Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Eventually this road trip is meant as a "gathering cum farewell" for an ex-colleague. One might wonder how could a gathering could also be a farewell occasion...but that's another story.
anyhow, my ex-colleague called on Friday nite and asking if i m interested to join his "farewell"
And i tot that's kinda cool coz i might as well treat this as a gathering since i have long not seen them after leaving the company 5 years ago...
So here we some place about 2 hours drive from the city. Eventually Sekinchan is a small town famous for its paddy rice field, but the paddy have been harvested and hence no green (nor golden brown) fields in sight...all u get to see is some muddy water! Wrong timing!
Feeling dissappointed we head to the beach...
 but it was super hot and sunny! we carried umbrellas while walking to the beach!
there were a few stalls selling junks and refreshment
 the beach isn't maintained much, although it is one of the tourist spot
 it was windy and sunny...even the ice cream melted as soon as it reaches my hand!
lesson learnt: Do not eat ice cream next to the windy beach and under hot sun...that's no fun at all!
 it was low tide, and there's nothing much to be seen during the afternoon, perhaps u will get some sunset view in the evening...
so, goodbye and hope to come back again, perhaps before the harvest season ;-)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Glitter & Glam


Recently saw one of my colleague's iPhone which is covered with glittery casing...and i tot that was cool...While i m a "low-profile" practitioner and a non-attention seeker, the word "GLAM" never exist in my dictionary though sometimes i dream (in sleep) of being glamorous...haha! But dream is being dream...the moment i woke up...all "glam" pops-off and vanished into the thin air...
Hmmm...the aftermath of watching too much Hannah Montana....wuakakaka!
Btw, hav been so free lately (that's not goin to last long) that i browsed some apartment ideas...hopefully for my new apartment (yea, in my dream again!)
and i stumbled upon this elegant yet simple design...and i tot that this might be cool,  with mustard & brown matching color scheme...
haha...enuff or me crappin' around here
but tomoro is a public holiday...and i can't hold myself to hav some fun here and torture my reader with some nonsense bullshits
at least for now...when i m still f.r.e.e.
and that's not goin to last long...........
till then,
signin' off from the glam & glitter dream land

Chillie Pan Mee

 Beware of Chillie Pan is quite addictive!
Well, the warning might sound too much for a decent looking noodle...but the statement is true indeed!
 lotsa MSG was added into that pounded dried chilli...which made us wanting for more...
but eventually i managed to get rid of such addiction...though i still favor this pan mee very much!
it is worth a try, but dun get addicted ;-)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Last Raya (Eid Celebration)

Raya (Eid celebration) may have long gone...but i m still in the mood...well, at least to post up some pics that i took during that festive week. The below is the decoration at The Gardens Mall, simple yet elegant with "Batik" prints and colorful butterfly!
and i had a hearty "Malay festive" meal at "Old Town Kopitiam"outlet coz they have some Raya promotion, and coincidently we have a few vouchers to spend during then. 
 we used up all our vouchers and splurged on this "mega" meal, which consists of individual main meal in a large "dulang" (tray), a dessert and drinks for each set.
WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get!)
eventually they did not dissappoint us with those nicely photoshoped pictures...indeed we got exactly as per advertised in the poster!
 a large basket tray with rice (nasi Kuning), cucumber, long bean, chili paste water convolvulus (sambal kangkung), rendang chicken, chicken satay, shredded omelette, fish lekor...
i ended up too full with all these foodies on the tray...
plus, there is also a bowl of ice kacang at the end of the meal!
 so all-in-all i had a seven-dish meal plus very high sugar drink and dessert! over-calorie!
well, that is a REAL HEARTY FESTIVE meal i had during the last Raya.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pizza Party!

P.I.Z.Z.A You craved for it yet u feel bored with it (after a few pieces)...
but nevertheless we had pizza once-in-a-blue-moon when we are lazy to go out 
 lazy saturday nite with sis @ home...and we ordered ourselves 2 medium size pizza for RM30 (slightly USD10)
on another parents were craving for pizza too...i ordered the same flavors that we had plus an additional of one "free" pizza from the coupon that we got during the previous "late delivery".
so all-in-all, we have 3 pizzas! yum yum...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Homely ABC Soup with Rice

Sometimes u had enuff of "yummielicious & nicely presented food" that u wanted to switch back to good ol' but plain homecooked meal...
such as a bowl of rice in hot broth...
yea, i had mine in ABC soup (potato, carrot & tomato soup) some few weeks back.
The picture may not do its justice, but that was the most homely, warm, yummielicious plus satisfying meal that i hav ever had in my entire life.
*sounds too exagerated?! hahaha!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Manhattan Fish Market

Nope, i did not go to Manhattan nor any fish market there...
Manhattan Fish Market is just another food outlet aka restaurant that specializes in fish & chips, and grilled seafoods!
this place in mid-valley mall has been operating since a decade ago, and i used to patronized here whenever they hav special promotions...
They recently have refurbished the place and the entire interior has be brightened up with a new look...i prefer this bright facade than the previous dark/dimly lit interior 
 and as usual i ordered my fav Dory Fish n' Chip which comes with mushroom cream soup and a fizzy drink...which i guess is a mixture of isotonic drink & mango juice
Bon Appetit!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tribhuvan International Airport

Unlike Hazrat Shahjalal Airport (in Dhaka, Bangladesh), this airport is yet-to-be upgraded despite being high-traffic. Well, i m not posting any facts related to this airport (which u can easily googled that!) but instead writing some of my personal views and observation, both factual & sentimental.
Tribhuvan airport it is a one-storey brick building which from my personal view, looks more like a horse barn than airport (u judge it urself...what i mean is exteriorly...due to it's bricks, no offence!)
the interior somehow reminds me of an old bus station (in the mid 80's) with shops selling junks and snacks...which normally seen in bus stations...not much of souvenir shops in sight, mainly b'coz the travellers are mostly their locals Nepali travelling out of the country for work.
the airport might be small to accomodate the huge number of traveller, hence most of the family/friends will bid their farewell outside of the building as they are not allowed into the compound. It's sort of an 'emotional-kinda-scene' seeing the sad faces of old parents/kids/wife bidding goodbye to their son/father/husband right outside of the airport entrance, and they are somehow not allowed into the building even if the weather is terrible...Such emotional scene is so common (at this airport) and i felt sympathy to them as these people might not be able to see their son/father/husband for some years before they return from working abroad. Some might not be able to return at all (mishap in workplace or cheated by agent, u wouldn't know!) seems like the fella is going to a faraway land, gambling his life and might never return...
luckily it isn't in my case...travelling on flights doesn't seems to be a big thing that my whole family has to present in the airport to send me off....i guess this is a very 'old-fashion kinda practice' when nowadays u gotta connect/contact ur loved ones via online media, anytime, anywhere. Flying out of the country is so norm that my parents didn't bother much about most of the time i will be back in within 3-4 days.
and if u notice carefully, some youngster (especially the first timer travelling abroad for work) will be blessed...
and a yellow scarf will be hung around their neck...
while some will touch the plane staircase while chanting religious prayer before boarding the plane...
perhaps the 4.5 hour journey is somewhat very far from their homeland!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nepali Chulo Restaurant, Kathmandu - Part 2

For the past 2 months I was too busy with assignments & have been delaying some post related to the trip.
Anyway, continuing from my previous post on Nepali Chulo restaurant, this time i shall display more pics of its surrounding and ambience...rather than elaborate on the culture shows and foods.
as introduced earlier, this place is totally 'mystic' and full of arts!
u'll also get to see some religious items hung on the wall or placed at the side walk
such as this buddha wall-picture
and some carvings
in which it blended well with the scenery portrait
u'll also get to see some ancient items such as below...dun ask me what are they, but i guess it could be a chandelier and a safety box (?!?)
some nature decoration are also in sight...such as mini pond with fountain
i sensed some similarity of the architectures with those i've seen in Bhutan...very mch close to it
there are just lots of strange & devilish-looking mask hung around the place
the walkway to the centre court
ancient stuffs placed at one corner for display
and the entrance with buddha figure 'guarding' the place
all in all, apart from being a restaurant, this place is indeed a 'Gallery'!

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...