Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Taiwan Dami Restaurant

Went for a late dinner (aka supper) at the "neighborhood eatery place".
As most of the shops closed at 10, there isn't any option left, except for a few, that is opened till midnite or some 24-hour restaurant.
Ordered a set meal, which comes with dessert and drink
judgin' from the price that is paid for this set, it seems abit overpriced, as the drink and cream puff were not up to par, and the rice meal were just so-so.
 this rice meal is called "Dong-Po Pork Teishoku"...but i personally felt that the 'eggs' portion are more than pork meat. And the side dish is "ridiculous", sort of wrong material to paired with the Dong-Po pork.
 ambience-wise, it is pretty decent, and comfortable with wifi.
This place is another "youngster place", as many teenager were seen loiterin' & havin' snacks at this outlet.
perhaps the older generation don't favor much of Taiwanese food, as they can easily prepared them at home!

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