Monday, June 29, 2009

Savor everybite of HK Food

Warning: This post is not suitable for reader who is on diet (on minimal calorie intake).

As soon as we touched down HK, we went to check-in to our hotel and have our midnite supper. It was past 11, but I wasn’t hungry despite having my lunch at 2.
Hence, we ordered something simple, a bowl of noodles each, but ended up feeling so full after that.

Thick noodle with minced pork
Frankly speaking, I was taken aback with its large portion. The minced pork tasted like those imported luncheon meat from China, which is too salty with some weird taste. I wasn’t sure whether it was my taste bud (after the flight) but it just doesn’t up to my liking. Meanwhile, the soup that came with the dry noodles wasn’t much better, as it was heavily sprinkled with MSG…The thick noodles was spongy, but then, if given a choice, I’d prefer thin noodles over the thick ones.
Rice noodle with beefballs and chicken.
The taste was much mediocre as compared with the salty minced pork noodle. The soup was still salty, despite being clear white. Sis seemed to like the beefballs but i felt that it tasted so fake, more of like preservatives. The only edible thing in this bowl is the veggie. I was so reluctant to continue with the noodle despite being forced by sis. Alas, I didn’t manage to finish even the half bowl.
Overall, my first meal in HK was too bland, mayb I hav yet to adjust my taste bud to their local flavors.

Good thing is that this meal came in a set with drinks. Sis ordered hot lemon tea which was served in a stainless steel mug. Looks good though!
We didn’t try much of their local food on the next day as we were at Victoria Peak for almost half day, hence the only food we had was fast food. Meanwhile, dinner was shrimp wonton noodles and desserts.

Dessert: Egg custard, and their version of bubur cha-cha.
The bubur cha-cha was so thick and rich in sago, despite being slightly sweeter.
On our second day, while strolling along Wanchai area, we discovered this typical tiny coffeeshop in the middle of the bustling city, and decided to head in. This shop sells a variety of nissin noodles and breakfast sets.
Here is what we ordered:
Nissin noodles with luncheon meat and egg.
Pork chop with egg and sandwich.
While I opted for a much lighter lunch after this heavy breakfast, it doesn’t turn out as planned as I had fries and fried chicken while @ ocean park later on. My breakfast and lunch meal was so fattening! How to lose weight eh???

Dinner was not much lesser (in calorie), coz I had roasted goose rice @ Hay Hay Kitchen. The goose was so yummy and tender that I manage to finish the entire plate despite its huge portion.
After all these meaty meals, we decided to have some fruits dessert…at the famous Hui Lau Shan. Well, u can never go wrong with their mangodesserts! We were spoilt for choice, and decided to order a combo dessert which came in 3 different platters, all of which were so rich in mango flavor.
The next morning we headed to Hon Po Palace Restaurant to hav our dim sum breakfast. I luv their ‘siu mai’ so much! The prawns were fresh and spongy…thumbs up!
siu mai
While on our way back to hotel, we take-away (to-go) Polo bao (Pineapple bun) and egg tarts. Their egg tart is superb, which I guess would be much nicer if eaten fresh.
After walking around Mongkok area, we hunt for snacks…
Sniff sniff…
The stinky tofu! but dare not to try (coz it stinks! Haha!).
Instead we bought fried squid, crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside…and with some fishy smell!
By 4, we went to have our early dinner before heading back to the airport. Our dinner….TADA!
Consists of 3 dishes, fried eggplant with minced pork, stir-fry choy sum and sweet & sour fish fillet. Sweet & sour fish fillet was pretty good, the meat wasn’t too chewy and the sauce wasn’t too tart. You could taste the freshness of the choy sum…I’d say that HK choy sum is much better than ours.
I ate a lot and gained 2kg after the trip! omg!

Tribute to Michael Jackson

MJ no more.
I'm not a great fan of his but i grew up listening to MJ's songs over the local radio, MTVs and even at shopping malls.
We even have a cassette featuring his 80's songs like beat it, bad and billie jean...which i used to sing along as a kid.
Indeed, he was great, and till now i wonder how he did the moonwalk.
He surely was a blessed star!
R.I.P Michael Jackson...
One day in your life
You'll remember the love you found here
You'll remember me somehow
Though you don't need me now
I will stay in your heart
And when things fall apart
You'll remember one day...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hong Kong - Day2 & Day3

HK – Day2

0745: We rise early to catch the Flag Raising ceremony at Wanchai. Unfortunately, only able to reach there at 8. Just as I thought it was over, we were relieved that the flag raising has just begun, and we didn’t missed a thing.
0900: After having our breakfast at one of the coffeeshops in Wanchai, we took the city tram to Central. While walking along Johnston Road, we passed by this corner shop selling roasted goose, chicken and pork.
tis is NOT a double decker bus but a 'millenium' tram (also known as 5th generation tram). We hoop into one too! The fares were cheap, with fix rate HKD2 regardless of distance.
1020: Ocean Park…woo-hoo!!! I’m seeing Panda at a very close distant!
we took the cable car to the other side of ocean park...
again...dark skies...
Enjoyed every bit of their shows, especially the Dolphins and Sea Lions performance, and not to forget the acrobatic show…just right in front of me!
the sea lions obeyed every instructions given...and they were very playful!
1800: Left Ocean Park after a whole day fun. Bye bye, Ocean Park!

2000: Rushed back to Avenue of Stars to watch Symphony of Lights. It was an awesome show, can’t describe much here, u gotta come to see for yourself. There are many major skyscrapers participating, with the main ones being Bank of China, HSBC, SCB Tower etc. It would be great if IFC joins in.

2200: Stroll along the night market in Temple Street while watching the daily activities of the locals. Managed to catch their Scout band practice @ Kowloon Park, not to mention the weather was good after a downpour in the evening.

HK – Day3
Shopping Day! After a hearty dim sum breakfast, we headed off to shop for souvenirs and local products at shopping malls and Ladies market.
This was followed by another hearty meal before leaving to airport for departure.
Truly enjoyed my brief stay over here despite having feet pain for walking too much!
Upnext: HK Flavors

Hong Kong - Day 1

We have tight schedule on Day1, covering places around HK island & Kowloon.

0800: It started at Kowloon area where me & sis went to stroll along the Avenue of Stars in the morning. You will see some male folks jogging semi-naked…well, I mean without their shirts on!
The morning view overseeing the HK island from Kowloon. Scary cloudy skies…was praying for good weather all along our trip...
0900: Crossing the tunnel to HK island towards Golden Bauhinia Square. Nothing special except the place was crowded with Chinese Mainland visitors.
1000: Went to dunno-wut temple (or isit a park??), but this is a landmark in Repulse Bay. Again, it was crowded with Japanese tourists due to weekend…People flocked here to pray for luck (wealth), and fertility.
1100: Aberdeen Fishing Village. Hooray…We are on our way to Jumbo Floating restaurant!
Dream on!
Just passing by while on the sampan ride…
It was known that these fishing boats were onshore due to monsoon season, thus their only source income (while they were not fishing) is thru donation from public.
1300: Back to HK island again. This time we took Star Ferry. While on our way to onboard ferry, we bumped into Doulos…which will be in HK till next month. This might be my final time to see her as it will be decommissioned in 2010.
1400: The Peak. We took the tram up the steep hill. The journey took about 15-20 minutes, while u will be thrilled to see things in 45degree angle. We bought the combo ticket which includes Peak Tram ride, Madame Tussauds and Sky Terrace view. So off we went to Madame Tussauds to meet the famous figures!
Your heart will pop out if she moves!
1830: Sky terrace @ the Peak. Went there to watch the spectacular sunsets from the top of the hill.
From bright day, we waited til it became this…2000: Took the topless 15C bus back to Central. The nightview in the city is somewhat bustling but not too packed.
The nite view in HK streets
All these pics were taken above the topless was abit blur as the bus moves.
2100: From Central we walked along Mid-Level escalators passing by SoHo. Towards the end of the escalators, we passed by some very isolated places with staircases, steep narrow roads and ended at some housing apartments.
2300: Got lost while finding our way to Lan Kwai Fong. Well, we were not there to hav drinks, but to have a glimpse of their nitelife. That place is very much like our Changkat Bukit Bintang. After then, we called it a day after much walking.

Come Fly with Me

I managed to book free flight tickets sometime last year. The flight is somehow scheduled not until recent June …which is many months ahead from the booking date.
This would be my first free return flight with Air Asia, hence it was way cheaper if compared to flying with MAS or any other airlines.
I was seated next to the window, and having a spectacular view of sunset some thousands feet above sea level
The plane took off at 5 in the evening. The weather was hot and the cabin was stuffy although having air-condition. I was suffering from headache & dizziness due to lacking oxygen
Despite that, still manage to capture tis...
bon voyage!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June Feast

The month of May was packed with lotsa feasts, but June is not exceptional too.
Yeapz, it’s Father’s Day!
We had our feast on early June, a simple dinner at some eateries in nearby neighborhood...
We had ...Steamed Kampung Chicken, their so-called ‘Kwai Fei Tofu’ (wut a name..but it’s sort of Seafood Beancurd), and Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet.
The ‘kwai fei tofu’……I wonder which are the ‘kwai fei’? Prawns?
bon appetit!


The weather was hot over the past few weeks and is predicted that El-Nino will hit back at this region.
I m breathing hazy air since then, and regardless of sunny or not, I can’t escape the warm stuffy weather. Apart from staying in air-conditioned area, and switching the fan to full-blast, one resolution is to take icy cold dessert.

The cheapskate me (nowadays) no longer indulge in Haagen Dazs, but opt for our local Ice Kacang.

I was taken aback when seeing the dark coloring on the top of it, hesitating to gulp down despite being so thirsty. I felt refreshing immediately after taken the first bite, but it did not help in reducing my thirst as it was sweet due to the syrup. Anyhow, it was fun having Ice Kacang coz there were lotsa ‘treasures’ on the bottom, u just gotta dig it!

Having this once in a while should be okay ;-)

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