Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Late Night Dinner at Annapurna Hotel, Kathmandu

It was almost 10pm (Nepal local time) when we reached the restaurant for our late dinner...
it seems like the people in Bangladesh & Nepal used to have late dinner...coz the place was still crowded at such hour!
i was sleepy (and so was my boss)
the yellow dim lights and candlelights doesn't help at all!
soon after some long wait (~30 minutes, perhaps!) we were served with food, but before that was some starter which consists of papadam (crispy flat chip) with some condiments such as mint sauce, some spicy-but-weird-taste-sauce-kinda thingy, and onions (yes, in whole chunk!)...
after awhile, i was bored with papadam and started snapping on the cutleries to keep me awake!
yea, they have fine cutleries....thick metal spoon, fork and knife...and very thick & heavy bronze cup
finally the main course arrived, which were all so yummie...but unfortunately i can't take much as it has passed my biological clock for dinner (imagine having dinner at 1am!)
Anyhow, we had mutton briyani rice, some beans cooked with spices, naan bread, and dhal
the food were quite common...and i dun have issue adjusting with such flavors, despite some slight differences with M'sian Indian food
with a stomach full and a sleepy head...i can oni snap pictures to keep awake
and there it goes, some remembrance that i had my dinner at Annapurna Hotel!

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