Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to Radisson Hotel, Kathmandu - Part 3

The new wing of Radisson Hotel is a complete contrast to the ol' wing.
The interior of the old wing portrays more of a classic hotel, meanwhile the new wing are modern, vibrant kinda design...
instead of using real  was replaced with gold and silver metallic bouquet!
which paired well with some ancient-like porcelain...
and some goddess statues
these statues are normally placed on prayer altar but they used it for decoration around the creative!
perhaps it is also for sort of "protection" as it "guards" the entrance of the hotel!
the vibrant colours of the furniture and pillars in the waiting reminds me of Four Point (of Sheraton) in Bangkok!
stricking orange, red and yellow is the theme!
and on the other side (a cafeteria), the color was toned down...but still "modern-looking"
meanwhile, the room ambience was different as nite reaches
with yellow dim lights, the interior of the room looks more classy...u just wish ur home has such nice & classy bedroom!
what more can u say? this is the washroom of a 5-star hotel room anyhow!
and my comfy bed (huge enuff to accomodate 3 person of my size!) has four sleeping pillows + 2 additional hugging pillows...
imagine lying urself on this bed lazily while hugging the pillows and watching movies on the 42" tv! the oni thing lacking is the popcorn! wuahahaha!
mirrors & glasses are 2 elements of modern interior...they are applied in this room as has side mirrors next to the bed, apart from having the toilet cum washroom fully parted with see-thru glass wall.
u only wish ur bedroom is as nice as this!

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