Thursday, December 27, 2018

Yoshinoya & KFC ('Birthday' Meal)

A 'generous' colleague who sits next to me surprised me with a birthday meal that she 'tapau' from the nearby KFC.
I was stunned when she presented the box to me, coz this is the 'ideal' gift to receive for a birthday!
and she knows me well by choosing a chicken drumstick, fries and cheesy wedges combo box!
Exactly what I would order (for a combo meal).
On another occasion I went to Yoshinoya (IOI City Mall) to try out their Teriyaki chicken rice bowl. Add on with assorted tempuras (not in the set menu, and each piece priced differently, based on what I took). The whole meal costs about RM30 inclusive of service charge and tax.
And last week, while I was in Mid Valley, I visited Yoshinoya again, not for their beef bowl but to get my 'fish katsu curry rice' fix, and add-on with miso soup & green tea.
This meal costs RM20.60, which is more 'worth' than teriyaki meal above as they gave 2 big pieces of fried dory fillet (I think is dory fish), equivalent to the size served in Fish&Co.


PH said...

Your colleague is so nice to you. The Japanese meals you had looks quite good. The portion is just nice.

mun said...

Wah, your friend knows you so well by buying you kfc for your birthday! Yoshinoya, I wonder how the deep fried fish taste like.

Nux V said...

Phong Hong: yes, portion is just nice and price is reasonable.

Mun: it taste like fish & chips (minus the chips).

Libby said...

Your colleague can read your mind so well to order and treat you to the food you wanted.

Both the Teriyaki chicken rice with tempuras and fish katsu curry rice look good.

Been quite long since I last had Yoshinoya.

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