Monday, July 23, 2018

Warakuya Japanese Restaurant @ Sri Petaling

Decided to try out this newly opened Japanese restaurant which is located at the corner of the most busiest junction in the neighbourhood.
This place is brightly lit and above it is a ktv. You can't missed this as the ktv signboard is huge and bright enuff for one to notice.
Despite around for months, this place is still a hype among the diners of any age, as well as instagrammers
Here's the snippet of their menu...
 it offers an extensive selection of set meal, gozen, noodles (soba, ramen, udon)
and desserts too
and now, let me show u the interior 
 posh looking seats and lightings, this place is definitely instagrammable!
 and here's what we had:
Unagi set meal
 Sashimi & sushi with much rice! *this isn't mine
 we also ordered an ala-carte potato salada
 *zoomed in picture of my fav unagi......soft and flavorful...
 dessert was on-the-house...
taro konyaku
we were super full after the meal

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Kfry Chicken, IOI City Mall

Some time early this year, we had our team lunch in this newly opened Kfry outlet.
Despite no longer new now, the crowd craze is still there, with long queues during lunch and dinner, even on weekdays!
We ordered cheesy chickens
Another set of cheesy chicken but this one coated with spicy honey sauce
spicy fried chicken wings
The bulgogi soup with glass noodles, mushrooms and assorted veggies....The below picture was taken when it wasn't cooked yet.
 Another colleague ordered ala-carte burger just for himself...super huge!
 The restaurant staff did the 'cooking' on our table (melting the cheese and wrapped the chicken pieces). These plates of cheese wrapped chickens are from pic 2 & 3 above.
The melted cheese reminds me of durians...LOL
 Now, I can't wait for our next team lunch....

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Crockfords, Genting Highlands

This hotel is located in the same building as Sky Avenue. The entrance is kinda secluded and hidden. From the fa├žade of the main entrance, you wouldn't know it is a hotel unless u stay there.
Along the lobby/waiting area, you'll see a display of preserved flowers taken from four different seasons (yes, even winter!). It is a beautiful sight but my camera doesn't do its justice. the room....
I was amazed with the interior, marble floors and walls....and the chandeliers!
it looks so luxurious
from the washroom, u even get a bottle of Listerine...
the can drinks in the fridge *chargeable
but they also provide 2 bottles of complimentary drinking water on daily basis
  here is the living hall, the bed is separated by a blind and the ceiling height curtains
huge tv with multiple channels
when the blind is pulled up, u will get a larger view of the room
  I was curious as what is kept in this box
cutleries, shining ones
 even the plate has its own compartment!
 coffee machine, tea set etc
 snack bar
 it has an office table in the living hall
 and there goes my crib for a nite, very comfy bed!
 the walkway (on the left is washroom)
 and on the right (next to the entrance) is the safety box and racks to place ur shoes/slippers.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Breakfast @ Crockfords, Genting Highlands

 I spent a night stay in this new hotel, which comes with a free breakfast.
Each tenant is entitled to order from their daily menu which has a few options from lobster nasi lemak, porridge, western set etc.
I tried the lobster nasi lemak.
It was just a tiny part of lobster cooked in pungent 'rendang-style' sauce. Nothing to shout about.
 The hotel also offer other common selection at the buffet corner - there are plenty of buns, pastries, fruits, yogurts and cereals available.
But yours truly prefer the savoury foods such as....
I would like to tried out other pastries, but due to stomach upset, I have to control my diet....
and the reason for my terrible stomachache was...
yes, I had too much good food the day before...
It was a member's nite dinner and I swiped 55 points just for this!
*ok la, it was a full 8-course Chinese banquet no complain...

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sushi Zanmai again....

I was so craving for ramen and sushi, and ended up in Sushi Zanmai @IOI Mall.
As usual, this is my '2in1' lazy meal, meaning...
I had lunch - a regular bowl of spicy ramen, which is not spicy at all.
It tastes like miso ramen, and I had to enhance the spiciness with lotsa chili powder.
 and unatama roll for my dinner.
This was a promotional item on that week.
and I parted with RM26.95 for this 'lunch cum dinner' meal, which is quite worth it coz it is without the GST (*laugh cheekily)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Raya @ IOI Mall, Puchong

I was so much excited about Raya that I went to 3 different malls to hunt for 'baju raya' and 'kasut raya'...
This is the Raya theme in IOI Mall this year...another kampong house
 but I prefer this kampong house (than MidV) coz this one is more 'homely'.
As usual, I 'invited' myself to visit this quaint house tucked in the middle of the concourse area at the new wing.
 very ol fashioned with antique radio, iron, clock and 'labu sayong'.
This kampong house has a verandah, wide enough for a group/family picture.
 tea set at the living room, but without the tea.
 I guess this is a fishing village 'house', coz there is a boat at the garden
 a few steps away, I reached Penang....little penang kafe.
yet another ol-fashioned 'cafe' with kopitiam interior.
Yes, u gotta sit on the short stools and have ur meal at bench table!
This mall has definitely undergone major renovation and now it has a bright food court, with many food choices.
 After the sight seeing, let's get back to business....
my kasut raya….
nope, not the above, although I would like to get another pair of this, as it looks similar to the one I had back in 2011, but well, lemme just settle for an 'auntie' sandal.

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