Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Playground

There's not more crappy than to put up this post about the neighbourhood playground.
No, this is indeed no ordinary playground ;-)
 i grew up here, having my childhood playtime with the swings and slides, but of course, those has been replaced with the new & colorful ones
 the older swings and slides are no longer in sight, but the cycling path is still there. I practiced my very first bi-cycling attempt at this very spot
 surrounded by lush greeneries and nicely trimmed grass
 this place is so peaceful during the noon, but when evening comes, kids and parents begin to flock here with their gadgets, bicycles and other available-in-the-market-play-items
yet another nostalgic spot...

Monday, December 23, 2013

MeRRy ChRisTm@s

wishin' all my readers a merry Christmas,
enjoy your holiday
hav a BLAST

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Le Meridien @ Sentral KL - Part 3

To burn off the calories from the food intake during lunch, i decided to take a brief stroll around the hotel pool and it's surrounding 
 it was noon hence not mch people were seen around the pool area
 the hotel lobby doesn't change much from my last visit...with a few ornaments being hung up for the X'mas season
The furniture are still pretty cute and retro...Color combination of  mustard & grey is just so fascinating!
the mini fountain nearby the pool create the "splashing sound", else it would be too quiet
well...the concept of Le Meridien is similar to Four Points (Bangkok) which i stayed some few years ago...Indeed both are under the subsidiaries of Starwood Hotels group
hopefully i could enjoy/utilize my SPG card to get some great offers in the near future!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Le Meridien @ Sentral KL - Part 2

Well, this post is about food...
I was fed with 4 meals daily during the 2-day training...
that was way beyond my consumption quota!
Lunch was at a restaurant within the hotel, known as "Latest Recipe"
not sure why it is named in such way when probably the food are mostly quite common at least in this region
well, let's start with the dessert was located right in front of the entrance...and served as "eye-candy" to lure kids customer with its colorful display of cakes, custards, jellies, and local kuehs
 but, sadly i was too full to even taste any of the cakes. The only thing that i had for dessert was the peanut waffle and spoonful of egg custard, that's it!
Next is the sushi and cold platter u will find freshly cut sushi replenished all the time!
there is also cold hams of various kinds, but i did not try even one.
 the warm dishes are aplenty, ranging from Chinese, to Malay, Indian, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine
 and the seafood bar where u will get fresh oyster, mussels, prawns...all RAW!
 not only that, raw seafood are also offered in "Sashimi" style...with the chef freshly cut the pieces upon request. A selection of salmon and squids can be found.
 and the facade of the restaurant...looks very 60's kinda Oriental/Peranakan "Kopitiam" but dun be fooled by its exterior, the interior of the restaurant is pretty modern...
 it's X'mas soon...even the mirror is not exceptional from the decoration!
 and the teddies all on display...not-for-sale though
 softtoys...huggable and lovable...but non-edible
they are too cute be to be!
 and i found something homely in the's chicken chinese herbal soup...
but sadly the taste is nothing in comparison with the home-cooked ones...this was so heavily seasoned and i can still see the black pepper seeds floating in the soup.
overall, food is good, but nothin' mch to hoo-haa about...
At least i gotta enjoy my b'day lunch treat for 2-consecutive days...FOC by the seminar organizer ;-)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Le Meridien @ Sentral KL - Part 1

 I'm back at Le Meridien again!
This time not for the company annual dinner but for a seminar/training organized by CyberSecurity M'sia.
Not bad to host a training in this hotel...coz this place is just so different from any other hotel could offer!
a bird-eyed view of a bistro at the lobby, it was so neat & tidy! 
 alrite, lets adjourned to level 6 where all the function rooms are located
 as i was the earliest to arrive, i loitered around the area and snap a few pictures here & there.
Their snack bar is cool, not bcoz of the design nor the decoration, but of the free flow concept!
Sandwich, fruit salads, muesli bar, chocolates, peanuts, junks, ice-cream, bread, cakes, beverages and juices were filled up to the brim and attendees can anytime grab as-much-as-they-can while enjoyin' the seminar/talk.
 the huge concourse area right outside the function/seminar rooms
 with standalone snacking tables...
the entire place was so serene and one could view the traffic flow (outside of the building) from the full glass panel...
i m sure the sight would be breathtaking by night ;-)
 ok, let's zoom-in to the snack bar...
if i were a kid, i will jump outta joy seeing all my fav childhood junks being offered free-flow here...
but, there is jst too much foodies (pastries and light refreshment) to enjoy tht  practically u dun hav any chance to savor the junks!
ended up these junks were merely for display rather being consumed...
items such as kit-kat, nips peanut coated chocolate, muesli bar, ice-cream, various fruit juices, twisties corn snack, mamee noodle snack, frozen fruits are all well kept and re-new/re-filled a few times daily 
 there is a bar attendant that was in charge in ensuring the stock are up-to-date and filled up all the time!
 fruits, eat-all-u-can!
 some decoration on the table. NON EDIBLE
 and the seminar room before the session starts
if u r bored, jst grab some popcorns...
yea, u read it's P.O.P.C.O.R.N
i begin to doubt if i m attending a seminar or a movie in the cinema...
i was pretty well fed during the 2-days course...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Apartment

Went to a showroom of a newly launched apartment. Was fascinated with its interior and hopefully i could have a similar one in my future home ;-)
Despite only 900 plus sqft wide, the apartment was tastefully decorated with wise selection of furniture, lighting, wall paint and tiles!
 even the kitchen was very well partitioned
 the master bedroom with mustard-colored wall paint coat
 one of the rooms that was converted into leisure room
 entrance to the bathroom/toilet with built-in cabinet
 the shower was separated with a glass panel to avoid water splashing out to the toilet bowl.
i would prefer a sliding door though...
 the exterior facade of the building as seen from this miniature prototype is as below
looks good to least the design could sustain a few more years before it is outdated!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rabbits in the Office

Rabbits, only 2 weeks old!
 They are cute, the size of my palm.
Last week, my colleague was giving away all the total 11 of them!
But anyhow, with such cuteness, the response was positive and very soon all hav been given out
i managed to play with two of them which she bought to the office...
not sure of its gender and has no name yet...
but heck cares, they are C.U.T.E afterall!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Birthday Treat

I don't usually have big lavish b'day celebration, but instead a personal one...this year i had a 12" pizza at half price rather than b'day cakes....
well, my b'day cake will come soon...from the HR (company monthly B'day celebration)!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Meng Kee Roast Pork

One of my fav hangout lunch place is none other than Meng Kee restaurant situated at the nearby neighbourhood. Not only they sell crispy yet succulent roast pork, but they also have aplenty choices of noodles and rice, such as wonton noodles, bbq pork, roast chicken rice, steamed chicken rice, curry noodles, pork and shrimp dumplings etc.
 it sure will satisfy my cravings for any of the above selections!
 I ordered a bowl of pork wonton to pair with the roast pork rice...Yea, not often i frequented this place hence i might just as well ordered both of my fav to savor at one time. I have a BIG APPETITE!
the yummy roast pork did not dissappoint me. But it sells out very fast, better to reach there early before 12 noon!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fried Carrot Cake

During my childhood days, I had fried carrot cake whenever we go to Pasar Malam (neighbourhood weekly night market)...coz it was cheap back then...something like RM1.50...
eventually i grew fond of eating this (though i did not know the name of this food back then)...but it is unhealthy due to it being fried with lard and recyclable oil...
Over the years, we no longer buy this coz this is more of a snack than a proper meal and definately unhealthy with lards and fried stuffs.
hence, this has became an 'exclusive' food where i can only get to enjoy once in a blue moon :-(

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