Friday, December 13, 2013

Le Meridien @ Sentral KL - Part 1

 I'm back at Le Meridien again!
This time not for the company annual dinner but for a seminar/training organized by CyberSecurity M'sia.
Not bad to host a training in this hotel...coz this place is just so different from any other hotel could offer!
a bird-eyed view of a bistro at the lobby, it was so neat & tidy! 
 alrite, lets adjourned to level 6 where all the function rooms are located
 as i was the earliest to arrive, i loitered around the area and snap a few pictures here & there.
Their snack bar is cool, not bcoz of the design nor the decoration, but of the free flow concept!
Sandwich, fruit salads, muesli bar, chocolates, peanuts, junks, ice-cream, bread, cakes, beverages and juices were filled up to the brim and attendees can anytime grab as-much-as-they-can while enjoyin' the seminar/talk.
 the huge concourse area right outside the function/seminar rooms
 with standalone snacking tables...
the entire place was so serene and one could view the traffic flow (outside of the building) from the full glass panel...
i m sure the sight would be breathtaking by night ;-)
 ok, let's zoom-in to the snack bar...
if i were a kid, i will jump outta joy seeing all my fav childhood junks being offered free-flow here...
but, there is jst too much foodies (pastries and light refreshment) to enjoy tht  practically u dun hav any chance to savor the junks!
ended up these junks were merely for display rather being consumed...
items such as kit-kat, nips peanut coated chocolate, muesli bar, ice-cream, various fruit juices, twisties corn snack, mamee noodle snack, frozen fruits are all well kept and re-new/re-filled a few times daily 
 there is a bar attendant that was in charge in ensuring the stock are up-to-date and filled up all the time!
 fruits, eat-all-u-can!
 some decoration on the table. NON EDIBLE
 and the seminar room before the session starts
if u r bored, jst grab some popcorns...
yea, u read it's P.O.P.C.O.R.N
i begin to doubt if i m attending a seminar or a movie in the cinema...
i was pretty well fed during the 2-days course...

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