Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas 2018

Christmas started out early on 3rd Dec when I received my first gift from secret Santa and another dealer from Isle of Man.
 The card contains Christmas wishes from staffs in Isle of Man office, how thoughtful!
As for the gift that comes with the green card, I still have no idea on who the secret Santa is!
On-and-off, from then until today (while I m posting this), I still receiving gifts, which are mostly candies and chocolates from various secret Santa (no sender name written in the gifts). I have lost count on the number of these mini goodies packets delivered to my desk and happily feasting on chocolates almost daily! *sugar overloaded
As it is year end, I have to also clear my 'annual leaves' and took time off for some shopping!
Bought a handbag (not below) at discounted price as a gift for myself. It is year end sales and everything seems so 'worth-to-buy' (shopaholic mode ON!).
 Back home, I received this gift from annoying sister. It is my tradition to receive Ruffles (only Sour Cream & Onion flavor) as my X'mas gift.
 Then more shopping in malls around Klang Valley.
Here are some photos taken from The Gardens....
Carriage decorated with red flowers....Unfortunately, it seems like a bush to me.
 I was there on a Saturday evening and managed to catch 'The Nutcracker Suite' performance which combines ballet, story telling and musical (flute) performances.
 it was a 30-minutes show with simple storyline, which caters for the kids.
After then, went on to Mid-Valley mall to look-see look-see for anything I could buy.
 And since I was home-alone this Christmas, I throw on a party by having a roasted 'Percik' chicken (bought from Ayamas shop) and fluffy Japanese cheese cake (from AEON) with a glass of wine Ribena.
I continued with the same food the following day.


mun said...

Wow, you have so many admirers who sent you chocolates to keep you happy! :D Home alone on Christmas but not lonely because you have lots of yummy food to keep you company! Now I feel like eating the cheese cake after seeing your photo.

mun said...

Show us a photo of the handbag you bought, pretty please. Thanks for the photos on the Gardens Mall decor, I just took one quick photo. Did not look at each one closely so now can look at your photos instead of going there to look.

Lotus said...

Curious about the bag you bought, do show us a photo hee hee.

It is ok to be alone at home during Christmas as you are enjoying the food, I am interested in the chicken, yums!

Nux V said...

Mun: Everyone in the office got those candies and chocolates too. There were too many Santa feeding & fattening us!

Libby: I haven't start using the bag yet. Will blog about once I use it ;-)

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