Thursday, December 21, 2017

Buddies Bistro, IOI City Mall

If you are looking for a place that serves oink oink spam, this is the one....
The price is reasonable and the service was quick (coz no one around besides us) 
This is a place for drinking, hence usually it gets crowded in the evening/night. But if you are goin there during weekday lunchtime, you'll be treated like a king.
 their menu is extensive (apart from the set lunch promotion)
 Here's my order - Piggy pizza slice with chicken chop. It was served on a flat tile.
 since there were 3 of us....We got a free set meal from the 'Buy 3, Free 1' offer. Here is our complimentary 'fish fillet & tomato pasta'.
Looks at those thick spam sticks!!!
i really really really like them!!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Keep Calm and Curry On

I definitely missed and craved for a lot of food whenever i'm out of the country - CKT, BKT, nasi lemak, roti canai, roasted pork, charsiew, wanton noodles...etc...the long list goes on....
and this biryani rice with flooded curry is in the list!
The week after I came back, I went for my 'curry fix' in Maulana Serdang.
My choices were usually curry chicken, fried bittergourds and sometimes with a papadam.
I seldom patronise this area unless a colleague decided to get her 'chicken rice fix' from another nearby stall...
and that explains the huge portion that can feed a horse....greedy me!
and on another occasion, I was alone in the office and my stomach I went to the nearby canteen to tapau Roti Canai with curry + dhal gravy...
it was 'heavenly' (especially when the roti is freshly prepared)...ohhhhhh....the aroma~~~~~~
 there goes my lonely dinner....and some quiet time for myself ;-)

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Food Panda - Lake View Cafe

It is year end now and again, our team has some excessive funds for our makan-makan.
So, we decided to order food delivery via Food Panda.
The organiser chose to have middle eastern food and here was what I hav ordered:
Shawarma @ RM6 & Mandy Rice with Lamb and Chicken Leg @ RM25
I kept this for dinner and reheated them....tastewise so-so, as the chicken was not well marinated and abit dry. The mandy rice was a lot (huge portion) that can feed 2 persons!
and the balances left - around RM12 per person, so we had Tealive the following week. Here is it - my large macha azuki (green tea red bean) drink.
it has been some time since I last had one!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Pho Vietz

Took another leave day on last Friday. Went to run errands around the neighborhood and by the time it was done,  I was completely exhausted and hungry. Did not have any meal since morning and it has past the lunch hour. I quickly get myself some food (yes, a big feast!) to replenish my energy.
and this place was just around the corner with lesser patrons so, there it goes...
 one of the famous Pho restaurant around....The interior wasn't that impressive and it was hot & stuffy in there (probably due to the hot weather).
 since I was so famished, I tend to over order...
the below is a 4-combo Pho noodles which includes Australian Premium beef slices, beef shank, beef brisket and beef balls @ RM21.90.
It tastes superb!
 I miss these prawn roll! can't remember the exact price, it's either RM8.90 or RM9.90~~~gosh! my memory is terrible...
it was a very satisfying meal...and I will be back again!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


I couldn't think of a suitable title for this post as this post is all about December...the joyous month of the year!
December is also the month when yours truly celebrates her special day!
Saw this cake in Moonlight CafĂ©...was hoping to get this cake, but no one at home favor tis clown. The 'It' clown is my fav childhood movie but not my sis as it scare the hell outta her.
Anyway, instead of a grand celebration...I had my b'day celebrated in the office...just a simple one with simple cakes....
*yours truly is easily contented ;-)
why 6 cakes? b'coz out of the six here....4 are Dec babies...and the other 2 were just shiok sendiri.
Anyway, I took a day off on last Friday just to release tension personally celebrate my own b'day. OK, sounds like a loner but no, personal here means celebrate with family members.
So, here is my 'longevity noodles'...
eh, why looks like some wanton noodles pulak?
this is not wanton noodles nor longevity noodles but just simple beef brisket noodles
 *told u oredi, yours truly is easily contented ;-)
 was enjoying my 'longevity noodles' in tis wonderful place
 where only exclusive clubber can access....
yea, the Golden lounge (or something) in Sky Avenue Casino.
Since it was a long weekend (Monday was holiday), so took the opportunity to jalan jalan and enjoy the X'mas atmosphere around...
   here you'll see Snoopy in various attire...
and very huge X'mas tree....
meanwhile back in IOI city mall, not much of decorations compared to those malls in KL city center, but at least the decoration are better than previous years. 
 and lastly my humble work space...some 'Santa' has put a sock at my cubicle with some goodies inside.
Thanks 'Santa' (whoever it is!)
well, yours truly doesn't wish for big lavish gifts....
READ THIS: yours truly is easily contented ;-)
am just wishing for a good health, youthfulness and happiness throughout the year (and the following years ahead)!
Alrite, end of blogpost session...yes...I'm gonna scare u again with the 'It' clown picture

minus the clown makeup and balloon....
H.A.p.P.y  D.e.C.e.M.b.E.r

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