Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Peranakan Place @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

The last time i dined-in here was in 2019.
So when my colleague 'invited' me to join her for lunch at this outlet, i did not hesitate and accepted it straight away😆
My regular order is beef rendang with pandan rice.
Still taste as good as previously...but the price has increased alot...and it no longer come with a free drink.
Previously, it was below RM20nett (3 years ago), but now it has increased to RM23.80nett.
On another day, i ordered from Dim Sum House again...
their rice set which came with a free drink.
I had sweet & sour pork rice with 'lo hon gor' drink for around RM12.70nett (after applying Foodpanda evoucher, and inclusive of delivery charges)
I quite like the taste of their sweet & sour pork has 3 pieces of longan...which are pleasantly sweet....I got to add-on with my own home-cooked rice coz the rice that they provided was too little (not even half-full) 😕
Lastly, here's a sneak peek at my home-office 'minibar'.
Well, not quite a 'minibar' but rather my annoying sister's book shelves which i tried to stuff with my junks/snacks at every 'available space'. Only the edible items belong to me, the rests are hers.
*she has moved out several years ago, hence I occupied her room as my home-office. Her belongings and books are still intact in the room.
Are you able to spot the junks/snacks?


PH said...

I like your stash of snacks! hee..hee..

Stacy said...

I'd move her stuff away so I can arrange mine properly hehe.

My apartment where I work from contains lots of edibles too. (And I wonder why I can't lose weight!)

Twilight Man said...

Wah!!! So much snack food inside like a mini market.

Now I have bookmarked Peranakan Food for my lunch this weekend. I want to eat that beef rendang!!

mun said...

I have eaten a few times at this peranakan food. I like what you ordered, Is tasty. I can spot your Oreo, love letters, mamee and chipsmore. Do you still work from home alternatively?

Rose world said...

I like Nyonya cuisine. Their plates are pretty.

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