Friday, December 14, 2018

Beef Steak Ramen & Bak Kut Teh

Decided to drop by IOI Mall Puchong 2 weeks ago for Christmas shopping.
Went there during noon weekday. The renovation has completed but all the escalators were still under repair. I have to use 'staircase' (static escalators) from Ground floor to the 3rd floor while carrying my bags of shopping loots.
The decorations were already up, nothing extravagant, just a lonesome golden reindeer, with some blings blings 
 For lunch, I had beef steak ramen at Sushi Zanmai. This was on the promotional menu at RM17.80. The beef was so hard that it took me some time to chew before swallowing them.
 The ramen came with an onsen egg.
Yes, the egg was awesome!
 I also add on with a 'green' plate of sushi (RM6.80). Hence my meal costs overall RM25.90 with green tea and service charges.
For dinner, i had bak kut teh at GWA (owned by Souper Tang). It is located at first floor, along the alley where all the other eateries (Swensen's, Go Noodles, Siong Tong Gai, Sukiya, Pho Street etc) are located.
It was just so-so, nothin to shout about. This meal costs RM17.85 after service charges and tax.


Nancy Chan said...

I like beef but if too hard, I will have to abandon the beef because of aging gums! Lol! I like to eat bak kut teh once in a while especially when the weather is cool. Have a wonderful weekend!

mun said...

Thanks for the warning. Will not order any beef steaks from sushi zanmai since the beef is tough.

Libby said...

Sometimes I will have craving for BKT

PH said...

I'll never go to Sushi Zanmai again LOL! Good BKT is quite hard to come by unless you know where to go.

Twilight Man said...

I always loved to eat at Sushi Zanmai and recently read news about how its founder ended the notorious piracy along the oceans off Africa. I must salute this guy and support Sushi Zanmai.

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