Saturday, August 31, 2013

Some Rich Man House in Kathmandu

 During my previous biz trip there, we were stationed at the local partner's office which eventually located at some residence...
The resident place are turned into office, but the front block still maintain as a residence...( u get what i mean??)
the front block is somewhat like a 70's is modest, and very homey
surrounded by lush greenery...and decorated with a man-made pond at the garden/courtyard
and not-to-mention...a huge bird cage for the parrots
and this is the building at the back...which is the so-called "office"
this family has a full-time gardener who help maintain the garden at the back of residence
their neighbour are kinda  rich as they built a 4 storey-high house
and in contast to that, he only have a double storey house
but surrounded by a huge garden
well...the quiet & peacefull residence area is indeed a total contrast ambience compared to the hustle & bustle of their streets!

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