Thursday, December 6, 2018

Genting Members' Night

Over the years, I occasionally got 'invited' from Genting to join their members' night.
It is some sort of Chinese banquet meal with performances for 68GP (somewhere there, can't remember!)
It was a Mid-Autumn Festival then, so I thought of taking leave to feast at hilltop :-)
there goes our food
Starter - just like any Chinese banquet dinner, mostly are fried finger foods such as prawn fritter,  assorted fish/seafood ball/meatball....and some cold jelly fish salad,
with some auspicious name given to this dish
this is NOT shark-fin soup
roasted chicken with prawn crackers
thai style steamed fish
and the star of the day - abalone!
glutinous rice wrapped in leaves
just so-so only!
and desserts - mooncakes for Mid-Autumn festival!
ermmm….can't remember what is this, something with melon (aih, my memory failed!)
on my plate: abalone, the tiny weeny size....served with mushrooms, bok choy, beancurd skin
the 'leng luis' (pretties) dancing on the stage
 The event ended at 9:30pm+
After then, went to casino to gamble look at people gamble
and then back to room zZZZzzz.
Nope, not Maxims, Genting Grand nor Crockfords, just the usual Resort Hotel (3-star)
 but the view is incredible
the hills are 'alive'
the next day, had this curry noodles in the foodcourt
and roasted pork rice also from the foodcourt…
sharing the meal with my mum
and well, took the cable car down the hill...
this is the older cable no longer in operation.
(*ah.....forgot to tell u that these are old photo back in 2016!)
I kinda miss the old cable car
the route taken to mid-hill is longer but u get to enjoy the greeneries
and the colorful gondolas roof!
this was my final 'old' cable car ride before it ceased operation the following year.

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mun said...

Hahahaha so this post is way back in 2016. It is a wonder that you still remember the event. Good memory! The last time I took the cable car up there is in 2008. That means I have not seen the new cable car system and route yet. Thanks for highlighting this. You are our expert about genting here.

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