Saturday, September 30, 2023

Not so nice anymore....

I used to order this bulgogi stew whenever i dined at Mi Na Rae, coz it tastes similar to the one i had in Korea sometime ago. However, lately (these few years) it doesn't taste as good anymore. I thought it could be my taste bud problem, but when i tried again on earlier this month, i still felt the same. Something missing somewhere....
So, that's it, I'm not gonna order this anymore.
The banchan has shrunk too....It used to serve up to 9 banchans with my fav sausage and caramelised peanuts, but now they are just some very ordinary stuffs.
shrinkflation hit hard on us...
The above meal costs around RM26~
And so is the below (including the watermelon drink). I had this chicken chop set meal at a random shop with no name. Sadly it is not up to par too.
I guess RM20++ wouldn't get u a good meal these days.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Wisma Putra

It has been many years since i last went to a government/ministry office. Well, usually people don't go there unless it is for 'urusan rasmi kerajaan' (government official matters).
This was my first time to Wisma Putra which is located at Precinct 2, Putrajaya. Most of the ministry buildings in Putrajaya look prestigious and well guarded. To get in, you need to register online and surrender your 'IC/Passport' at the guard house to prove your identity. It will be kept at the guard house while you went inside to settle your business.
But before getting into the waiting hall where the counters are located, there is a another counter to get the queue numbers. So, overall, you gotta queue 3 times before you get to meet the counter officer (first at the guard house, second at the number counter, third at the waiting hall). But once i got inside the waiting hall, the process was smooth, and my transaction was done within 15 minutes.
The visitor pass that I got from the guard house in exchange of my 'IC/Passport'. Keep this safely, otherwise you wouldn't get back your 'IC/Passport'😉
I miss 4 fingers, especially their soy garlic chicken, kimslaw and tofu nuggets.
Had a combo meal (above) and add on ala-carte teriyaki tofu nuggets (below).
The tofu were deep fried - crispy on the outer layer but soft inside.
I will order this again whenever i go to 4 Fingers.
On another day, i went to Pavillion BJ and decided to dine-in at Oriental Kopi, seeing that there was no queue outside the restaurant. It was a weekday at non-peak hour, so it was a good opportunity to get in.
Fried mihun Siam, with chicken leg and poached egg.
This was my first time trying their food items, coz usually I only bought the egg tarts at the counter outside.
This plate of mihun Siam (and everything on the plate) were so perfectly done, from the well-marinated yet juicy fried chicken to the poached egg and mihun. The texture and taste are just right! 
Now wonder this place is so popular and crowded all the time!
Then, I went to Penang chendul for dessert.
This place is only good for its cendol....although they also have other items on the menu.
despite that, i find that their cendol is too sweet...too much of gula Melaka!

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Hakata Tonsho Ramen @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil

After a few times at Mitsuyado ramen, I decided to try out another ramen shop in Pavilion BJ.
This time at Hakata Tonsho Ramen.
The interior is very interesting. Colorful lanterns and drawings of sumo wrestlers with their back facing you.
You'll be enjoyin the ramen while looking at those a$$
Food ordering is done thru the link provided in the QR code, and they accept only cashless payment. I done my ordering and paid using e-wallet straightaway, hence zero human interaction. It has become a norm with less human interaction in restaurant these days, while some foods are even delivered to the table by robots.
I ordered a black garlic ramen coz i was curious on how it would taste like.
It came with a thick broth, pungent with garlic smell and taste slightly bitter (because of the garlic).
It has a few pieces of charsiu, an onsen egg, black fungus, a seaweed sheet - pretty standard for a ramen. A jar of garlic flakes and a bottle of chili powder are provided on every table if you need more 'kick' to the ramen.
Personally, i would still prefer the usual tonkatsu ramen coz black garlic is too strong flavor.
These days, we frequented the Mun Kee Steam Fish Head restaurant during the weekend family dine-out. Yes, as per its shop name - steam fish head is their core and popular item on every table. The price is fixed at RM34+ for a standard size fish head. This time we had it with ginger sauce.
Overall the dishes here are quite OK. The taste and texture hit the right spot, and I don't get thirsty after the meal. This restaurant has been in business for many years, hence the quality is on par with any other 'dai chow'.
Total bill: RM125.10 for 5 pax.

Monday, September 18, 2023

Chuan Chiew Bak Kut Teh

I was thinking of having burgerlab in their OUG outlet, but seeing the crowd, i changed my mind and went to the nearby eatery, a Bak Kut Teh shop. Ordered a claypot BKT with add-on fuchuk (beancurd skin) and a bowl of rice. I requested for only pork belly and ribs, as I dislike offals.
As usual, the BKT broth is quite salty (normal KL-standard), therefore has to eat with rice.
Pricewise is quite standard too, RM18 for a claypot BKT with default ingredients.
Total bill came to RM25.20 with drink (plain water).
On another day, I was craving for the Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS) chicken rice combo. They may not have the best chicken rice, but the side dishes are what I'm longing for. The last TCRS meal I had was several years ago.
There are 3 types of chicken to choose from - steamed, roasted and soy sauce.
I had the soy sauce.
The combo came with a braised tofu and egg.
and beansprout - round and fat. Crunchy and juicy. My favorite side dish so far. It resembles the ones from Ipoh.
My full set combo meal which came with a drink. I choose soy milk, although the combination is kinda 'off'😁. I think they use Homesoy brand as it tastes familiar.
There goes my hearty meal!

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Nice Pair

Saw this pair of black and white high platform shoes at Charles & Keith which caught my attention. It definitely look stylish. I decided to give it a try.
Wearing this made me taller by a few inches...
Looks good, but there isn't a need to wear such pair unless to attend social functions, which i have none at the moment.
But well, it reminds me of Cruella...hahahah (wicked laugh), and yes i would mix them with one feet black and the other, white.
OK, enough of imagination, instead of yearning for that pair of shoe, i shall switch my focus to this pair of....
cendol & curry laksa!
And yes, they paired well, don't they?
After eating the spicy noodle, must flush it down with a bowl of cooling cendol, rite? rite?😁
I had this at Sedap (by Grandmama), located at the top floor of Pavilion BJ. The curry laksa has chicken, cockles, taupok, okra, deep fried beancurd sheet, fishcakes...Definitely value for money at RM13.90++
The cendol (RM6.90++) is overloaded with mashed adzuki bean (like bingsu) and green cendol.
This perfect pair costs me RM22.90 after service charges and tax. 
Another pair is these buns bought in Family Mart. I have been trying a few buns from 'Famima Bakery', there are hit and misses, but these 2 buns are good...
one is sweet, the other is savory, what a perfect pair!
These cost around RM4 and RM4.30 each.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Eateries around Bukit Jalil

Went to try out Kam Kee Cafe after reading so much about it at Mun's blog.
I'm not sure of what to eat, but it has been some time since i last had borscht soup, so i make sure to order that.
Decided to try out fried hor fun with beef slices (RM19.80). The soup is add-on RM4.80 from the fried hor fun order.
Tender beef that goes well with the hor fun. Borscht soup was plain with minimal ingredients.
In front of the 7-Eleven at Jalil Jaya, there is a food truck selling deep fried mushrooms.
The brand name is so catchy - Zhagugu
There are 2 options of deep fried mushrooms - either enoki or oyster mushroom. Sauce is packed separately.
RM6 per box...tastewise ok la, best eaten when it is hot & crispy.
[Below] This one no need is always a long queue outside the shop. I went there around 5pm-ish on a weekday and there wasn't a single person waiting at the entrance. This was on early last month when Japan has yet to announce the release of radioactive water to the sea. I think in these upcoming few months, people will still be cautious and skeptical to eat Japanese food or any imported fish.
I had a teishoku set which consists of unagi, tempura, salmon sashimi, chawanmushi, salad, rice, miso soup and watermelon.
The Sake bottles decorating the bar.
The kitchen is located behind the 'maneki neko' door curtain.
Shin Zushi is a small and narrow shop, you might feel claustrophobic while dining here.
In contrary, Good Taste restaurant (which is situated nearby Shin Zushi) occupies 2 big shop lots. Despite that, i have never visited it until recently. Their specialties is the roasted meat (duck, chicken, pork), but they have sold out, so i decided to try out the noodles instead. I had curry wanton noodles with meat dumpling (sui gao). I also ordered a plate of bok choy to supplement the lacking greens in the meal.
Overall OK. I like the springy noodles and the meat dumplings. The noodle has crispy beancurd skin, taupok and pork skins. Quite generous portion.
I shall drop by again to try out their roasted meat next time.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Mooncakes are back....

With the mooncake festival just less than a month away, most shopping malls have sprung into action in decorating the concourse area while selling various brands of mooncakes and all sorts of colorful lanterns.
Meanwhile i have been eating a few pieces of mooncakes already, complimentary from Genting😁
Went to the Food Merchant @ Pavilion BJ on last month and already saw this on display - Wing Wah mooncakes from HK!
This box has only a piece of mooncake inside (single individual packing)
and the price is RM51 each! *faint
I remembered that 6 years ago i bought this same mooncake (a box of 4) for HKD200 at the HK airport. So, each piece would costs HKD50 (around RM30) during then.
Either that our currency has shrunk so much or the tax is really skyrocket high. 
Bought this unagi temaki from Empire Sushi at only RM4.50
Value for money coz usually a temaki like this would be pricey at sushi restaurant. Will buy this again whenever i see it.
Trying out the chicken burger....
Are u able to guess which fast food chain is this?
I had the spicy sauce chicken burger, which i believe is available for a limited time only.
Tastes ok McD spicy McChicken, but in bigger size & overflowing sauce.

Friday, September 8, 2023

Casco Viejo, Panama City

Casco Viejo or San Felipe, is the historic district of Panama City.
Considered a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site, the district dates back to 1673, and features vibrant plazas and picturesque brick-paved streets surrounded by colorful buildings.
There are several online local tours that offer day trip at this site, but I choose the free-and-easy, 'jalan sendiri' with my trusted 'tour guide', the Mr-Nice-Guy. After all, he knows the local language hence it's easier for him to ask around we when lost our way.
This place has the 'Macau' vibe with buildings architecture similar to those in Senado Square, but with lesser tourist/crowds.
[Below] Statue of Tomás de Herrera (Governor of Panama). I'm not into history, so not gonna elaborate further.
More walking and fascinated with their building architecture....
It was drizzling rain, thus we walked fast to find shelter.
Serene with greeneries...
Most of the buildings are government offices. There are also hotels and restaurants.
It was mid morning, some restaurants are yet to open.
We found shelter at a cafeteria cum souvenir shop.
Fancy seating and interior.
The shop sells hats, apparels, crafts at 'tourist' price.
At the food counter - Chocolate chips, cakes, empanadas of various fillings (beef, chicken, cheese)
The price is also much pricier than the local price *double the usual price.
I had a minced beef empanada at USD2.60++ (when I can get it at USD1.30 at mini mart)
Nothing special except that the staff reheated it, rather than serving it at room temperature😂
to be continued...

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

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