Monday, August 26, 2013

Breakfast @ Radisson

 Breakfast at the new wing was somehow similar to the old wing...but with a better ambience.
the services is more cordial mainly b'coz the dining section is smaller and is easier for the waiter to serve the patrons.
it has a variety of food category, and i didn't notice that they have such a variety of fruits & processed fruits
and u got to have 3 types of juices daily...i had mango, apple, pineapple, guava and orange juices on different days
and the 'cold' section..consists of more fruits, salad, hams
the pastries and buns
the dining area is much organized compared to the ol' wing which is easier for the waiter to notice us if we need them to serve something
my plate of breakfast, consists of french toast, baked bean, hot dog, stir-fried mixed veggie and a hard boiled egg
 they served a fusion of eastern and western your choice is not limited,
as here you can see, they have fried potato with onions, fried rice, even grilled chicken wing for a breakfast!
btw, their cinnamon bun and butter cakes were good!
bon appetit!

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