner
 what's on my plate, this one taken from the Chinese food corner. The bowl on the top left is daikon soup.
 this plate was from the Malay food corner
 and the below was from the Indian food corner
on certain days, they served Yong Tau Foo too...
I had second helping on YTF as well as the roasted duck, pei pa chicken & black fungus vegetarian dish!

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

Curiosity brought me to this bar... Sometime last year, I saw a promotional menu placed on the table at the walkway outside this bar. It has...