Friday, July 1, 2022

My typical office lunches

Back to the office for at least 2-3 days per week.
These days I having been eating out alot, as well as tapao from the stalls nearby my office.
Here's a pack of nasi kerabu with add-on chicken rendang. It has all the basic ingredients for a decent nasi kerabu...well, at least from my point of view.
The add-on chicken rendang was just for extra protein for a wholesome meal that lasted till dinner.
For RM7, this was indeed a satisfying meal. Well, i'm easily contentedđŸ˜€
Other than nasi kerabu, the nearby stalls also sell Malay nasi campur.
I would usually go for 2-3 dishes like below....begedil (potato patties), beansprout and sambal coated anchovies. These simple 'kampung-style' dishes remind me of the food i had back in the student nostalgic!
On another day, there was a mini bazaar selling all sorts of snacks/foods like those pasar malam kinda stalls.
I bought a deep fried mini chicken chop aka mini 'Uncle Bob fried chicken' for RM1 per skewer.
the size as compared to the cup.
Tastewise just so-so only, just like a typical 'deep fried chicken chop sold in pasar malam' quality. Can't expect much when it is so dirt cheap. Definitely more flour than meat!
On certain days, i would also join my colleagues for dine-out.
Here we went to our fav kebab place at 'Mr. Kabab & Briyani' at Precint Diplomatic (Putrajaya).
My order would usually be 'beef botti kabab with mandy rice' @RM20+
This was on those days where we would want to have something different.


Rose world said...

Really mini chicken chop. Haha.

RM7 for nasi kerabu is cheap. Now everything hikes up in price, really not everything is cheap.

mun said...

Wow! Food near your office is so tasty and affordable. Can save a lot!

Stacy said...

As a proud owner of a flowering butterfly pea plant, I turn my nose up at the colour of that kerabu rice. Hehehe.

Ooh uncle Bob. I haven't had that for many years now, hadn't been visiting pasar malams for a while before the pandemic.

tectectec vpro500 vs vpro500s said...

An office lunch that looks simple and affordable.
And then your afternoon tea needs to be eaten earlier.

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