UTOPIA: Rainy Day & Ice-Cream

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rainy Day & Ice-Cream

The weather is cold today...and i hav been sneezing more frequent than usual...
arrr...choooooo!!!! *sneeze sneeze
Despite tht, we tot of having some ice-cream...thus, sis went to the nearby hypermart to get one.
2 hours later, she brought back a tube of ice-cream. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of havin' ice-cream during rainy/cold day....shioknya!
It's Choc Choc Chip flavour. Very chocolatey. Can u guess how much does it costs?
As told by sis, here is a scenario when she went to pay for the ice-cream:
Cashier : (scanned the barcode, then eyes popping out...can't believe...she scanned for another time..)
Sis : (Looking at her in one kind). Anything wrong?
Cashier : Yang ini (pointing at the ice-cream) harganya $28.89???
Sis : ya..ya..
Cashier : ok (disbelief)...keciknya..(then she talked with a guard standing nearby) ni aiskrim kecik tapi harga 28 lebih!
That guard also 'kepoh'...he peeped into the plastic bag and said "keciknya"...(with another disbelief look)
Sis : ??? (amazed)
I guess these people never hav Haagen-Dazs before...there was no mistake in the barcode and indeed that is the usual market price for a small tube of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream. Anyway, v dun always buy these kinda ice-cream...i ain't a spendthrift!


3POINT8 said...

The ice cream tube in the picture, looks huge!! When i first was it, I thought its a statue!

X said...

i want rum and raisin yummy

better still make my own ...pour Remy martin into vanilla ice cream

Nux V said...

3point8: u hav been fooled by the picture! i purposely zoom in closer to make it look huge and gigantic, like dat looks better...

x: remy martin wif vanilla? nice ar? why u never recommend it in ur blog one???

Princess Eileen said...

Wukakaka, 3point8's comment makes me LOL... Statue... hilarious...

I have yet to enjoy the chocolate fondue in Haagen Daaz... I also dun spend much.. wukaka... When I do, I try to do it one in a go :P

curryegg said...

You're right. They might have not taste the ice-cream before.. ;D

And.. I wanna taste.. I wanna taste..

John said...

Good ice cream is always worth it!
Hope you're not getting a cold.

keeyit said...

Always raining recently.. My clothes also cannot dry

jam said...

Wala eh, 28 plus for one ice cream. That's definitely too much for me!

Nux V said...

Princess: choc fondue! yummylicious! i haven't try tht too :-(

curryegg: hehe...u go buy one at the nearest mart la...wuakakaka..

john: yes, totally agree! nope, i m not getting cold yet ;P

keeyit: "rain rain go away, come again another day!" sing this phrase when it is raining, and sooner the rain will stop ;P

jam: i think tht is too mch for most of us too, but well, who can resist tht kinda temptation??

Johnny Ong said...

cant blame as their salaries cld be too low to even dare think abt such sinful indulgence..... by looking at yr purchase, of course they will sulk at it

syhcool said...

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