UTOPIA: Nepali Chulo Restaurant, Kathmandu - Part 1

Monday, September 30, 2013

Nepali Chulo Restaurant, Kathmandu - Part 1

On my final day in Nepal, i opted to have something local (Nepali cuisine) and perhaps enjoy the evening with some local cultural shows.
The hotel receptionist recommend us to this place...
me and my boss decided to drop by as this restaurant looks promising based on the description in the leaflet!
 after some 15 minutes walk (on the dark alleys with countless potholes) from the hotel, we finally reached a darkly surrounded building...it's a bungalow building with colonial architecture...but the interior was superb and full of culture & arts!
 the mystic ambience could be felt once u entered this dimly-lit restaurant.
Be mesmerized with the wall paintings and ornaments!
 and the table settings, plus the copper cups and plates.We chose the traditional dining, with lower tables and floor seatings.
 right in front of the dining place, there's a stage with performances
 a group of singers rendering some folks tunes (i guess!)...
be surprised to see lotsa patrons here from China...these youngsters might be here for some cultural/educational tour, how lucky!
The dance show began soon after we made ourselves comfortable - right on time!
the dances were either in couples or single lady performer clad in their traditional costumes...
despite not understanding a single word of what they sang, i enjoyed to the tune & amused by the dance movement.
The whole dining experience was an eye-opener...

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