Monday, July 18, 2022

Lim Fried Chicken

With the 'Allday' promo in Foodpanda, I got to try out more eateries around the neighbourhood at a cheaper price than dine-in/tapao in-store.
This time i tried Lim Fried Chicken rice set.
It came with a nicely printed box which also features other dishes sold in the restaurant.
They have nasi lemak, chee cheong fun, rendang or just plain fried chicken (for those who doesn't want rice nor ccf).
After deducted from the e-voucher, the price for this rice set is just RM11.70 inclusive of delivery. Such a great deal.
I requested for the curry and sambal to be packed separately.
Apart from a huge fried chicken leg, there is also a hard boiled egg and sautéed cabbages.
Quite generous portion on the rice and cabbages. I felt so full after finishing this.
However, tastewise was just so-so, nothing to shout about. The fried chicken, despite freshly fried and crunchy, the taste was just ordinary (well, there are better ones elsewhere).
Curry gravy was mild, not spicy, hence that's OK with me. There were leftover curries that I kept for the next meal. Sambal wasn't spicy too like those Chinese-style-nasi-lemak-sambal.
Overall is good but not impressive that would make me go crave for it.
I would probably still order this again on another time when there is a promotion.


Rose world said...

Indeed, great deal. The fried chicken was huge!!

If the rice is oiled and fragrant, it would taste nicer, I bet.

mun said...

The fried chicken is supposed to be eaten with the curry so they didn't marinate it with various spices like kfc. That's why you didn't like it because you didn't soak the fried chicken into curry gravy to eat it. Very good that they did as you requested to put the sambal and curry gravy separately. Your mother didn't try the fried chicken cukai from you? Very good deal indeed.

PH said...

I find LFC quite ordinary. Same opinion as you - the fried chicken is big but so so. Even their curry, I didn't think it was anything special.

contact.ewew said...

I got this during their promotion too at around RM10+. So, you came to the same conclusion too about their fried chicken which is just ordinary fried chicken. Like you, I'll probably get it if there's a promo as it's great value then. I think that's probably the reason why people eat this coz the chicken is so huge...very

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