Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It has been quite some time since i last blogged. Reason being? Many times inspiration came flashing while i was doin my biz in the loo. But when i sat at a proper place to blog them out, it’s gone. Darn.

Every morning, passing by the underneath of KESAS highway, i looked up on the rooftop of Endah Parade and i saw a clear blue sky. Further away, some green trees and birds flocking around. It was such a calm scenery, contrast to the rush hour traffic crawl at the street below. Btw, I was stuck at the traffic corner while waiting for the lights to turn green!

The morning skyview was like a Utopia. Soon after i daydreamed of having retired in a place with such criteria – clear blue sky and surrounded by greeneries, it would be perfect if the temperature is cooling, not too hot and not too cold.

Mayb i should retire in a farm, those with windmill for the windy effect. Someting like these pics below. Wheat farm, corn farm, soy beans...whatsoever farm so that i dun end up in famine. Ok, mayb a strip mall nearby would do me good.

Imagine watching the sunset by the lakeside. Every sunset marks the end of a hectic day and a beginning of a new day, new chapter. Wouldn't it be interesting?
That’s my UTOPIA, how 'bout yours?

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