Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Hakata Tonsho Ramen @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil

After a few times at Mitsuyado ramen, I decided to try out another ramen shop in Pavilion BJ.
This time at Hakata Tonsho Ramen.
The interior is very interesting. Colorful lanterns and drawings of sumo wrestlers with their back facing you.
You'll be enjoyin the ramen while looking at those a$$
Food ordering is done thru the link provided in the QR code, and they accept only cashless payment. I done my ordering and paid using e-wallet straightaway, hence zero human interaction. It has become a norm with less human interaction in restaurant these days, while some foods are even delivered to the table by robots.
I ordered a black garlic ramen coz i was curious on how it would taste like.
It came with a thick broth, pungent with garlic smell and taste slightly bitter (because of the garlic).
It has a few pieces of charsiu, an onsen egg, black fungus, a seaweed sheet - pretty standard for a ramen. A jar of garlic flakes and a bottle of chili powder are provided on every table if you need more 'kick' to the ramen.
Personally, i would still prefer the usual tonkatsu ramen coz black garlic is too strong flavor.
These days, we frequented the Mun Kee Steam Fish Head restaurant during the weekend family dine-out. Yes, as per its shop name - steam fish head is their core and popular item on every table. The price is fixed at RM34+ for a standard size fish head. This time we had it with ginger sauce.
Overall the dishes here are quite OK. The taste and texture hit the right spot, and I don't get thirsty after the meal. This restaurant has been in business for many years, hence the quality is on par with any other 'dai chow'.
Total bill: RM125.10 for 5 pax.


mun said...

This Mun Kee restaurant, is it a zink attap shed in Jalan lazat 1 and not a proper shop house that one? Or is there another mun Kee restaurant in a proper shop house?

mun said...

Ah, I have tried this hakata tonsho ramen eatery once I think. Ok ok so won't be going back since there are so many eateries in Pavilion Bukit Jalil that I haven't tried yet.

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