Monday, February 29, 2016

Seafood Steamboat Feast

I can't remember when was the last time I had has been looooooong...well I mean very about a decade ago (!?!)
someone got a free voucher and here's what we've ordered...a steamboat for 2 pax and some other side dishes.
the ingredients were pretty standards, but it's fresh!
As usual, the soup base were spicy tom yum and clear chicken soup.
the other side dishes that we ordered - a huge plate of 'yong chow' fried rice and sweet & sour chicken
and we also tried out the smoky duck (it shaped like char siu, but it's duck meat)
The food portion were too much for the 3 of us. I hav to 'tapau' the leftovers, to avoid wastage.
Stay tuned on what I did with the leftovers.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

A year ago...

a year ago, I hav a series of eat-outs with colleague...
in this one occasion, we were the earliest (and have plenty of vacant seats to choose)
 red lanterns...and CNY decorative fills up the space...
food was so-so, but the ambience was great...
no food pictures, coz i was eating with colleagues...
but a picture of was my last day with the company...
in a separate event, we also toss a farewell yee sang too...
ok, enuff nostalgia!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

CNY leftovers

I guess some Chinese household may hav overstocked their CNY goodies and having to diligently finish 'em now before they expire/turn bad.
Here are the goodies that are still piling at home even after the CNY has over now.
(left to right: peanut cookies, kuih kapit with smashed peanut fillings, dried shrimp 'belacan' mini popiah)
Over the years, we have been reducing in buying such snacks, but nevertheless still found plenty left every year. These will be our breakfast and/or teatime for the coming few days.
(left: green pea cookies, right: pineapple tarts)
 meanwhile, here's a sneak peak of what I had during the recent CNY-eve dinner.
Kinda 'outdated'  picture, but for record-keeping sake.

Monday, February 22, 2016


I guess I've mentioned about my ambitious colleague who wanted to conquer every F&B outlet in this 'not-so-new-anymore' mall...One day, he decided to go Mad... is M.A.D
 it stands for Modern Asian Diner...what a unique name for a restaurant!
yea, yours truly enjoys tagging along with this mad colleague and here we go...
the interior of the restaurant is kinda posh...ermmm homely?
it was crowded on that Friday noon as it was offering 50%-off on ala-carte food items
newly launched promotion, i guess!
perfect couch to sit back and enjoy a cuppa
and creative arrangement of furniture and old antics
here's my order of chicken chop...RM9 after 50% off!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bila Bila Restaurant, Avani Sepang

Me & colleague were so hungry after the 'Amazing Race' game...Lazy to drive out on a sunny afternoon, we decided to dine in a nearby restaurant.
I ordered a beef bolognaise spaghetti. Tastewise not bad...u can't go wrong with bolognaise spaghetti ;-)
here's the freshly blended pineapple juice. This glass of juice cost RM15.90!
another colleague ordered a plate of club sandwich...
seafood curry noodles served in claypot
and thin crust pizza...I was so greedy hungry that I tasted each of these from their plate/pot ;-)
 well, it's a costly meal as each of the above ala-carte (food item) costs about RM30! good thing is they were all delicious otherwise it is really not worth the price.
While waiting for the food, I went around the place and look-see what they offered for the buffet. This restaurant specialises in buffet (as it belongs to the hotel) and they have quite aplenty of western & locals dishes.
The desserts section...
u know i was so hungry back then..and these cakes were so tempting....
my stomach growling while taking these pics...
I feel like wanting to grab a piece to stuff my mouth with this bread
no, I shall not be tempted~
but i can't resists...okay, jst let my phone-cam eat first...
and more drinks in this bar...
before I fainted (out of hunger, not over-excited of seeing wines) I better be seated back to my place and quietly wait for my food.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Sopoong, IOI City Mall

My colleague who is so 'ambitious' wanting to conquer try out every F&B outlet in IOI city mall...
I tagged along on one of his 'ambitious-food-tour-lunch' in this new outlet...a Korean restaurant which also has outlets in Times Square & Quill City Mall.
as this is a halal franchise, u dun expect to see pork in its menu...
the interior looks good and perfect for a quiet chat...but that depends as weekend could be busier.
here's my order...a set meal of Gimbap which came with soup and 3 banchans
and a small bowl of tteokbokki.
My Verdict:
Gimbap was delicious. The cucumber+carrot+egg+pickles blended so well in this rice roll.
Banchan consists of coleslaw (yea, it's western!), kimchi cauliflower and kimchi cucumber.
Daikon soup overloaded with msg....
meanwhile the rice cake in Tteokbokki was took me some 'time & effort' to chew them before safely swallowing each piece. I hope u get what I mean...
This set meal also came with a drink (hot/cold tea)
This value for money set cost about RM16.90 (excl service charge & tax)....I was so full after finishing them.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


4Fingers launches its new outlet in MidValley sometime last year (Nov?)...Even before launching I was looking forward to it and eager to try out their spicy chicken wings...
 Since it is already 'a few' months old now, this is about time for me try out...
In case u'r not sure where is this outlet located, it can be easily recognised from their signboard - a palm with middle four fingers sign
this is a self service restaurant, hence you gotta pickup ur order at the counter
the dining area, not a spacious one, u gotta wait for seating during peak time
despite being a Singaporean franchise specializes in Korean fried chicken, the interior were designed towards NY-theme, with somekind of direction to 'Lower East Side' which eventually did not bring u there
upon ordering, u'll be given a buzzer (same concept as Yoshinoya). When it beeps, go to collect ur food at the pickup counter.
the 'Restricted' paper cup...btw they have ice lemon tea if u opt for non-soda drinks
I ordered the mix of soy garlic + spicy glazed chicken wings/drummets that served with seaweed fries...
My Verdict:
The seaweed fries were tad too salty...
As for the chicken, the first piece...not bad, the coated sauce is flavorful, tender meat yet crispy skin
second piece...started to get bored with the wings and strong flavorful sauce
third piece, I jst wanna get this done ASAP...kinda overloaded with chicken wings!
Nevertheless, it's worth trying for a first timer!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

CNY Decor in IOI City Mall & Genting First World Plaza

Was in Genting Highlands again during the long weekend (Thaipusam holiday) and behold!
such a fascinating sight of pinkish lanterns!
i tink I can stare at it for hours...of course (if possibly) without the crowds down there...
and well, the below is an old prototype of the entire Genting area...I guess they gonna revise this soon when the 20th Century Fox theme park is complete...
the lover's bridge...will be a good meeting point during V-days...haha!
meanwhile, back in Klang Valley...these are the decors being put up in IOI City...yea, colourful pink, lime green, orange lanterns...
 I tink lanterns are getting popular in CNY decors nowadays!
till then, Gong Xi Fa Cai
and wishing u abundance of wealth and joy in this Monkey year!

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