Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Peranakan Place @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

The last time i dined-in here was in 2019.
So when my colleague 'invited' me to join her for lunch at this outlet, i did not hesitate and accepted it straight away😆
My regular order is beef rendang with pandan rice.
Still taste as good as previously...but the price has increased alot...and it no longer come with a free drink.
Previously, it was below RM20nett (3 years ago), but now it has increased to RM23.80nett.
On another day, i ordered from Dim Sum House again...
their rice set which came with a free drink.
I had sweet & sour pork rice with 'lo hon gor' drink for around RM12.70nett (after applying Foodpanda evoucher, and inclusive of delivery charges)
I quite like the taste of their sweet & sour pork has 3 pieces of longan...which are pleasantly sweet....I got to add-on with my own home-cooked rice coz the rice that they provided was too little (not even half-full) 😕
Lastly, here's a sneak peek at my home-office 'minibar'.
Well, not quite a 'minibar' but rather my annoying sister's book shelves which i tried to stuff with my junks/snacks at every 'available space'. Only the edible items belong to me, the rests are hers.
*she has moved out several years ago, hence I occupied her room as my home-office. Her belongings and books are still intact in the room.
Are you able to spot the junks/snacks?

Monday, July 25, 2022

Buldak Gimbap & Night Stroll @ IOI City Mall

It was a Friday evening and i decided to get some relief after work...yea, to the nearby shopping mall 
Somehow i enjoy looking at people skating....some were graceful and only a few clinging to the rail.
It has been decades since my last skating. I was more daring during my younger days but now...i m afraid of falling coz my backbones and hip bones might not be able to sustain the impact😞
From my observation, most of the younger kids nowadays can skate well.
As for dinner, i bought this gimbap from CU Mart.
10 pieces of gimbap for RM9.99....oh come on, why don't they just round up to RM10?!?
My alfresco dining just outside of CU Mart, enjoying the view of people having their meals & drinks at the nearby bistro.
Buldak means 'fire chicken' or spicy chicken. And yea, this was spicy but still bearable.
It was filling, but not impressive...just passable.
After then, stroll around the area...and enjoyed the garden view
The Symphony fountain...
Quite therapeutic to watch the fountains with its changing colour and blinking lights.
Back in the mall...the colorful decorations made me think for a second if there is some sort of festival coming up...
Raya already over, and Deepavali is far ahead😐
i'm here to find my perfect pair of Cinderella heels....sandals...
nice eh? 

Wednesday, July 20, 2022


The office event committee organised a birthday celebration for June babies and everyone get to enjoy a free-lunch on that day.
We were given a choice to order from a list of burgers (with a side dish and drink).
I had 'Ohana' which according to the myBurgerLab description is: 
Seared Cheese-topped Beef Patty with Red Sauce paired with a Grilled Cinnamon Pineapple & Sautéed King & Enoki Mushrooms.
personally i don't quite enjoy the taste...the ingredients and sauce have strong flavor and overpowering each other. I would rather choose a simpler burger so that i can get to enjoy the natural beef patty taste.
As for the side dish, I had green salsa nachos...
The tangy green salsa paired well with the nachos. I finished both the small tubs of salsa dip.
As for the drink i had zero sugar Coke, which tastes just like normal Coke.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Lim Fried Chicken

With the 'Allday' promo in Foodpanda, I got to try out more eateries around the neighbourhood at a cheaper price than dine-in/tapao in-store.
This time i tried Lim Fried Chicken rice set.
It came with a nicely printed box which also features other dishes sold in the restaurant.
They have nasi lemak, chee cheong fun, rendang or just plain fried chicken (for those who doesn't want rice nor ccf).
After deducted from the e-voucher, the price for this rice set is just RM11.70 inclusive of delivery. Such a great deal.
I requested for the curry and sambal to be packed separately.
Apart from a huge fried chicken leg, there is also a hard boiled egg and sautéed cabbages.
Quite generous portion on the rice and cabbages. I felt so full after finishing this.
However, tastewise was just so-so, nothing to shout about. The fried chicken, despite freshly fried and crunchy, the taste was just ordinary (well, there are better ones elsewhere).
Curry gravy was mild, not spicy, hence that's OK with me. There were leftover curries that I kept for the next meal. Sambal wasn't spicy too like those Chinese-style-nasi-lemak-sambal.
Overall is good but not impressive that would make me go crave for it.
I would probably still order this again on another time when there is a promotion.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Someone's treat...

A colleague got to buy me a drink coz he lose a bet to me😀
We had this after our Bak Kut Teh dinner at Bandar Puteri Puchong (sometime last month).
On the left is Royal Whale Milk Tea @RM8.90
and on the right is Roasted Oolong Milk Tea @RM17.90.
Once in a while getting my boba milk tea fix. Tastewise is OK...but their cup is impressive. It is made of thick plastic with nice print (unlike the disposable thin ones used in Chatime/Tealive). Not sure if these are biodegradable or not, but for sure can be reused again.
I did not bring the cup home, jst left it on the table for them to collect and perhaps they have a way to properly dispose/recycle them.
On another occasion, another teammate was leaving the company to pursue a job in SG.
On his last day, he treated us (everyone in the team) a Starbucks each, including those who were working from home.
He did the order and arranged it to be sent to our respective house.
As there is a Starbucks nearby my place, it arrived some 10 minutes later...that's super fast!
I had Java Chip Frappuccino.
Tasty and perfect for teatime😋
Below is not from someone's treat, but my own Foodpanda delivery....
Lui cha (thunder tea rice) ordered from Simple Garden Cafe which is a vegetarian cafe situated in the neighbourhood. I like the crunch of veggies with peanuts. Best when eaten warm.
This will be my regular order unless the promotion is over.

Monday, July 11, 2022

Family Dinner @ Tasty Wok, Bukit Jalil again

[Throwback] This was an impromptu invitation from annoying sis to have dinner with us coz she did not cook that day😂
it has been some 'months' since our last dinner at 'dai chow' eatery.
We usually ordered our comfort dishes, such as below: beancurd with minced pork toppings, sweet & sour fish fillets, marmite chicken cubes...
and stir-fry green leafy...this time we had kangkong in fuyu (fermented beancurd), our favs
Dinner for 4 pax coz BIL wasn't joining (was away for trip).
The bill came up to RM76.60 nett which is quite reasonable

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Garlic Bread

Occasionally, the office pantry will be stocked up with naan breads and garlic breads, as well as eggs.
So on those days when i m in the office, I would reheat the bread to savor.
Trying out the newly bought oven at pantry.
The outcome - fluffy garlic bread😋
My lunches these days would alternate between tapao and eat-out (when work in office), 
or home-cooked and deliveries (when WFH).
So, here's my unhealthy lunch tapao-ed from Texas Chicken drive thru in Sungai Besi PLUS highway.
2 pieces of chicken thigh in spicy flavour (as per my request) with biscuit, coleslaw and drink for RM15.99nett.
I like their honey biscuit, crispy on the outside, soft & fluffy inside.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Foodpanda Delivery - Black Whale & Tumiies

Here are some of the Foodpanda deliveries during my WFH day.
With the 'Allday' promo code, which is applicable the whole day, I get to have RM7 off with purchase of RM14 minimum.
Browsed the app and decided to order a medium milk tea with grass jelly (RM 7.90)
add-on with a creme brulee (RM 6.90) to meet the minimum RM14 requirement.
I have tried Black Whale before, tastes like Chatime, not too sweet with generous servings of grass jelly. 
The creme brule was quite good with the crispy caramelised sugar layer topping. Nice to have for dessert!
After the deduction, the price for both is RM9.79 inclusive of delivery fee. Not bad, even cheaper than buying in-store.
I also ordered a lunchbox from Tumiies, which is prepared by Foodpanda 'cloud kitchen'.
I had kamheong chicken rice. It came in an impressive packaging, some kind of bento-like packaging.
The whole box weigh around 500g, which is quite generous serving.
(Below) Rice with kamheong chicken and 2 miserable slice of cucumbers.
The packaging 'wrapper' has this slogan 'Never turn your back on honest food. Even if it looks simple'.
well, i never turn my back on any food at all😋
The dish doesn't look appealing, but that's how kamheong would look like....

Monday, July 4, 2022

Just some weekend outing

My typical weekend outing to the mall...
to look see look see some buns/breads
and to dine-out...
yes, i went to the same Grandmama restaurant to have my fav curry noodles again😋
it has crispy beancurd skin, taupok, fishcake, prawns, chickens, beansprout, brinjal, and long beans...drenched in a bowl of thick curry. This bowl of curry noodles costs RM18.55nett.
Here's the plain-looking entrance at Pavilion Bukit Jalil
Not much of decoration for Hari Raya (back then). I think this mall is too huge, hence quite challenging to decorate every corner in order to bring up the festive vibes.
It still looks empty despite having been in operation for several months now. But for sure, more eateries have opened.
Others non F&B shops look like struggling....
I see some efforts by the mall management to make it livelier by setting up LED trees
There was also an LED light show but it charges an entrance fee. I did not go in. 
For this kind of light show i would rather go to i-city.
On an unrelated occasion, here's a weekend snack tapao-ed from somewhere...
There were a few items stuffed in this box - oyster omelet (or-chien), jiaozi and a prawn out of nowhere...
hmmm...perhaps this prawn belongs to the fish & chips as side decoration...LOL

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...