Monday, September 25, 2023

Wisma Putra

It has been many years since i last went to a government/ministry office. Well, usually people don't go there unless it is for 'urusan rasmi kerajaan' (government official matters).
This was my first time to Wisma Putra which is located at Precinct 2, Putrajaya. Most of the ministry buildings in Putrajaya look prestigious and well guarded. To get in, you need to register online and surrender your 'IC/Passport' at the guard house to prove your identity. It will be kept at the guard house while you went inside to settle your business.
But before getting into the waiting hall where the counters are located, there is a another counter to get the queue numbers. So, overall, you gotta queue 3 times before you get to meet the counter officer (first at the guard house, second at the number counter, third at the waiting hall). But once i got inside the waiting hall, the process was smooth, and my transaction was done within 15 minutes.
The visitor pass that I got from the guard house in exchange of my 'IC/Passport'. Keep this safely, otherwise you wouldn't get back your 'IC/Passport'😉
I miss 4 fingers, especially their soy garlic chicken, kimslaw and tofu nuggets.
Had a combo meal (above) and add on ala-carte teriyaki tofu nuggets (below).
The tofu were deep fried - crispy on the outer layer but soft inside.
I will order this again whenever i go to 4 Fingers.
On another day, i went to Pavillion BJ and decided to dine-in at Oriental Kopi, seeing that there was no queue outside the restaurant. It was a weekday at non-peak hour, so it was a good opportunity to get in.
Fried mihun Siam, with chicken leg and poached egg.
This was my first time trying their food items, coz usually I only bought the egg tarts at the counter outside.
This plate of mihun Siam (and everything on the plate) were so perfectly done, from the well-marinated yet juicy fried chicken to the poached egg and mihun. The texture and taste are just right! 
Now wonder this place is so popular and crowded all the time!
Then, I went to Penang chendul for dessert.
This place is only good for its cendol....although they also have other items on the menu.
despite that, i find that their cendol is too sweet...too much of gula Melaka!


mun said...

Wah, are you going to be posted in a foreign country for a long time? I see you are certified to be a good citizen. 😁

mun said...

I find the cendol too sweet too so I usually request for less sweet. That is why we like to eat at Oriental Kopi, hehehehe. 😋

PH said...

Going somewhere exotic again for work? Lucky you! I also love 4Fingers although it is very pricey.

Twilight Man said...

Lucky gal.... You will meet another Mr.Nice Man!! Then live at luxury apartment with Cupids flying by the windows ❤️❤️❤️ happily ever after ...

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