Friday, December 7, 2018

Summer Palace @ Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

This is the fourth time we dined in Marriott, Putrajaya.
Me & teammates have been to Zest, Tuscany, Midori and now the latest addition to our list: Summer Palace!
It is a classy Chinese restaurant that serves Cantonese style cuisines & dim sum.
 Yes, it was on company (team lunch) budget!
 we had our lunch on a quiet Tuesday noon....hence the restaurant was so empty
there were 13 of us and we booked the private room which fits us nicely and comfortably
the menu 
 this is supposed to be our 'sau gong jau', hence we had 'lou sang'
 it seems like too early for tossing yee sang, nevertheless we enjoyed it so much....
we had salmon and crispy fish skin yee sang....and finished the whole plate clean!
here's the crab meat soup
 roasted chicken with sauce
 steamed fish in soy sauce
 braised shitake mushroom, broccoli and fish maw
overview of the colourful dishes
 and for desserts - we had chilled lemon, longan and sea coconut sweet soup
 and osmanthus jelly with red bean pancake
This lunch is around RM139 per pax inclusive of services charges and tax.


Small Kucing said...

yee sang? so early? LOL... but the food presentation look nice

mun said...

Wah! Your company is so generous! I wanna join! Eat a bit of each dishes but more on the prawns. Usually it is 10pax per table for sit down sets like this but you all have 13 pax so did they serve more portion for each main dish to ensure all 13 pax are well fed?

Lotus said...

I like the ambience and the name of the restaurant, hmmm, summer palace, nice name

Rose world said...

Nice ambience. Lao sang! Soon, few months time, it is time for lau sang.

Nux V said...

Small Kucing: yea, lou sang already...

Mun: we paid for 13 pax, everyone is well fed ;-)

Libby: it has branch in SG too, not sure if they are related or not.

Rose World: next month for sure will see a lot of 'lou sang' posts by other bloggers!

Twilight Man said...

I want to change job and work for your company where food and meals are abundance!
The word Summer Palace always excites me to recall the Summer Palace in China. I love the imperial dishes you ate.

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