Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Cyberjaya Paintball

Back in Sept 2017, we had our dealers visiting us. They are mostly from Europe, Caribbean, SG and HK. The company organised an outing for us as some sort of team building activity.
We played paint ball!
No, I wasn't that excited for this game at all after an incident some 13 years ago that got my left arm bruised terribly.
Anyway, this time I took extra precaution by hiding behind the inflated bags 'all-the-time' until the game ended. 
I only suffered from one bullet that hit my thigh, which wasn't a serious one, thankfully! 
After the game, we cleaned ourselves and got back to the office to continue working. Lunch was provided to us since most of us had no time and 'energy' to go out for lunch after this tiring game.
Nasi lemak with chicken catered to our doorstep!


mun said...

I haven't played paint ball before and I think I never will go try. smart move to hide behind those "walls". those pellets are dangerous I would say.

PH said...

I am not too keen on team building activities and certainly not game for paintball hah..hah... I suppose it is fun for some people.

Nux V said...

Mun: I dun want to play either, but it is mandatory for all staffs, unless you're pregnant or sick!

Phong Hong: I dun understand the 'fun' of it.

mun said...

Just say sick lah. Diarrhea.

Lotus said...

Dangerous game.

Nux V said...

Mun: i'm not good in acting. Need MC to prove it also la otherwise 'invalid'. Besides, those who are not joining will also get questioned by HOD in team meeting.

Libby: yea, participants are required to sign an 'agreement' stating that they are liable for any injury caused by the game, meaning if any injury/accident, dun blame the company. So unfair!

Nancy Chan said...

Have not played paint ball before. If I were you, after the game plus nasi lemak, I will be too tired and sleepy to work liao. Lol!

mun said...

it is very easu to get MC for diarrhea because the doctor won't ask for proof of stools.

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