Monday, December 16, 2013

Le Meridien @ Sentral KL - Part 2

Well, this post is about food...
I was fed with 4 meals daily during the 2-day training...
that was way beyond my consumption quota!
Lunch was at a restaurant within the hotel, known as "Latest Recipe"
not sure why it is named in such way when probably the food are mostly quite common at least in this region
well, let's start with the dessert was located right in front of the entrance...and served as "eye-candy" to lure kids customer with its colorful display of cakes, custards, jellies, and local kuehs
 but, sadly i was too full to even taste any of the cakes. The only thing that i had for dessert was the peanut waffle and spoonful of egg custard, that's it!
Next is the sushi and cold platter u will find freshly cut sushi replenished all the time!
there is also cold hams of various kinds, but i did not try even one.
 the warm dishes are aplenty, ranging from Chinese, to Malay, Indian, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine
 and the seafood bar where u will get fresh oyster, mussels, prawns...all RAW!
 not only that, raw seafood are also offered in "Sashimi" style...with the chef freshly cut the pieces upon request. A selection of salmon and squids can be found.
 and the facade of the restaurant...looks very 60's kinda Oriental/Peranakan "Kopitiam" but dun be fooled by its exterior, the interior of the restaurant is pretty modern...
 it's X'mas soon...even the mirror is not exceptional from the decoration!
 and the teddies all on display...not-for-sale though
 softtoys...huggable and lovable...but non-edible
they are too cute be to be!
 and i found something homely in the's chicken chinese herbal soup...
but sadly the taste is nothing in comparison with the home-cooked ones...this was so heavily seasoned and i can still see the black pepper seeds floating in the soup.
overall, food is good, but nothin' mch to hoo-haa about...
At least i gotta enjoy my b'day lunch treat for 2-consecutive days...FOC by the seminar organizer ;-)

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