Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Birthday Cake for the Annoying Sister

I'm sure u now know that I have an annoyin' sis who talks a lot. When I was a kid (2 or 3 yo), that was my impression of her - loud and noisy. Back then i was a small-size-toddler kid while she was a much taller kid that can easily shoved me aside when it comes to fights. She made me a number of crappy cards & gifts over the years which none can be utilized.
She that kinda person who likes to celebrate B'day (be it anyone) and still likes to play with fire blows out candles from the cake. So I got one for her b'day.
 the annoyin' sis with her b'day cake at midnite...u know she can't wait to blow up candles on the following morning, so she did it on the dot (when the clock strucks 12!)
see how happy she was!
why not? coz this year she dun have to receive a bottle of ketchup from me like in previous years :-)
coincidently her name is Yerin too (when translated into Korean name) and she gave me angpow for last Christmas (the amount is about KRW20000 too) to buy a dustbin~~no joke!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Yeseo!

Nothing melts my heart when seeing kids birthday. Well, why not? This is so cute!!!
U dun hav to know what they are talking about...but if u r curious, u can scroll down for their conversation. This lil' b'day celebration reminds me of the one that I had when I was a kid, it was jst me and my family kinda affair, with my elder sis being the 'noisy' one, 'shiok sendiri' like this bigger sister does. This 'big sis' even gave her an 'angpow' of 20,000 KRW! LOL! so thoughtful of her...

The bigger sis is kinda creative in making the hats and the 'game' present, which to her lil' sis astonishment, but I tink she's jst not so interested with it compared with the yummy foods on the table!
It kinda reminiscent of my childhood days, with an 'annoying' sis whole steal the 'limelight' all the time (I dun talk much back then, and still is). Yea, my elder sis enjoys making crappy cards & gifts too! Anyway, heck cares coz all I want is to eat!
Here's their conversation:
Yerin: Didn't I make it well? I made this, look.
Dad: You did, Yerin?
Yerin: I made that too. Mom made that and I made that. I made yours, Dad.
Yerin: How about this? You can blow out 2 candles and I can blow out 2 candles.
Dad: Let's have Yeseo blow them out since it's her birthday. Should we sing Happy Birthday?
Mom: Yeseo, happy 4th birthday!
Dad: Happy birthday!
Mom: Say something to Yeseo as an older sister.
Yerin: Happy birthday.
Dad: That's enough~ Too loud.
Mom: Wow, Yerin has a present for Yeseo. Your older sister made it for you. Thank your sister.
Yeseo: Thank you sister~
Yeseo: Let's open it.
Mom: What could it be? She can't even open it...
Yerin: Yes you can! Yes you can! Look.
Dad: What could it be?
Yerin: Can you give me scissors? You need scissors...
Dad: Why did you tape it?
Yerin: I don't need the scissors anymore.
Yeseo: I'm curious!
Dad: Yerin, that's good enough. It's going to rip.
Yerin: It's a game.
Dad: What could it be? I'm excited.
Yerin: Oh, come on...
Dad: What is it?
Yerin: A game.
Mom: Wow, Yeseo, your sister gave you 20,000 won. She gave you money and even a present. What is that?
Yerin: Sketchbook.
Mom: It's a sketchbook?
Yeseo: It looks so yummy!
Yerin: This is really fun. These are two kids going abroad???....And they go like this. This is where they start. Whoever gets lost loses and whoever finds the right place wins.
Mom: Oh, really?
Yeseo: ???
Yerin: ???
Dad: It's a game you designed yourself, Yerin.
Yeseo: I want to eat!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Weekday Promotion @ Dave's Deli

This place has been having its daily (weekday) promotion for quite some time now. My colleague thought of goin here to try out their roasted chicken. So, off we went!
 i'm not fond of eating chicken with bones, so I ordered chicken chop instead - Hainanese Chicken Chop. Guess what?
After the discount, this huge plate of chicken chop priced at only RM13.70! And that's already inclusive of GST as well.
Dave's Deli applies the self-service concept. U order the food & pay at the counter. If the item is available on the counter they will prepare on-the-spot instantly, else u'll get a waiting number and they will deliver the food to your table.
A few of my colleagues ordered the quarter roasted chicken (similar like Kenny Rogers) and it was also priced at RM13.70 together with the side dishes similar as above. Portion were huge and definitely a good deal on weekdays when there is a discounted price given.
I'll be coming here again for sure ;-)
*the promotion is only applicable for dine-in @ IOI City Mall only.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Curry Noodles Fix

My usual cravings for gali-mee mee kari (curry noodles) would end up in...
yea, u know this place well...if u r in M'sia (or SG & certain cities in Aussie)
but, when it isn't late (at nite) and most stalls are still in operation hours, I'll get my 'curry noodles fix' in a vegetarian shop.
And guess how much does this cost?
a dirt cheap RM2.50!!!
it may not taste as good as those with cockles and chicken, but good enuff to satisfy my cravings without feeling guilty of having this high-calories bowl of noodles, coz it is vegetarian!
*it looks fiery red hot, but it is definitely not spicy at all!

Monday, March 21, 2016

I cooked in the office!

This entire bowl of noodles together with the sunny side up egg and veggies were all cooked in the office pantry. Our pantry here has kettle, microwave oven and the complete set of cutleries! My colleague brought 4 packs of Korean ramyeon, another colleague purposely went to get some fresh lettuce from Tesco and i brought the eggs from home...Nope, i did not fry the eggs, they were all cooked using the microwave oven!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

SRK Kampua Noodles

I have read so much about this noodle house that i decided to try out their famous kampua noodles...
first time trying kampua noodles...the texture is springy but the noodles strand sticks together. It could be easily mistaken for kolo mee or perhaps hakka mee..yet i still can't differentiate them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A day in Zootopia?

Welcome to Utopia Zootopia...errrr...nope..not's ZOOTOPIA...Well, definitely NOT an imaginative place of ideal perfection...
watch this & u'll know....

u gotta have high patience dealing with those 'sloth officers' that man the public services desk, somewhat similar to our gah-ver-men offices style.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Pizza Hut combo

There were days when we ordered fast food delivery @ home. It is so convenience and suits perfectly on a lazy sunday.
here's one combo from Pizza Hut, priced somewhere RM49.90 (old price, almost a year ago), u'l get a medium-sized pizza, bolognaise spaghetti, chicken drummets, garlic bread and mushroom soups!
the pizza arrived piping hot and the garlic bread were soft & fluffy
you can't go wrong with bolognaise spaghetti...I took a bite and was immediately hooked on!
chicken drummets were not bad either, well marinated and not too dry.
so there goes our lunch & dinner for two!
Earlier I tot Pizza Hut would be another crappy fastfood delivery, but eventually it isn't. Glad that I try out the combo this time.
Bon Appetit!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Avani Sepang

I had my annual company dinner at Avani sometime early Jan this year. Instead of jst having a dinner, the organizer has themed up with the Team Building activity and get it done one-shot in this 2 days, 1 nite event.
Since it was an overnite event, we got to stay in Avani...hooray!
This place perfectly suits for a family vacation as it has pools and bike for rent.  
it was a weekend and the place was kinda 'occupied' with families.
but most of them went for the pool as it was a hot day. Yours truly choose to cycle around the place.
with the shape of a palm tree, one can cycle to each and every 'tree branch' to the open sea.
jst make sure ur bike has a good brake system, otherwise 'gone-case'
here's the view from my room.
evening view, moment before sunset
the bathroom is facing the sea too...u can opt to enjoy the seaview while taking shower or slide down the blind if u r not planning to give a free show for a private shower ;-)
the toilet attached to the shower, kinda spacious
u get all the usual amenities
and the spacious room...where u can roll and dance
well, i'm looking forward to the next outing/teambuilding...

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Kid From The Big Apple Official Trailer

This locally made Chinese film is officially up in cinema today. It isn't any huge production, in fact I did not know about this film until I read it in the TheStar paper today. This story is about a young gal hails from NY to live with his grandpa which character was starred by Ti Lung (a famous former HK martial arts artist). But what makes this film kinda nostalgic was the backdrop at a familiar neighbourhood where my late maternal grandma stays. 

That quaint lil flat used to be a gathering place for family & relatives on every weekend & festive day. I like to hang out at the balcony overlooking the opposite houses and seeing new buildings mushrooming from afar (Yulek was developing back then). But my most memorable event was the morning stroll with grandma to the morning market for dim sum...and the eat-outs at the Yong Tau Foo stalls jst below our block.
This flat surely look colourful in the movie scene, jst like how it was 20 years ago...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Seaside Dining @ Sampan Restaurant, Avani Sepang

Enjoyin' sunset by the romantic eh?
Not just the view is fascinating. There were aplenty food from the buffet counter to choose from.
but before that, let's wait for everyone to be seated...before the feasting begin
This place could be a great escape from the city as it is only 1.5 hours-drive from KL.
The food ranging from bbq, western & asian fusion, as well as seafood.
dun ask me about the price, coz it was fully funded by the company!
H.a.P.P.y  F.e.A.s.t.I.n.G

Friday, March 4, 2016

Prosperity Noodle set

Continuation from the previous post...
Nothing was left wasted as I packed the leftover from the steamboat lunch to be 'fully utilized' on the following day. And I whipped up two sets of 'Prosperity noodles'...
Here is it - Prosperity Noodle set A
and...- Prosperity Noodle set B
they looked almost similar, but with some twist in the ingredient
do u notice the difference?

D'Nats Sri Petaling

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