Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hangzhou, Day 3 - Part 1 (Maglev train)

On the third day, the organizer decided to let us try the Shanghai Maglev train. Our train was scheduled at 10 am and expected to reach Hangzhou in an hour.
The Maglev train departs from Shanghai Hongqiao railway station, which is the hub for high speed rail line in Shanghai. The station is new, huge, bright and spacious, plus it is CLEAN too. Opened in year 2010, it is known as the largest railway station in Asia.
this place puts KL Sentral to shame.
The signboard with a clock. Dun play-play as the train departs sharply as scheduled. Be early or be sorry!
indeed the train left the station sharply on schedule. After awhile into the journey, I saw some countryside farm house and the vast plantation land outskirt of the city...
greeneries...and so eye-soothing.
the farmers' huge bungalows on their own land.
the ride was picturesque, time flies and soon after we reached Hangzhou station.
Surprisingly Hangzhou station is just as huge and new as Shanghai station.
around the station vicinity, there are newly built apartments...
I felt like in Singapore than in China...coz the township is so well-structured!
We were brought to some sort of touristy place for shopping...
The below snack was sold at the entrance. Cheap and delicious...I keep on munching some to fill my hungry stomach since I didn't take much breakfast earlier.
the ancient-like shoplots...selling all sorts of souvenirs...such as scarfs, traditional Chinese clothes, tea leaves, watches, local biscuits...etc...Is like our Petaling street! Went in to browse some goods...The Chinese are  innovative-lot, plenty of improvised items and nice-looking souvenirs sold there...
Then I went further and reached some small alley with food stalls.
the prices were reasonable and cheap...but again, I doubt if it is safe for consumption (dun wan to end up hospitalized).
street snacks everywhere, very tempting too, what more when I was hungry then.
prices here in RMB, so if u convert them in MYR...well, I wouldn't get such price in KL!
meat dumplings! my fav...but why green? I hav no idea.
pork trotter...looks yummie too, it keeps u warm on a cold day.
alrite, too much temptation, beh tahan ady...gotta get out of sight before I buy any...
soon, I was back at the main street and saw this old pharmacy established back in 1649 (kidding or what?!)...u know that kinda wong-fei-hung pharmacy which also served as Chinese clinic too.
linger there for awhile enjoyin the surroundings but found nothing fancy except for modern packed Chinese herbs being sold...Since I m not there to buy any...I head back to the tour bus and wait for the rest of the members to finish their shopping ;-)


RealGunners said...

Yikes, I would've immediately gone down to business and eat away. I reckon if it is safe enough for the locals, it should be safe enough for us? Drink more beer at night to kill any potential germs :D

mun said...

How come you didnot eat much breakfast? I have been to Hangzhou but not to this particular touristy place. I went to the west lake and the lady white snake temple.

[SK] said...

yeah, why didn't eat much breakfast?? the food not ngum you??

Nux V said...

RealGunners: Haha...drink more beers at night and risk overslept the next day. No thanks!

Mun & SK: I dun usually take much food in the morning. My stomach tends to feel uneasy whenever I take heavy breakfast. And knowing tht I will be constantly outdoor the whole day & with lacking public loo in unfamiliar place, I become more cautious with food intake. Dinner is OK though coz if anything happens I can still return to hotel & rest for the day ;-)

mun said...

very true, outdoor whole day, better not eat and drink too much in the morning, no toilet then very troublesome.

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